Modernizing Your Apartment’s Security

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Looking to add a little security to your apartment? These days you don’t need to install some hefty security system to give you the peace-of-mind that many homeowners enjoy. With huge leaps in technology, apartment renters have tons of options.

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One such option is the Canary, an algorithm based smart security system that looks like your Bluetooth speaker, and is about as easy to setup. When Canary senses anything out of the ordinary, you receive a notification with recorded HD video of the event, as well as the option to watch live. But that’s not all. Canary learns the longer you have it. It picks up on your routines, your pets habits, and schedules. This means less false flags bugging you all day when your pet knocked over a chair.


We’re really excited to see where products like the Canary go. It’s a great time to  be a renter with all these gizmos and gadgets that give us the luxury that only homeowners enjoyed not long ago.

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