Must-Have Items for Apartment Complexes with Pools

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who has access to a swimming pool in their apartment complex, than it’s something you should be using on a regular basis, weather permitting. You’re definitely being charged for the upkeep of the pool in your rent, so you might as well get as much use out of the beautiful blue oasis as you possibly can. So as you begin to incorporate the joys of having a pool in your everyday life—without the hassle of having to check chlorine levels and clean it—be sure you purchase some of these must-have items to make your new pool life all the more enjoyable.

The Basics

Obviously, you’ll need a swimsuit and a towel, but there are a few other basics that should be purchased, perhaps in bulk, for your pool time. Cheap sunglasses should be acquired, so that you can grab a pair before going down to get a dip and absorb some sun to protect your eyes. While you probably already have an expensive pair of sunglasses that you wear while driving in your car, it’s risky to bring these down to the pool as they can be broken, stolen or lost while you are enjoying your pool time. So, the cheap plastic models will allow you to be a little more care free. The more of these cheap sunglasses, the better, as you will be able to loan a few out to your friends who are joining you at the pool without the fear of more expensive ones getting lost or broken. And last but certainly not least, sunscreen. Skin cancer is a real concern people!

A Raft (or two)

Having a raft that floats over the expanse of the pool’s surface is a way to enjoy your time in the pool while also getting able amounts of sun. It’s like your own public, open-air water bed, complete with a drink holder and a guarantee that you will receive an intense, even tan (or burn, if you fall asleep for an extended period of time). Pick up a couple of these so that a guest can join you; the inflatable ones open spring leaks after a few uses. It will ensure you don’t just end up laying on deck chairs and jumping into the pool every so often, but really spending your time in the pool area itself.

Various Pool Games

A floating basketball goal, a net that goes across the pool, a slew of different floating balls or various squirt guns are ideal for pool games that will allow you, your friends and other members of the apartment complex to really make the most of the pool’s presence in your life. There’s nothing like a physical outdoor game to entertain you for more than an hour or two and will add some much needed activity to the otherwise sedentary trend of laying motionless beside a pool. Plus, it will allow a lot of bonding with your fun neighbors (though it might tend to annoy some of the quieter ones).

Your Own Collapsible Chair

If your apartment’s pool is a popular spot, especially in the hotter summer months, having your own collapsible pool chair or two isn’t such a bad idea. It will guarantee you will always have a spot beside the pool in the sun to set up, no matter how many people have crammed in there. And it’s not a long walk with this collapsible chair from your apartment to your community pool, in most cases, so it won’t be a hassle to carry.

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