Moving Day Safety Tips: Lifting Heavy Furniture or Appliances

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On moving day, it’s important to remember some good safety guidelines in order to prevent injuring yourself while getting all of your home furnishings from one place to another. Lots of people who ignore safety for lifting end up with long-term injury or impairment from taking on too much weight the wrong way. Don’t let this happen to you: use some common sense safety tips and get the job done right.

Test the Weight of Objects from Underneath

Just picking up a sofa, appliance or other big piece of furniture straight off of the ground is a little like jumping into an untested lagoon—you won’t know how heavy the thing is until it’s in the air, and you might end up suffering from overload. Instead, squat down near a corner and carefully lift until you can assess the approximate weight. Then set the thing back down and come up with a good game plan.

Use Furniture Sliders

Sliders are little bits of felt or similar stuff that go under the legs of a piece. You can drag heavy items around this way without damaging floors, at least until you get to a bevel or edge where you have to figure out another strategy.


Using moving dollies or hand trucks is another great way to avoid injury, because these tools bear most of the weight. Again, though, when you get to a doorway or other obstruction, you’ll need to figure out another way to move the freight.


Outdoors, you may be able to go with a series of rounded, cylindrical objects that you can put under a big piece of furniture. This primitive method was popular in the days before advanced technology, where downed trees often served as rollers for moving big cuts of stone or other perilous cargo. Today, rollers are not a very common way to move big items, because they are not very convenient, and the same job might take a lot longer.

Raise an Army

Another way to deal with big objects that have to get up off of the ground is with a good old traditional method: sufficient manpower. As long as each person can get a good grip on the load, having extra arms can take care of a tricky situation where a heavy piece needs to go through doors, down stairs, etc. Make sure there is enough room for the whole lot to travel along with their burden, or a tough scenario could develop.

Use Hydraulic or Power Lift Gates

When you have to get a heavy piece up onto a truck, power lift gates can be a perfect way to help avoid any harm to human laborers. Just roll the stuff on and pull the lever, and your gear will rise to loading level.

Manipulate Bulky Objects

It can also be helpful to position tall, thin furniture pieces so they can better fit through doorways and other spaces. Measuring entry and exit ways is critical for making sure your moving techniques work well.

Consider all of these helpful alternatives for moving a lot of heavy freight when you have to take care of your own move.

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