Monday Night Football: Game Night Entertaining in a Small Apartment

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football night in apartment

Gathering friends and family at your place for a Monday night football game can be one of the most enjoyable forms of apartment entertaining.
You needn’t go overboard with planning the event, but if you hope for a pleasant evening watching the game, you can plan ahead with the following:

Start with Invites

It may go without saying that the Monday night football game is generally the same time each week, but you should make it clear to your guests what time you expect them to show up. After all, if they show up too early, it can be difficult for you to finish setting up and if they show up too late, they can disturb the game. At the same time, you want to know for sure who’s going to be there so you can plan accordingly. You don’t have to send out formal invitations, but you should send out an e-mail or text or call your friends individually and get a yes or no confirmation for each one.

The Food and Drinks

monday night football apartment entertaining

Easily the most important part of your hosting duties for the Monday night football game is putting together the refreshments. Once you know who’s coming and how many people you can expect, you can plan accordingly. If the crowd would enjoy beers, stock up on those. If they’re more the wine or even just juice and tea type, you can buy those instead because you don’t have to have beer to enjoy the game. Always have water as a backup drink available.

Next, decide on a few finger foods, such as chips, pretzels, vegetables and dip and deviled eggs. There will be plenty of snacking throughout the night. You may feel like providing dinner, too. Just think of any dish that’s easy to eat while watching the TV and not very easy to spill—after all, everyone’s attention is likely to be on the game and you don’t want spaghetti sauce on your living room carpet. Pizza, hot dogs, burgers and sandwiches—foods easily eaten with your hands—are some good choices.

Setting Up the Room

To host the Monday night football game gathering, you’ll have to have a nice, big TV in a communal area like the living room. You’ll have to arrange seating, too, so that you’ll have enough seats for everyone and they won’t be blocking anyone else’s view. In addition to your couch and armchair(s), you can add a few folding chairs, dining room chairs or even beanbag chairs.

You can also make the room more festive by hanging up decorations of the logo and colors of the preferred team (or the one that most of your guests prefer).

Playing Games

While you won’t likely have time for other entertainment while the game is on, you can make the evening more interactive and exciting by holding a contest. Whoever can guess the winning team and/or the winning score (or whoever’s closest to guessing) should get a prize, like a hat, sweatshirt or other paraphernalia of the favorite team.

Enjoying the Monday night football game each week at your apartment or rotating hosting duties among your friends can both be great solutions. Because the occasion requires only minimal planning, no one should have trouble making the evening a fun one.

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