Making the Small Room Your Castle

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That new apartment bedroom, especially in an apartment in a big city, can feel tiny right when you move in. But size is relative when it comes to bedrooms and there are numerous adjustments you can make to the way.

Keep Only the Essentials

You’re going to need the extra space, so by cutting down what you move into the room you can get situated and then naturally expand out into it. First, go through everything you own that you plan on moving into the bedroom and try to pare it down. Sell a few pieces of furniture that won’t fit in the room. Trade in some old clothes and shoes that may overload your small closet and dresser at a thrift store for cash or store credit. Everything else you can’t bear to get rid of, consider putting in storage somewhere else in the apartment or at another location.

Utilize the Wall Space

Floor space is all anyone thinks to use, but there is often ample wall space that goes entirely unutilized in small apartment bedrooms. So whatever you can do to take items off the floor and put them on the wall will usually afford you more room and space. For example, rather than a bedside table, consider installing a small shelf where you can fit a lamp, a phone or alarm clock and other small items you will need within reach. Shelves installed on the wall will replace the need for shelves to be installed on the floor. A wall mounted flat screen TV, along with the necessary cable boxes and other devices on shelves just beneath it, will save a ton of floor space.

A Bedroom is a Bedroom is a Bedroom

In small apartments, many people will try to make the room both a bedroom and an office, attempting to squeeze a desk and chair into the room as well. Try as hard as you can to keep your bedroom solely a bedroom. Not only is it better for the separation between your work life and your personal life, but a desk, a chair and whatever other pieces of furniture or devices you may need to do your work will crowd any extra space out of your small bedroom. So look for other places around the apartment to set up your desk, or try to work with a more casual set-up. The latter has become easier to accomplish these days, thanks to wireless internet, small but powerful laptops and helpful, inexpensive devices like computer lap pads, which allow people to effectively work while seated on the couch… or on a roof top… or in the park. Setting up a desk in your bedroom should only be done as a last resort and if it is a must, consider a desk that can be attached to the wall and folded down when you aren’t working, therefore creating more space.

Raise the Bed

If you are in need of more storage space for items that you need on hand and there is no room within the apartment itself, consider raising your bed to create more room underneath it for storage purposes. By lifting the bed a couple of feet, a tremendous amount of space is freed up to store different items within your cozy bedroom, and getting in and out of bed is easier. Bed frames can be elevated by using a wide variety of different items or can be purchased with the ability to be raised and lowered built in to each leg.

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