Preparing Your Apartment for a Cat

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An apartment with a cat can be a fun and welcoming place to come home to after a long day at work or school. Cats are fairly easy pets to take care of and they give a lot of affection to their owners in return. Give your new cat an attractive home by properly preparing your apartment for your new furry friend.

Check Your Lease

When you moved into your apartment, you should have known whether or not pets are allowed. If you can’t remember, look at what your lease has to say. Sometimes pets are okay as long as the landlord gives you permission first. Small pets like cats are more likely to be allowed than dogs.

You can always try asking your landlord even if you don’t see any clauses pertaining to opening up your apartment to a cat, but don’t expect your landlord to make exceptions for you if pets are prohibited. Don’t try to hide a cat if you’re not allowed to keep one, as this is a breach of your lease that could prove problematic. You may consider searching for a different, cat friendly apartment instead.

Find Your Cat Some Space If you’re sure that your apartment building is pet-friendly, you have to make your apartment cat friendly. Set aside a few cat friendly areas. This includes space for your cat’s:

  • Litter box – A corner of your own bathroom or a storage closet make good spots for a litter box, as does an area near the front door. Some people put litter boxes in the kitchen, but try to keep your cat’s waste away from food and clothes, as the airborne litter and fecal matter can be dangerous to ingest and can make fabrics smell. A covered litter box that serves as a bathroom vanity is a perfect way to maximize space and keep the litter confined to the bathroom and attractively out of sight.
  • Food and water bowls – Find a spot to keep your cat’s food and water bowls on a spill-resistant mat. The spot should be easily accessible but out of the way so you don’t keep kicking and spilling the food and water. The furthest corner of your kitchen is a prime spot.
  • Bed – Even if you intend to let your cat sleep on your bed, you should provide a cat bed in your apartment. Find a quiet corner of your apartment away from TVs and stereos, such the corner of your bedroom.
  • Scratching post – Unless your cat is declawed, you need to provide your cat with an outlet for her natural instinct to sharpen her claws (otherwise she might damage your apartment and furnishings). Put a scratching post or toy somewhere easily accessible, like the corner of the living room. If it’s tall enough to reach a window, even better, as this will provide your cat with a seat to look outside, which can entertain a cat for hours.

Prepare your apartment for a cat and turn your apartment into an attractive and welcoming home for both you and your pets.

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