Simple Sophistication: White Bedroom Decorating Tips

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A white bedroom can be simple to decorate yet very pretty to look at, if you do it the right way. Some think white is too monotonous or plain, but it can really add some simple sophistication and elegance to the apartment. Just making everything white and leaving it won’t produce the best results. Here are some tips on how to decorate a white bedroom.

Paint the Walls

If you don’t have white walls, you can paint them all white. There are many shades of white, so it’s all up to you what kind of shade you want. Painting it all one shade is fine, but you can also paint it many shades according your desires. You have to be careful in matching different whites, just like you would match any two separate colors. Make sure to ask the property manager for permission before you paint the walls. If he or she agrees, you may be able to deduct the cost of supplies from next month’s rent. Note that you might have to paint the walls back to the original color when you leave the apartment, depending on what your landlord wants.

Using White Cloth

If you have dark bedroom furniture, instead of going through the trouble of painting it, you can cover it with a lace cloth. The darkness of the furniture will contrast nicely with the white. For example, if you have a dark brown night stand, covering it with white lace will make it look better than one or the other. You can also get a small table cloth and cover it with that. The brown won’t show at all.

White and Contrasting Colors

In a white bedroom, not everything has to be white. White makes a good background. If you have something colorful, a white background makes the color stand out even more. When you have white bedding and a colorful pillow, it makes the colors of the pillow look bolder than if it were on bedding with color on it. It improves the look of white covers. This concept is also good for drawing attention to a painting on a white wall or table.

Using White Curtains

If you have a window you should use white curtains. Light on white makes it look very bright. White curtains will look brilliant in the sunshine. It will take make the whites in the other part of the room shine as well, and deflect light. Therefore, your white bedroom will be cooler than another part of the apartment, which makes it more attractive, especially on hot days.

A white bedroom can be an easy and fun thing to decorate. Non-color isn’t as bad some people think. It gives you a feeling of being in a cool, clean environment. It can also dazzle the viewer with its brightness. If you are considering a white bedroom, use these four tips as a guideline.

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