Simple Ways to turn your Apartment into a Home Gym

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Staying in shape can be expensive. People will sign up for gym memberships that cost as much as a hundred dollars a month or more, on top of what they pay in rent or bills, making the cost of being a member of a gym—not to mention the time it takes to actually commute to the gym and workout—a relatively costly endeavor on an annual basis. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, as your own apartment can be easily converted into a varied home gym with just a few inexpensive purchases and some interior layout proper planning. Some tips for what to purchase and how to arrange your place to create a work out area are listed below.

A Pull-Up Bar

Pull up bars can be purchased that can easily hook and unhook from the frame of a doorway, allowing you to be able to do a wide variety of pull-ups whenever you need to work out. These pull up bar pieces of equipment can then be stored in a closet or in a corner of the apartment, staying out of the way. You can also permanently install a pull up bar in a doorway, though this will look odd and may lead to people painfully bumping their heads against it if they aren’t looking out.

A Lightweight Coffee Table

The coffee table is a critical piece of furniture in any apartment, as it’s what sits in front of you while you watch TV, often serving as a footrest, a table to dine on and a table to store various items you may need while you are lounging on the couch. Because of this, there is often ample space planned around the coffee table—meaning if it is removed ample space will be created for a workout area. So make sure the coffee table you purchase is relatively light and can be easily picked up and moved out of the way, without scratching the floor. And added benefit will be that you will have a television in front of you, to entertain you while you work out

A Mat of Some Kind

So many full body workouts can be done on the floor, from sit-up routines, to push-ups to various other workout methods. However, it is often uncomfortable and dirty, no matter how much cleaning you do. Even carpet doesn’t offer enough support which is why it is good to have a mat of some kind, be it a yoga mat or a thicker gym mat that can provide more cushion and support. These are relatively inexpensive and can easily fold or roll up to be stored in a closet, a corner or under another piece of furniture.

A few Free Weights

Pick up a few free weights of different weights, ideally a set that are very light, a set that are easy enough to lift but get difficult after a lot of reps and a set that are relatively heavy. This way you can have a varied free weight work out, which will allow you to build different muscles of strength and size. These weights are also very easy to store in a closet or under a piece of furniture.

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