Rugs and Your Style: Matching Your Décor

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Apartment decorating is not complete without adding at least one of the different style of rugs that can be used as area rugs. No matter what flooring you have in your apartment, an area rug can be used to give it a finished look and accentuate its decorating theme. There are more styles to choose from than you might think.

1 – Contemporary Rugs

Rugs can be used as a decorative element in the room. One of the best rugs suited for this purpose is a contemporary rug. These are often rugs made of bright colors and artistic designs. Contemporary rugs with large patterns and shapes give them a distinct look. If you choose a modern design theme, then a contemporary rug may be the best style to choose for your rooms.

2 – European Rugs

If you’re going for a rich look or live in a luxury apartment, then European rugs may be a good fit. These rugs often reflect famous artwork from England, spanning old and new periods. A common pattern is a floral design, but there are many other patterns available. Many European rugs are custom-made, so you can expect to pay premium prices for them.

3 – Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are in the Oriental rug family, but they have own patterns, designs and characteristics. The patterns used are rich and the rugs are hand-knotted, unless it’s an antique rug. No matter which Persian rug you buy, you can rely on it for durability. These rugs last for a long time, and rug experts claim that they look better the older they get. Some of the blends for Persian rugs include cotton, wool, nylon and silk. When you’re using a Chinese, Japanese or similar style, then you’ll want to use Persian rugs.

4 – Shag Rugs

You may be familiar with shag rugs from your childhood if you grew up during the 1970’s. These soft and textured rugs are popular again, and are available in a variety of colors. The rugs are made of thick fibers that provide a great cushion for laying on, and they insulate the floors when it gets cold. You don’t need a Vintage decorative theme to use this style. Shag rugs are available in contemporary styles to fit modern themes as well. These rugs can complement many different styles, except for the minimalist or similar decorating theme. You can buy wool or cotton blends, with the latter being cheaper.

5 – Braided Rugs

One of the best decorating styles for braided rugs is a country theme. These rugs are popular in country homes, but they can add style to an urban apartment that wants a little piece of the country. The most popular shape is the large oval shape in rooms and smaller ones that fit on steps on a staircase. It can complete many American style themes, though not a contemporary theme.

It’s important to identify your decorating theme before choosing among the style of rugs available. What you can afford will also help you to pick the right one for your style.

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  1. February 03, 2011 at 10:48 am, Flooring Ronald Hart said:

    I’ve found that area rugs can really help make the room look bigger as well as save flooring from spills and normal wear and tear. These are some great options you list and can be a lot of fun to incorporate into a room!


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