Measuring Apartment Size: Tips to Save Time, Money, and Headaches

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Measuring the apartment size of your new place is the key to avoiding an surprises when you actually move in. One of the worst things that can happen is moving into a new place and realizing it doesn’t adequately fit your furniture—if it fits at all. Save yourself the stress by taking the proper steps to ensure your move in and furniture arranging is successful.

Don’t Guesstimate—Take Actual Measurements

Accuracy is the key to eliminating stress when it comes to moving into a new apartment. Before you even begin your apartment search, take the time to measure the large pieces of furniture you own. Then when you go to view an apartment, take the measuring tape with you. There’s nothing weird or wrong about measuring the rooms you walk through. You’ll know right away weather or not the space will accommodate your furniture and belongings. It’s better to know up front. You don’t want to fall in love with a place that doesn’t have enough room for your extra large sofa and bed.

Map It out on Paper

Once you’ve determined that an apartment has enough square footage for your furniture, it’s wise to begin thinking about how you’re going to lay out your belongings in the space. Making a simple scale drawing is one way to do it. With a paper, ruler and pencil you can easily sketch out your new rooms to see the best way to place your furniture. You can also make scaled cutouts of your furniture and move them around in different arrangements on a graph paper drawing of the apartment. This particular method gives you the flexibility to experiment with numerous furniture setups.

Think About How to Bring the Furniture In

Knowing that all of your furniture fits in the new apartment is the first step. Knowing how you’re going to physically move it in is the next key piece of information to consider. When you’re viewing apartments, look to see how large the door openings are. If the apartment has a large sliding glass door, moving furniture in and out shouldn’t be a problem.

However, you might encounter a space in an older building that has smaller doorways and stairwells that will not accommodate a large sofa or shelf. You need to be mindful of these kinds of details as you’re selecting a new place to live.

You may have to be creative in how you move your bed into an older building (like hoisting it through a large window rather than carrying it up the stairs). While the move-in process might be more complicated, being aware of what all will go into it way before the actual move in day will make everyone more prepared and less stressed. Knowing all of the measurements (length, width, height) of your furniture will help you to better gauge the process.

Moving, in general, is a headache. Take some of the stress out of the process by being well informed and prepared.

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