Seven Questions to Ask a Moving Truck Company before You Hire

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Moving can be a hassle, especially when it comes to hiring the right moving truck company to help with the move. Your mind is spinning in a million directions when the actual day comes to do the move, so you don’t need any surprises when the movers show up.

Depending on if your move is local or cross-country will determine the overall costs, but remember, cheaper is not really better. Look in the phone book and online to get an idea of which national and local companies are in your area. And be sure to get multiple quotes. Also, ask your friends and family members for references. There may be a smaller company in your area that will do the move at a fraction of the cost of a major moving company. This helps when the move is local. Another option to consider is companies that drop off a container to your location, let you load it up, and then ship it to your destination. Here are some questions to ask:

1. What Is the Maximum Insurance Coverage?

It’s important to know what the maximum insurance coverage is. All major moving companies must have insurance to cover your goods. Make sure you get an idea of how much they will cover.

2. How Many Movers Come with the Truck?

The number of movers the company sends out with the truck will probably depend on how many boxes you have, but realize that these companies pay the employees by the hour. The more hands you have, the quicker it is to get out on the road. This should not affect your cost, but it makes the move quicker.

3. Do They Sub-Contract?

Some companies are so busy they sub-contract the labor out to labor contractors. This will sometimes affect your cost, since the moving company has to pay for these contractors.

4. Do You Get a Discount for Moving during the Slow Season?

It is possible to get additional discounts, depending on the time of year. If you’re not tied down to a lease and have the ability to make a move mid-month or during the fall and winter seasons, there may be an additional discount waiting for you as these are the slower times for moving.

5. Will They Match Quotes?

If you do the work, you can get quotes from multiple companies and let them earn your business. Once you receive multiple quotes, you can now ask the company you prefer to match a lower quote.

6. Do They Offer Other Discounts?

It is possible that you may get additional discounts for doing some of the heavy moving yourself. Explain to the company that all the boxes are in the garage, and you and your three big brothers are going to move the furniture down stairs and to the front porch, while the moving company’s employees are loading the boxes in the truck. This will help reduce labor costs as well as the loading time.

7. Can You Get an Additional Discount if Your Movers are Not on Time?

If your mover fails to show up on time as promised, this would undoubtedly throw your moving schedule out the window. You may be able to get a discount if your mover shows up late. Don’t hesitate to ask for a discount in these instances.

Moving can be a real headache, and you never know what to expect when you hire a moving company, so be prepared and ask as many questions you can. Remember, they need you to keep their company afloat, so you should always ask for the best service at the best possible rate.

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