Moving Advice for the College Student

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Some students may find themselves wishing they had received more moving advice, once they arrive in a new city for college. Saving money should be a priority, so here are some tips to help if you’re heading off to school soon.

1. Keep it Compact

You shouldn’t have to hire a moving company to carry everything you’ll need for college. A good rule of thumb is to fit everything you need into the vehicle you’ll be taking with you. If you’re moving back in with your parents for summer vacation, you don’t want to have to cart several truckloads of goods back home. If you absolutely need to have more than you can fit in your vehicle, see if it’s possible to ship it to a roommate or friend in your college town.

2. Prioritize Your Items

In order to pack light, you need to set some parameters. Divide your possessions into things you need, things you want and things you can live without for 9 months. Clothes, books you own that are related to your courses, kitchen items and bedding are items you’ll need. Once you’ve decided on the things you’ll take, make sure they’ll all fit in your vehicle.

Make a separate pile of things you want. A massive CD collection might be an item you want to take with you, but you may not have room for it. The same goes for posters for your walls, the pool table and the golf clubs. Some things have to be left behind. Decide on the things you want that will fit in your vehicle. Keep everything else stored in your parents’ home, if possible.

3. Sentimental Items

You’ll need to make room for some pictures or other things that remind you of home and friends. Make sure these items are small, but take them with you. Homesickness is a part of life for many college students, and a few sentimental things can help ease you into your new-found independence.

4. Shipping

Once you’ve got your vehicle space filled up, you may find that there’s something you forgot, or just one more thing that you can’t live without. Ship it to your new address. The Postal Service may be your cheapest option, depending on what you need to send. Make sure it’s packed appropriately, to avoid damage, and take out insurance if the items are valuable. Try to time your shipping so it gets to your apartment after you’ve already arrived there.

5. Buy when You Arrive

To save on space, you may have to plan on buying some things when you get to your college town. Yard sales are still going on when the fall semester starts, so shop around. Look for used items at thrift stores as well. If you have to sell or give these things away at the end of the year, it won’t be such a big loss.

New students usually want to take more than they need when they head off to college for the first time. Just remember this moving advice: If you’re heading back home at the end of the year, you’ll have to take it with. Don’t bring too much, otherwise you may regret it when it’s time to leave.

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  1. May 15, 2010 at 12:23 am, isuckatcomingupwithusernames! said:

    This article is great for students who are moving into campus housing, but the reality is that students who are moving into an outside apartment or house will need to hire a moving company, or at least rent a u-haul. For such students, it is okay to bring a little bit more than bedding and books, because their apartments should feel like home rather than a very temporary space! I know this article was probably targeted towards dormers, but it never directly said so. Believe it or not, not every first year college student dorms, and if you are given a choice, I would highly reccomend NOT going with students housing. And just for the record, it is possible to have a healthy and normal social life in college while still living away from campus.


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