Making the Most of an Apartment Clubhouse

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Apartment Clubhouse turned screening room

Many apartment hunters will find complexes that boast a clubhouse as part of the community. Typically a freestanding structure, a clubhouse may include a media center, pool, gym or any other amenities to be shared and enjoyed by all the tenants. While it usually serves as a general place to relax or exercise without leaving the premises, it can also be reserved for private parties and group gatherings. Since general access to the clubhouse is included in rental fees, the only time you may have to pay for using the site is for private events.

While many tenants only use their building’s clubhouse occasionally for the aforementioned activities, you can reserve it for a number of community events. It provides a more spacious venue than most apartments, your personal space stays personal, and setup and cleanup are generally much easier there than they would be in your home.

Coffee/Cocoa Klatch

Many years ago, when women-folk rarely worked outside the home, coffee klatches were all the rage. Simply defined, it’s a social gathering for conversation while drinking coffee, kind of like Starbucks and Peets but at kitchen tables in people’s homes. Coffee cakes and blondie bars were often served at these events, and everything from politics to child-rearing, spousal relationships, and science were discussed in-depth. Apartment clubhouses are the ideal settings to revive this casual practice. Whether you serve tea, espresso, or authentic hot chocolate, it’s sure to garner a friend or two over time. Take turns hosting and get to know your neighbors in a warm, communal environment.

Child Care

Another throwback from bygone times is neighbors watching each other’s kids for short periods of time while they do a little grocery shopping or enjoy a date night with their partners. No money is usually exchanged, although competent teenagers may be able to earn a little cash by offering their services, and what better place to do it than an apartment clubhouse? There’s plenty of room for kids to play, available computers, and space for quiet time, reading, and joining in board games. There are also TVs to play movies, and since it’s also their home, kids can wear their pajamas there so they can be easily tucked into bed after they’re picked up. Just be sure to clear childcare arrangements with management beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings.

Study Groups/Tutoring

Studying at home can be challenging whether you’re a child or an adult. It’s often hard to concentrate or learn with conversations going on around you, music and television sounds in the background, and siblings playing with the dog. A clubhouse is often the sanctuary you need, especially if you use it during off-times like the mid-morning or mid-afternoon hours. It’s also ideal for study groups because you can reserve it for small gatherings of fellow students and brainstorm without distraction or interruption.

If you want to tutor students, a clubhouse can also serve as a professional setting away from your family, quiet, private, and friendly. You can also reserve it for short periods of time to accommodate the needs of your clients without traveling or incurring any expense.

Book Club

Book clubs range from groups of serious bibliophiles who dissect plotlines and analyze dialogue to casual readers who sip wine and discuss a variety of topics (many of which have nothing to do with the featured book selection). Thankfully, there are typically no hard and fast rules for book clubs; they can be as rigid or casual as you and your friends like. And whether your group is stodgy or tends to lean toward jovial storytelling of life events, you’ll find that an apartment clubhouse is a private, comfortable setting that comfortably accommodates a number of members and has lots of room to set up snacks and beverages for all. After clearing it with management, all you need to do is post some flyers and group text everyone to host a clubhouse book club event.

Movie Madness

Many modern clubhouses have huge TVs installed, along with streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video (not to mention DVD players). Instead of trying to arrange a movie outing for a big group of friends, consider reserving your building’s clubhouse for a marathon movie watching event. Some clubhouses even have popcorn makers, though you can always rent one for the occasion. Choose a theme by an informal vote, gather the needed DVDs from friends and family, or add the movies to your watchlists for easy, quick access on the night of the event. If your clubhouse isn’t equipped with reclining chairs or other such amenities, move in some couches and overstuffed chairs so everyone can kick back in comfort and enjoy the flicks. Just remember to leave the clubhouse spotless so you’ll be welcomed back for future movie madness nights.

No matter what you use your clubhouse for, you’ll soon realize how smart and convenient it is. Best of all, you’ve already paid for the space in your rent, so it’s like having a free, oversized rec room at your disposal.

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