Senior Apartments: 7 Amenities to Consider

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In looking at different kinds of senior apartments and living facilities for the elderly, it’s important to think about what kinds of features and amenities can really improve the quality of life for those who opt into these community rentals or condo deals. Some common extras help to facilitate convenient living for seniors, with consideration for decreased mobility and other limitations.

Here are some of the top amenities to consider in a senior living community.

1. Elevators

Attractive, functional elevators can make all the difference in a multi-story senior apartment. Most communities have elevators, but not all of them have a sufficient number of well-designed and well maintained lifts that will make getting in and out of the building a breeze.

2. Gym and Pool

Many senior citizens need to practice physical fitness activities to preserve their health. Adding a pool to a senior living facility provides for aqua activities, where the natural force of the water helps minimize joint and muscle impact and reduce injuries for elderly trainers.

3. Accessible Terraces and Outdoor Spaces

Having some access to the outdoors is critical for many elderly apartment residents. Access to these spaces is important, whether it’s terraces or balconies off of rooms, or common park spaces beyond the building.

4. Meal Plans

Lots of senior facilities have dining halls offering meal plans, so that older residents less able to cook for themselves have access to the right nutrition and varied diet that will serve their health needs. Many of these facilities feature thoughtful menu choices and inspired culinary appeal to give residents an alternative to visiting restaurants.

5. Activities and Entertainment

An on-site movie theater, arts and crafts classes, or any collective activities help residents to feel like they are a part of the community.

6. On-Site Banking

Even the most basic on-site banking facility, such as an accessible ATM machine or single teller setup, helps seniors deal with their finances, including their estate and other items like social security deposits, without having to get behind the wheel. In general, any amenities that make driving less necessary are a huge part of offering seniors a convenient switch to a geriatric lifestyle, where losing driving privileges can be extremely hard for many senior citizens. These kinds of amenities also help residents to avoid the high costs of owning and operating a car, which can be too much for a lot of limited budgets for seniors.

7. On-Site Professionals

Many geriatric facilities have round-the-clock medical care, but apart from these kinds of advanced health staffing, some of the communities for relatively able and healthy seniors may still include a set of resident staffers with specializations in physical fitness, nutrition or even counseling. Having these services available can help seniors deal with a range of problems specific to their stage of life.

All of the above can help to make an elderly living facility more than just a housing unit. Taking care to find communities with the right amenities can be a real money saver and help to improve quality of life for an elderly family member.

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