Low-Budget Hallway Decorating Ideas

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There are several ways to decoratehallway on a tight budget. It is essential to keep in mind that this space is just as important as every other room in your home. Since hallways are normally narrow, less will mean more.

Give the Illusion of More Space

Mirrors are especially useful in small spaces. A mirror hung at one end of the hall will give the illusion of a much longer area. Smaller mirrors grouped together on each side of the wall can make the hall appear more spacious as well. These are inexpensive and range from $5-$10, depending on size.

Floor runners are perfect for giving the illusion of a longer hallway. You can use existing small rectangular rugs and sew them together at each end to give them a new purpose without spending any extra money.

Use Wall Space Wisely

Wall appliqués are growing in popularity and fit perfectly in a hallway. They are easily applied and don’t take up any precious space. For around $15, you can get decals with inspirational sayings or ones with floral and abstract designs.

You can display small holiday decorations or knick knacks in your hallway using different types of shelving. Wall cubes are only about $10 each and will give your space a modern feel, whereas floating shelves are only a few dollars more and offer a classic sleek look.

Another growing trend in decorating involves hanging many framed photographs together in a group. Using old family pictures and dollar store frames, you can outline a doorway in the hall for less than $10. You could use this often overlooked wall space in the hallway to share many more vacation photos than you could by setting them out on a living room side table. Memo boards with crisscrossed ribbon can hold many pictures as well and are a fun alternative to picture frames. These can be purchased pre-assembled for about $15 or handcrafted for a few dollars less.

Add a Unique Touch

If you have old album covers stored in the attic, you can dig them out and hang them in the hallway as retro décor. If you have kids, you could stick their artwork in frames and display them in the hallway and free up your refrigerator for new masterpieces.

If nature is a running theme in your home, don’t hesitate to bring the outside in.  By placing a stand in the hall, you can switch out pine cones in a glass bowl in autumn for tulips in the spring. Each season brings new possibilities.  When the leaves start to fall, collect a few to put in frames and line the walls in your hallway. Or, take those same leaves and spray paint over them onto a piece of paper then frame the paper with the leaf’s silhouette on it. You can find many different sizes and styles of picture frames at most dollar stores..

Hallways are also pathways through your home.  They should be just as warm and welcoming as any other room. Well-lit halls decorated with a personal touch are sure to put you, as well as your guests, at ease.

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