Moving Van vs. Moving Truck? Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

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Deciding whether to use a moving van over a moving truck is an important decision. Consider these factors before making that decision.

Consider the Distance of Your Move

If you are moving across town, multiple trips in a smaller van may help with the overall process of moving. If you have friends to help, a few could pack as you and a few others load, deliver and unload your items. If you’re unfamiliar with your new area, a smaller moving van is much easier to maneuver and navigate.

Consider Fuel Costs

If you use a larger moving truck for a small local move, think about the fuel it uses for the move. Multiple trips in a moving van, although you drive more, could still cost less in fuel. Plus, you can fill up only what you will use. It’s harder to get an exact amount fuel in the tank before returning the moving truck. If you return the moving truck without the same amount of fuel as when you got it, the moving truck company will bill you an outrageous amount to fill it back to the original amount.

Consider the Dangers of Driving a Big Truck

If you’ve never driven a large truck, you may be in for a surprise. These trucks are large and bulky. You may find it difficult to make those right hand turns without hitting the telephone pole. If you are moving to an area with a lot of traffic, other drivers may cut you off. Consider the size of the roads as well. Smaller roads can be hazardous for a large truck. Backing a large truck into a small driveway or street can also be quite a challenge.

Consider the Loading and Unloading Process

If you have used a moving truck before, you are probably familiar with the tiring unloading process. Everything can be very disorganized, especially if you’ve just piled everything in when loading. When you unload a smaller van, you can get a better handle of all your items, and organize and unload accordingly. 

Moving in general is a time consuming and tiresome event, but a small step like renting a moving van as opposed to a moving truck can make it much easier and can save you money in the end.

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