Pros and Cons of Moving and Storage Containers

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Having to find a home for extra furniture or other stuff can be stressful, and whether it’s to help with transportation for a long-distance relocation, or with long term storage needs, moving storage containers can be a helpful, versatile option. Portable storage containers are popular these days: people are using them to store just about anything that they can’t fit into their homes. Others are using the delivery and transport services of companies offering these transient containers for situations where they want a relatively “hands-on” household move.

The portable storage options marketed by companies like Pods and SmartBox have some definite benefits and disadvantages. Here are some commonly reported points about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to moving storage containers.

Pros: Security and Stability

One of the best things about good, quality portable containers marketed by reputable firms is that they come with security design, and offer a clean, dry place to keep items that can get damaged by winds, rain or storms. When all you need is just to get your extra gear safely indoors, these handy oversized crates can be a nearly perfect solution, although most  of them are not  climate controlled, making them a dubious place for easily ruined documents or other materials.

Pro: Delivery

With these portable storage options, a truck brings the space to your door. Think of all of the gasoline that you save compared to trucking all of that stuff to a central mini-storage facility. For those who have room on their own properties, these intelligent storage options can help save a lot of money and conserve fuel as well.

Pro: Pay As You Go

Lots of companies offering these storage ideas allow customers to pay by the month. That means when you are done with your container, you can easily stop paying money for using it.

Con: Cost

Since moving storage containers can cost nearly as much as a mini storage option, some consumers prefer to use the more convenient and sturdy central facilities for storing items. A regular portable storage container costs over $100 a month, which does not give it much of a dollar-to-dollar price edge over mini-storage, despite the cost advantages mentioned above.

Con: Liability

Although many moving storage containers are well secured, there’s still the liability of keeping them “loose” on your lawn or other area of your property. For instance, vandalism could go on your bill according to the fine print of a storage agreement. Look at your contract before signing to see what kinds of fees and extra charges may apply.

Every kind of storage need is different, and it’s up to you to see whether moving storage containers are the right fit for your projects. Consider all of the positive and negative points of these handy units, and find the options that work best for you.

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