Preparing Your Apartment for a Guest

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Hosting an apartment guest can be exciting and fun. However, sharing your home and making your guests feel comfortable requires you to make certain preparations. The following tips will assist you in making your apartment ready for visitors.

Make It Neat

Regardless of how you normally live, you should clean your apartment prior to your guest’s arrival. Take special care in the bathrooms and the room in which your guest will be staying. If they are not clean or have not been used in awhile, wash the linens and your guest will be using. Make the bed and be sure that extra pillows and blankets are washed and easily reachable should they be needed.

Keep It In Good Working Order

Any miscellaneous repairs that you have been putting off should be done prior to your guest’s arrival. Unclog drains, clean the carpets, and fix holes or scratches in the walls. Notify your landlord of the repairs needed to be done well in advance to ensure that the repairs will not occur during the visitor’s stay.

Fill up the Fridge and Pantry

Whether you know your guests favorite foods or not, make sure your refrigerator and pantry are stocked with food and drinks. Be careful to not purchase foods that may contain known allergens or that your guest extremely dislikes. While not a terrible faux-pas, it is not as polite to take your guest to the grocery store after their arrival because it may make the guest feel as though they are imposing or that they need to pay for the groceries.

Make a Food Plan

If you plan on cooking for your guest, choose your recipes early and write down and purchase any needed ingredients or cookware. While you can certainly take your guest to the store with you if you need an item that would have spoiled before its use, it is best to have everything available. This way you will be able to spend more quality time with your guest.

If you plan on eating out at restaurants, make reservations, if required, early in advance to ensure you have a spot. Write down the restaurant’s address and look up driving directions to ensure that you will not get lost.

Offer Forgotten Necessities

It is possible that your guest may have forgotten to pack toiletries for their visit. As a preventative measure, purchase extra toothpaste, a tooth brush, dental floss, soap and shampoo for their use. Additionally, it is wise to have aspirin, upset-stomach and other general medicines on hand should he become sick. Make sure to inform your guests of these items location so that he can use them without have to ask and be embarrassed.

Make a List of Sights

Unless your guest has visited previously, you should take him to see some of your neighborhood or city’s sights. Write down a list of places to see and things to do as well as their addresses and hours of operation to make visiting them easier. If you will not be visiting these areas with your guest, make suggestions of which sights to see first or on certain days and provide travel instructions or driving directions.

As a host, you must make sure that your apartment is guest-friendly. Anticipate the food, bathing and any other needs your guest may have. Not only will your visitor most certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness, but your preparations will also reduce your stress during the visit.

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