Moving Tips: How to Strategize Packing Your Wardrobee

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Good moving technique should make transporting your belongings easier and should facilitate the transition to your new apartment, so read these moving tips for properly packing your wardrobe. Strategically pack clothing items to avoid unnecessarily heavy lifting and to make unpacking and setting up your new room as easy and smooth as possible. Mix heavy items with lighter items to avoid excessively weighing down one box or suitcase. Group clothing together as you hope to set it up in your new apartment, to avoid unnecessary rummaging and misplacing of clothing.

Pack Clothing How You Plan to Store It in Drawers

Fold clothing items neatly and group them logically, so you won’t have to repeat your steps when repacking them and storing them at your new apartment. Decide how you plan to organize your apparel in your dresser, and pack to mimic this plan. Fold t-shirts neatly into the same suitcase and move them directly into a drawer in your dresser. Do the same for sweaters, sweatshirts and pants.

Keep Out-of-Season Clothing Together

If closing space as limited, chances are you can’t store all seasons worth of clothing in your closet. In moving, keep the out of season items packed together so it’s easier to stow them away once you arrive at the new place. Pack summer dresses or shorts in one box and then transfer them directly to a trunk or cute storage box in your next apartment, if it’s the winter season, and do the same for heavy sweaters and woolens if you’re moving in the summer. Keep out-of-season items separate from the clothing you’re currently wearing, to save yourself from unnecessary sorting and organization upon move-in.

Use Soft Clothing to Pack Breakable Items

It’s necessary to pack breakable household items like dishes and glasses with material like tissue paper or newspaper to prevent them from breaking in the transition. Rather than using material that you will need to throw away after unpacking, instead wrap delicate items in soft, fluffy clothing to create the same padding effect and save space. Wrap soft sweaters around plates and stuff sleeves into mugs or glasses. Wind scarves around glass picture frames and collectibles. Stuff balls of socks in the boxes with these items for additional padding and to prevent breakable items from sliding around in the box. Be sure not to forget to mark the boxes holding these belongings as fragile, so you won’t have broken glass caught in the fibers of your clothing.

Pack Shoes with Lighter Clothing

Shoes can be some of the heaviest items in your closet, so pack footwear carefully to avoid unnecessary bulk. Throwing all your shoes into one box or suitcase is a surefire way to guarantee unnecessary heavy lifting, so break up the smaller shoes. Tuck heels and sneakers into boxes or suitcases with t-shirts and sweats, but be mindful that the soles are clean and don’t mark up your clothing. Transport heavier boots in solid paper shopping bags, limiting a few pairs per bag, rather than throwing every heavy boot you own into a single box.

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