Pros and Cons of Apartment Garage Parking

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Apartment garage parking is one common amenity offered by a number of apartment complexes. When looking for a new apartment, you have to decide whether or not secured parking should be an important factor in your decision.

Con: Additional Cost

Apartment garage parking comes in a variety of forms: an individual garage for your unit, a shared gated parking garage with the other apartment complex residents, an underground parking garage and a gated parking lot. All forms of these parking garages tend to add to your monthly rent. How much one unit’s garage will add depends on the area in which the apartment is located, the level of security and your level of privacy. Individual garages tend to cost the most, especially since they can be used for storage as well as parking.

Pro: More Security

One of the greatest advantages of apartment garage parking is the added security. If you live in an apartment with only an open parking lot or parking on the street, you leave your vehicle far more exposed. This may not be much of a concern in a generally crime-free neighborhood and may utterly not prove worth the additional cost, but it can prove quite an advantage in an area that’s more prone to nighttime prowlers. Plus, you won’t have to be as worried about not storing items in your car for fear of attracting thieves.

Con: Limited Space

Although this tends to be a factor with both garage parking and apartments that offer only parking lots, your secured parking privileges will likely be limited to one to two cars max. This shouldn’t be a problem if you live alone, but apartment roommates must find a way to fairly share the secured parking spaces so that it’s not always the same person who gets to use the garage. (Although you might work out on arrangement in which the person who always gets the garage pays a slightly larger portion of the rent.)

Pro: Guaranteed Spot

Although some apartments with parking lots operate under a reserved spot system, you’re far more likely to find that apartment complexes with underground parking, gated parking and individual parking garages offer reserved parking. You won’t have to battle for a spot. This is especially an advantage over complexes that only offer street parking.

Pro or Con: Ease of Use

Garage parking is potentially more convenient or less convenient than unsecured parking lots or street parking. If you have an indoor connection to underground parking or a secured lot, you won’t have to go outside when the weather is inclement to get to your car. However, it may take you a bit longer to get in and out of secured parking. Nevertheless, many apartment dwellers find the extra few seconds it takes to get in and out of secured parking worth the inconvenience.

In some neighborhoods, garage parking isn’t as necessary as you may think. However, it can prove beneficial and worth the additional cost for some apartment dwellers.

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