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When it’s time to move a household, or across the city or across the country, looking at a collection of moving quotes can save a family or individual a lot of money. Just as with other goods and services, house moving is something that some companies charge a lot more for than others. Taking a look at all of your options will often get you a lot of dollars off of your next move.

Take a Look at Online Moving Quotes

The consumer position has gotten a lot more advantageous with online moving quotes, where a household can get access to various prices for their move with a few clicks of the mouse. Seek out companies with a robust web presence and do a quick check on what your move may cost you.

Get Specific

When using online moving quotes, be sure to specify what distance you will be moving, and the specific services you’ll be needing. Each different kind of move has its own price tag attached, and adding or subtracting services may have a big impact on your bottom line. Always input as much data as possible before looking at your total final cost.

Use Binding and Nonbinding Moving Estimates

A binding moving estimate, according to federal government sources, is a total amount that is the maximum a company can charge. When you request a binding moving estimate, and get in it in writing, that company is limited to charging you the amount they have quoted. Keep in mind that extra additional services can bump up the price.

Other factors that can affect the price include the time frame of the move, where extra days or extra hours can also enable a company to charge more.

Nonbinding moving estimates are quotes with a little more flexibility for the provider. However, a typical nonbinding moving estimate includes maximum cost plus 10%.

Look at Local and National Movers

One contrast with the moving companies that you may select is that some of them are national, and others are locally based. National moving companies typically have one flat rate, many different trucks, and many trained professional crews that will travel to where you are, pick up all of your goods, and take them to their destination. By contrast, a local firm may have only one truck and only one crew. They would generally be located in your departure area, and they may bill according to distance from “home base.” Customers can often get very different prices from these two different types of companies, so be sure to check out both when doing research for your move.

All of these tips will help customers to diversify their search for the right moving and storage service, where shopping around can be a recipe for savings in any relocation. Always pay attention to how a company treats your possessions, and ask about policies, insurance and more before signing on with a firm to avoid unpleasant surprises on moving day.

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