Old Apartments vs. New Apartments: Which is Quieter?

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When considering whether to move into old apartments or new apartments, you may be wondering which is quieter. This may be especially important to you if you’re moving into a crowded or noisy area, if you have difficult sleeping with noisy neighbors or if you generally enjoy peace and quiet.

When Older Apartments Are Quieter

The fact is, there’s no universal answer when it comes to determining if old apartments or new apartments are the quieter choice. However, you can use a few distinguishing features of an apartment complex to see which might offer you the quietest apartment.

Old apartments can be a quieter choice for a number of reasons. Sometimes, older complexes were constructed with sturdier, heftier materials so your apartment walls will be thicker than those you’d find in newer apartments. However, this is not always the case and you may find that older apartments have walls that are virtually paper-thin. It’s also important to note how well the landlord has maintained the upkeep on old apartments; see if the walls and windows are in need of repair before you move in because if they are, you’re likely to encounter a noise problem.

Old apartments may also provide a quieter environment for you if there are fewer apartments in the complex. Older complexes tend to have room for fewer apartments and also are more likely to allow each apartment to be bigger. The fewer neighbors and the more room you have, the less likely you are to be disturbed by their noise.

When Newer Apartments Are Quieter

Sometimes you’ll find that new apartments offer a quieter environment than old apartments. Apartments in a new complex may be closer together, but the walls may be constructed out of newer materials that take advantage of soundproofing technology through insulation. Newer apartments are also less likely to be in need of repair, meaning that their walls, windows and insulation will be thicker, sturdier and less likely to leak noise through.

On the other hand, it’s possible that a newer apartment complex was constructed quickly and inefficiently, without a lot of emphasis placed on soundproofing the walls from one apartment to the next. You may also find that the floors and ceiling aren’t soundproofed regardless and if there are a lot of neighbors crammed into one complex, you’re likely to be bothered by their noise.

How to Make Apartments Quieter

Whether you choose old apartments or new apartments, there are a few steps you can take to help soundproof your apartment and make your environment quieter. There are things such as soundproof foam, which you can line against your walls and ceiling to dampen noise. Soundproof curtains are another option to dampen noise from the outdoors and they at least look less silly than soundproof foam on your walls and ceiling.

Make sure that the upkeep on your apartment is kept up to date. If you ever notice cracks in the ceiling or walls, make sure your landlord repairs them as soon as possible in order to decrease the transfer of sound.

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