Renting Houses vs Renting Apartments

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Renting houses is not as uncommon as you might think. Oftentimes, investment companies purchase multiple homes and offer them for rent or individuals unable or unwilling to sell their homes and decide to do so also. There are benefits and drawbacks to renting a home rather than an apartment, some of which are discussed below.

Personal Privacy

Regardless of whether it will be used, however, a home provides a higher level of privacy than an apartment. Because neighbors are further away, you most likely have your own garage and because the home may have a yard, a house is infinitely more private than an apartment. Moreover, because you will not share common walls with neighbors, your residence will most likely be quieter.

A Private Yard

Since homes are freestanding, most likely any home you rent would have a private yard, which may or may not be fenced. For a family with young children and individuals or couples with dogs, a fenced yard may be a godsend. Potentially, though, the landlord will require you to maintain the lawn. This requirement will add to your monthly expenses and, if you plan on maintaining the yard yourself, consume at least one or more days of the month.

A Little Less Safety

While a yard offers more privacy, it can make the residence is a little more dangerous. Because neighbors are further away and unable to view suspicious activity, there is less protection of yourself and your belongings than there is in an apartment. Also, a vacant yard adjacent to a forest or vacant lot provides perfect cover for a thief intent on breaking into the home.

A Sense of Stability

A home often indicates intent to stay long-term in a specific residence, a feeling not often created by living in an apartment. Renting a home can also feel less transitory than living in a rented apartment. If you plan on staying in the area for several years or simply do not like the feeling of apartment living should seriously consider renting a home.

Fewer Amenities

Apartment complexes often have multiple amenities available for tenant use. Swimming pools, gyms and concierge services make apartment living very different than living in a home, where many of these amenities will not be offered. The home’s neighborhood may have these amenities available, but they may be far away and not within walking distance. This could mean that you have to pay more to join a gym or pool to fulfill your needs, making your monthly expenses higher.

Uncertain Maintenance

Maintenance problems in a home will not be fixed as quickly as in an apartment. An apartment complex will have a maintenance staff on premises, making response time and repairs to broken or damaged appliances or other items quicker. It will be unusual for a landlord of a rented home to have maintenance staff on call, meaning that he will have to contact and hire individual contractors to fix problems. Repairs will therefore take longer to resolve.

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