Next to the Laundry Room: Apartment Areas with Extra Noise

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Apartment noise is one of those negative aspects of living in an apartment that may not even cross your mind until you’ve already signed the lease and moved into the apartment. However, being unable to sleep or function because of noise can really make apartment life stressful, so it’s important that you consider which types of rooms in an apartment complex may present you with extra noise.

In the Area of the Laundry Room

If your apartment complex offers a community laundry area, try to avoid securing an apartment in the area. This includes both next to the area and, as you’re more likely to encounter if the laundry room is in a complex basement, above the laundry room. There will be lots of traffic at all hours of the day and night into the laundry room as well as loud washing machines and dryers that run for hours on end. Expect apartment noise if you choose an apartment near the laundry room.

Near a Parking Garage

Some apartment complexes offer a parking garage or individual garages for their tenants. Some very small apartments are even just a single unit above someone’s garage at home. With either option, you should expect a large amount of apartment noise if your apartment is located above or next to a garage. Cars will enter and exit the apartment at any time of the day and you may be woken by a loud garage door opening and closing. People may also start their cars and let them run a bit to warm up in the winter, which means that you’ll hear the sound of an engine for a long period of time.

Within Sight of the Pool

While this may not post a problem during cold months if you live in a location with cold winters, choosing an apartment within sight of the pool may cause you to endure a lot of apartment noise as well. Screaming children, splashy diving and pool parties are sure to cause plenty of noise that you may be able to hear in your apartment when the pool is open. Sometimes apartment residents are allowed to bring guests to the pool as well, so you may have to deal with fifty or more noisy pool users at a time, depending on the size of the pool.

Near a Boiler Room

When your apartment is located next to or above a boiler room, you may be disturbed by apartment noise related to the mechanical functioning of the entire apartment complex. Central heating, a furnace, the water heater and other mechanical equipment located in the complex’s apartment room will turn on and off constantly at all hours of the day. If there’s a problem with a piece of equipment, the repair can cause a lot of noise as well.

Close to the Lobby

While not applicable to all apartment complexes, indoor apartment complexes with a central lobby can be another source of apartment noise. If your neighbors frequently have guests or your apartment is of historical interest and tourists stop by, you may hear a lot of noise coming from the lobby if your apartment is located nearby.

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