Moving In Together: How to Fit Two Apartments into One

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Moving in together is a huge step for any couple. Before you even begin learning the ins and outs of each other’s home behavior you have to figure out how to merge all of your belongings in one place. Sometimes merging the items isn’t the problem—it’s making everything fit in the apartment! If you’re about to take the plunge and move in with your significant other, here are some things you should know as you make two apartments become one.

Talk About the Big Items

When you live in two separate apartments you’re going to have double of just about everything. Chances are you aren’t going to need two sofas, two dinette sets and two coffee tables. Long before you move take time to talk and decide which furniture items you’re going to bring into the new apartment. It’s likely that one of you has a nicer dinette set or a more comfortable sofa. Make the decisions together so that no one feels slighted. Another option? If both of you don’t particularly care for either of your sofas (for example), sell them both and use the money to buy something different.

Start Ridding Your Apartments of Excess

The worst thing you can do when merging your apartments is take everything with you. Unless you’re both complete minimalists, your new place will be overflowing with stuff. Begin sorting through your belongings and shedding things you no longer want or need months before you actually move in together. Trash the things that are junk and donate or sell the things that are in good shape. De-cluttering is a great way to make a few extra bucks.

Block out a couple of days where you can each help one another with the de-cluttering process. There may be items of your significant other’s that you’d rather not have in the new place. Likewise, your significant other may not be too fond of your excessive toy figurine or holiday decoration collection. It’s good to know what’s coming into the new apartment, and going through the cleaning process together can help you both to compromise and make wise decisions.

Whatever you do, don’t wait to sort through your stuff after you’ve already moved. De-clutter before you move. If you don’t, you’re wasting time and energy moving items into the new place that you’re just going to toss. It’ll take a lot longer to settle into your new place if you do things this way.

Figure Out Storage Solutions

The universal rule of apartments is that there’s never enough closet space. If you both have large wardrobes, come up with a strategy for storing your clothing before you move in. You may need to purchase a stand alone wardrobe in order to have a place for everything. Inadequate closet space can become a sore spot for couples. Craft a solution that works for both of you and try to share the space equally.

Fitting two apartments into one requires open communication and the willingness to downsize and shed belongings. If you’re both flexible and open to doing these things, merging your belongings in a new place won’t be a problem.

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