Small Space Ideas: The Benefits of Folding Chairs

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Folding chairs tend to sit under layers of dust in the back of a closet, brought out every so often for the large social gathering or the occasional card game. However, living in an apartment, you should invest in a few quality chairs that you can easily fold away—and make sure they get used much more often.

The First Rule of Apartment Living: Cut Out the Excess

No matter the size of your apartment or whether or not you live alone or with a roommate or two, chances are you have far less living space than you would at a house. This means that to have an efficient, clean and comfortable apartment home, you need to cut out the excess. Most people think this just translates to clutter and trinkets or otherwise unnecessary items, but it can extend into your furniture as well.

Don’t take up 1/3 of the limited space you have in your living room with a large couch or a loveseat, unless you live with other people and it’s the only permanent chair you have in the living room. Instead, buy one comfortable, permanent chair for yourself and whenever you have company, take out folding chairs that you usually store away in a closet.

The Second Rule of Apartment Living: Flexible Storage

If you only have one chair or small sofa in the living room, you’ll have excess space. You can use this space for something as simple as having more walking room, but you can also turn it into flexible storage space, another must for apartment living. This works for your kitchen or dining table, too. Keep as many chairs out as there are people living in the apartment and use folding chairs when you have company.

When you don’t have company, put movable storage units on wheels in the excess space. Not only does this allow you to store your excess items in an easily accessible location, but you can easily roll them into the bedroom, hallway or wherever they’ll be relatively out of the way when you need the space for the chairs you bring out when you have company.

The Third Rule of Apartment Living: Easy Moving

Some people live in a single apartment happily for decades, but far more people will move to another apartment, home or even another city before a few years are up, whether due to bad roommates, a new job, a more affordable offer or starting a family. Cluttering up your life with barely used furniture makes moving much more difficult, particularly since furniture is easily the heaviest and most expensive kind of item to move. However, packing up a few folding chairs takes barely any effort at all.

Using folding chairs as the main component of your furniture, to be brought out whenever you’re having as few as one or two other people over, frees up a lot of space in an otherwise cramped apartment. Don’t buy more furniture than you need for the number of people who reside in the apartment—even if that’s just you. Chairs that can be stored away make having company over easy.

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