Raised Bed Gardening Explained

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Raised bed gardening is a convenient way for an apartment dweller to grow vegetables, especially if he doesn’t have enough ground for gardening the conventional way. Typically, a raised bed is rectangular, about 4′ x 8′, and 2 feet high. In simple terms, it serves as a garden plot although it’s a type of container.


A raised bed garden offers a number of advantages for the apartment dweller with respect to gardening. The gardener does not have to do any digging and the structure is easy to construct. They are also virtually maintenance-free as you don’t have to contend with weeds as much in such a small space. Raised bed gardens can be built in a number of styles and can fit conveniently onto most patios or balconies too. Vegetables grow well in any type of container and a raised bed garden is no exception. Include all your favorite vegetables, such as snap beans, lima beans, beets, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, leafy green vegetables and cauliflower.


In its simplest form, a small raised bed garden is a small mound of earth. A raised bed garden is also an oversized version of container gardening. If you’re not keen about the idea of building a raised bed on your own, kits are available online. Troughs are another ready-made variety of a raised bed garden as long as you add holes in the bottom for drainage.


If you are limited on space, you may be at a disadvantage as to where you locate your raised bed garden. Nevertheless, it’s best to locate it in a space with plenty of natural light, which is situated close to a nearby source of water.


Raised beds don’t have to be of a significant height in order for plants to take root and grow. Even if they are less than, say, a foot in height, the frame warms the soil so it can provide the type of nutrition that will cause vegetables to thrive. As mentioned, for most gardeners, a rectangular raised bed with a standard width of four feet and length of 8 feet is typical.


Although many beds are approximately 4′ x 8′, raised beds can be made in a variety of designs as well as materials, such as wood, stone, brick, metal or plastic. Generally, you can use four x fours or timbers in the simplest rectangular design. Cedar is a select choice for a wood as it’s durable and won’t deteriorate. Concrete is another preferred material with respect to durability. Just make sure you lay the blocks as you would bricks. In other words, lay the blocks so they overlap half of the two other blocks in the row below in order to establish the frame for the bed and keep it solid.

If you are an apartment dweller who likes the idea of gardening, you may be able to find a way to make room for this kind of garden in your own little space.

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