Pilates in Your Apartment

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Pilates in your apartment is a wonderful exercise program that with little effort can be done right inside your apartment. With only a few pieces of equipment, you can turn your apartment into a veritable Pilates studio, available for use whenever you want.

Consider the Space to Use

The first step to being able to do Pilates inside your apartment is to determine what amount of space you are able to dedicate to the program. You do not necessarily need to designate the space only to Pilates, but just identify it as the spot where you will exercise when you wish. This space should be relatively open at the very least to accommodate the span of your arms. It should also have a flat surface and, if possible, a closet or set of shelves nearby for you to store your equipment. If you plan on using DVD’s to guide your workout, the space should also be within view of the television.

Consider the Exercises

The variety of exercises you plan on engaging in will affect the amount of space you must dedicate to the program. A mat workout is the most easily transferable into an apartment, as all it requires is space for the mat and for you to stretch out. Exercises requiring use of a Reformer or Cadillac or Chair machines will require purchasing and storing the machines. While many manufacturers may make collapsible machines, you will still need a place for their storage.

While the machines enable you to segregate and focus on certain muscle groups, not using them in your workout does not mean the program will be any less effective. Therefore, do not be discouraged if all you have space for in your apartment is a mat. Mat exercises are often more difficult thereby providing a great workout.

Purchase the Right Materials

Before investing in any exercise equipment, it is wise to research the best products to meet your needs. There are several websites dedicated to the study of Pilates that also offer advice on the best and most necessary products. You can also ask for instruction books or magazines at your local library to gather information on the available products.

Prior to purchasing any equipment you should search for the best deals. Compare the prices at several outdoor or exercise stores, online websites and even your local Pilates studio. Oftentimes, Pilates studios will offer their gently used equipment at reduced prices to make room for new equipment. Call before driving to see what, if anything, these studios are offering.

Don’t Skip the Learning Process

To properly do Pilates exercises, you will need to research the theory behind the program and instructions for each individual exercise. It is wise to invest in a DVD or tape to guide you through the program in the first few months. Often, such videos will include instructions for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, meaning that you only need to purchase one video.

Of course, the key to exercising with Pilates inside your apartment is to dedicate time to the program. Setting and sticking to a schedule will ensure your success, meaning that you will see results sooner than if you just sporadically exercise. Pilates is fun and easy, and, best of all, it can be done right at home!

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