4 Dining Area Options for Your Studio

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No matter what its size, your studio apartment can have a dining area in many different places; your options are not as limited as you may first fear. While most studio apartments have a single room that acts as both a living room and a bedroom, as well as a separate bathroom and kitchen, with careful planning, you can make it into an apartment home that looks and feels spacious and lush.

Kitchen Coordinating

Because of the compact nature of a studio apartment, smells from your cooking and baking may linger throughout the entire apartment for a bit longer than desired. By minimizing how far into the bedroom your food goes, you may limit that marrying of the entire apartment with the kitchen scents each time you cook. Consider putting the dining area within the kitchen of your studio, if the kitchen allows, of course. Otherwise, you may set up a cute dinette area just outside the kitchen, even in a hallway area, if there’s room.

To further separate the kitchen and dining area as one unit, you may also opt to put up beaded curtains to designate the space as set apartment from your other living areas.

Dining in a Cute Corner

Depending on space limitations, you may choose to place your dining area in a corner of your studio apartment, especially if it doesn’t have a kitchen or has a very small one. It may be awkward to have the dining area right as one walk in the door to your apartment, so setting off a dining area in the far corner of a studio apartment is often done.

You may opt to put a partition in front of the dining area, so that you feel that you have an extra room for enjoying your meals. The partition can be decorated so that one side matches your dining area decor, while the other matches the colors of your main living space. The limitations of a studio apartment can actually be challenges to make you more creative and resourceful.

Unconventional Dining Area

Instead of limiting yourself to the traditional dining table and chairs, think outside the box for your dining area. Conserving space is key for a studio apartment. Rather than attaining a dining or breakfast table that will take up too much space, opt to buy a small bar and bar stools. You can get them in wood or even in a style that’s retro and reminiscent of a malt shop of the 1950s.

By looking online and in furniture stores, you can get an idea of what you want, then find cheaper bargains at thrift shops or stores like Ikea. It will not only make a cute decorating statement, it will also make sure you still have plenty of room for living, relaxing and entertaining.

Dining Area Coordinating

If you want a traditional dining table and aren’t keen on compartmentalizing your studio apartment, consider an anything goes apartment. Simply have your dining area as part of your main living area. Decorate your dining room table with a table cloth that matches your bedspread. Choose a dining centerpiece that matches the art in your studio apartment. By coordinating your dining area with the rest of your apartment, you’ll create a great overall look.

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  1. December 09, 2010 at 3:27 pm, Chris said:

    Great tips! Studios are always tougher to make work simply do to the space restrictions, but with a little ingenuity it’s amazing what can be done.


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