Living with Neighbors Who Party All the Time

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Remember that horrific tune, sung(?) by none other than Eddie Murphy called “Party All the Time?” Yeah I know, it does bring back some images we’d rather not remember. However, why is it that some of our neighbors seem to use that song as their mantra? You know the ones. The frat boys who come home close to three in the morning and party from the car to their apartment, leaving beer bottles strewn along the way; the three guys in Apartment 3C who are trying to form the next power-rock trio; the Hugh Hefner-wannabe whose friends take over the pool area, and the half-deaf woman living above you who gets a hankering for Neil Diamond when the sun goes down. Ah, the joys of apartment living.

While these people may be harmless during the daylight hours, like a vampire, they become a true nuisance at night. If only they were as easy to deal with as those of pointed tooth. In the case of the loud neighbors, who seem to live to party, you’ll have to look at ways of solving the problem, and no, you can’t use a wooden stake, as much as you’d like to.

Keep It Civil
Most apartment complexes are like their own mini-civilizations. They have their own constituents (the tenants), their own government (the landlord or property management) and their own set of rules (usually the bylaws). When you have to live with an unruly or loud neighbor, it’s usually best to keep it civil and bring it to their attention personally before taking the issue up with the landlord.

You will want to avoid going in with guns blazing and yelling at your neighbor as this will probably only spur them on to louder or more annoying habits. Be polite and explain the situation to them. They may not even be aware that they are being so annoying. Calmly explain that you have a right to quiet in your living space and you would really appreciate it if they kept it down.

“I had a neighbor who had the most annoying habit of talking on his speakerphone to his friends at 1 am,” says Matthew J. of San Diego. “His voice would be amplified through the complex because he would sit right next to his open window! I eventually asked him to keep it down because all of the neighbors were listening to his conversations, and ever since, he’s been much better about it.”

You can try to take it a little farther and invite them over for a community barbecue. Perhaps if Mr. Loudly got to know the rest of the people living in the community, he would be less likely to act up. You never know and it certainly doesn’t hurt to try before bringing in the reinforcements.

Time for Plan B
If all of your attempts at a peaceful resolution are fruitless, then it may be time to talk to the landlord. Explain to him or her the frustration you feel and the efforts you have taken thus far to try and resolve the issue on your own. If possible, talk to other neighbors who are also affected and band together to convince the landlord to take action.

The problem with taking it to the landlord or manager is that they commonly face numerous issues and problems each day, and a noisy neighbor may not be the most important issue of the day. So, it may not look like the manager is doing anything about the problem. If this is the case, don’t let the issue drop–return to the apartment manager and inquire about what’s being done about it. A little persistence never hurts; there’s a reason for the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Ask other neighbors to personally question the manager as well. Sometimes it takes a little pressure from a handful of tenants before a neighbor-issue gets handled.

“My landlord could care less about noise,” says Fiona M. of San Diego. “He says that he is too busy chasing his tenants for late rent to bother with the noisy tenant. Then he says to me, ‘At least he pays his rent on time.’ Yeah, noisy neighbors who pay their rent on time, they double suck.”

If you have tried unsuccessfully to solve the issue on your own and your landlord offers no relief, then you may be forced to call the police to try and restore peace to your apartment complex.

Bring in the Blue
Calling the police is a step that nobody wants to take, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. When you do call, be sure to ask for the officer to keep your name anonymous when they speak to the loud tenant. Some tenants will look at a police call as an act of war and they may want to retaliate, so it’s important to remain nameless.

In most cases, having the police come out will cause the loud neighbor to tone it down. However, in the most extreme cases, it could backfire and cause them to turn it up a notch as soon as the police car drives away.

Taking it to the Courts
Most states have a law that states that each tenant or homeowner has a right to the quiet enjoyment of their homes, which you would see as part of the rental agreement. If you have a perpetually noisy neighbor, they are breaking this law and thus, you can actually sue them in small claims court.

If you’re at this point, you will need to build a solid case. Record the neighbor’s loud and obnoxious behavior using an inexpensive digital recorder. Get affidavits from your neighbors, or even better, ask them to serve as witnesses in court. You should also show that you have taken the steps necessary before bringing the case to the courts, such as talking to the neighbor personally, involving the landlord and calling the police. Bring a copy of the police reports with you to court.

In most cases, when facing a monetary judgment, the neighbor will finally cease their noisy ways or move out themselves.

Ways to Help Yourself
If you have a neighbor who is just slightly or occasionally noisy, you can try installing acoustical panels on your ceiling or walls to help soundproof your apartment. (Of course, you should always contact your apartment manager to notify them of the changes you are making.)

In addition, you can look to purchase a white noise machine for your bedroom to help drown out any outside noises while you are sleeping. Sometimes a small tower fan will work just as effectively.

If you live upstairs, adding thick rugs to your apartment floor can help insulate the room even further. For other ideas, see this post.

Can You Break a Lease Because of a Noisy Neighbor?
While most landlords or managers will tell you that you can’t break your lease because of a loud neighbor, the fact is you can. Since it is a law in every state that you are entitled to quiet enjoyment of your home, you may have a legal right to move out without further liability for future rent. Of course, you may have to fight it in court, but if you followed the ways detailed above to handle it on your own and you have kept a thorough record of your attempts at a peaceful resolution, then you should not have a problem. Check with your local or state tenants associations for more information.

In closing, our apartments are our homes. We want them and need them to be our haven of peace and serenity. Obnoxious partying neighbors can certainly impact your level of tranquility, so if you are faced with one and you’re losing sleep over it, give these tips a try and perhaps the noisy neighbor will learn the error of his ways and you’ll be returned to a state of sublime consciousness before you know it. But you will definitely want to nip it in the bud as soon as you can, it’s been proven that listening to “Kentucky Woman” every night at full volume can lead to mental instability and an insatiable desire to live with dozens of cats.

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  1. March 21, 2008 at 5:13 pm, Guest said:

    it could be worse, you could live in a condo!


  2. March 21, 2008 at 9:28 pm, Guest said:

    Did you ever have an apartment with such thin walls that you could use the neighbor’s alarm clock instead of setting your own? The real problem is that he never turned it off!!! It went off for hours!!! Even when he left for days! We finally had the landlord go in and shut it off! This happened constantly. After 4 or 5 (or 10) offenses, he was asked to move out!


  3. March 22, 2008 at 5:24 pm, Guest said:

    This is a very helpful read! My husband and I experienced the party girls next door issue, they liked to have a party every week and sometimes throw one in the middle also! Their party guests almost never stayed inside and almost always left trash out. One night some male party guests were breaking beer bottles near grass that my dog walks in. Another night, the male guests were leaving a party and thought it would be fun to break down some columns/railing at the stairs. Their next party just got so loud and they were all hanging out on the balcony by the front doors. My husband had to work very early the next day so he steps out and politely asks them to take it inside so it will be more quiet and he can get some sleep. They apologized for the noise and said they were leaving anyways. So a few cars left and I guess a girl (living in the apt) walked a couple of guys down to their cars and the 3 of them continued to talk all night. My husband drowned it out with our noise machine and eventually fell asleep. When we awoke the next day there was trash everywhere. Beer bottles mostly. We went and talked to our manager, who prides herself on this complex looking as great as it is, so she was not happy to hear our news. She talked to them. Come to find out, they are here as part of a scholarship for school. As set by the rules of the scholarship they are not to have parties of any kind. The manager let us know that they have set new rules and that the neighbors aren’t allowed to have company past 10pm anymore and to call the police if they do. We’ve seen them have friends over past 10pm a few times since then, but nothing loud or extreme enough to call the police about. Luckily for us, we only had to go through steps 1 and 2, but you do what you have to do to get some PEACE and QUIET!


  4. March 23, 2008 at 10:55 am, Guest said:

    Well luckily I don’t live under people who like to “Party all the time”, just “Verbally abuse there retired mother all the time”!!! And when the police are called, one of (If not both) of the sons just run into there moms bedroom and hide, or have the mother tell the police they were just playing there video games loud (Did I mention Im talking about two grown men over the age of 30?). Only problem is (Surprise, surprise!) is that they end up paying there rent (Late I may add, but they pay it non the less).


  5. March 25, 2008 at 6:49 am, Guest said:

    any good townhouse community for rent in Mechanicsburg area?


  6. March 25, 2008 at 10:19 pm, Guest said:

    We rarely have that problem here. If we do, we encourage the neighbors to call the police, and they show up. They get the hint, or we non-renew them or find a replacement and call them daily to offer to let them end their lease sooner (we find a replacement tenant fast). It’s only happened twice in 8 years, but we have concrete between floors and in between every other unit. You get what you pay for, unfortunately. Our rates are $1095-$2695 and I am still here working at 10 pm in the office, on call 24/7. You have to find a place where they really care that isn’t 400+ units (corporate). Boutique properties are the best choice. – ROMP Mgr.


  7. March 26, 2008 at 8:07 am, Guest said:

    My bf and I just moved from having one loud as heck neighbor living upstairs into another complex with another loud as heck lady with her 3 kids under the age of 6 or so. I stressed to the apt. complex b4 I moved in that we were looking for a quiet community and we had seen good reviews online for their property. The woman assured us that we wouldn’t have any problems. THe weekend that we were moving in, this woman introduced herself and asked if we were moving in, and I said yes. She then tells me that we aren’t going to like moving in under them because they are loud, but to feel free to come upstairs and let them know when they are getting loud.” And let me tell you…they have been LOUD. I am talking running, jumping, screaming, throwing stuff, shaking our chandelier, everything. We reported them to the office, they got written up, they talked to the office about it and said they were sorry…but they have not stopped. My bf goes up there at least once a day (when he is home) to complain. I am there a lot by myself and don’t feel safe going up there at night by myself. These people are driving me crazy!!!!!


  8. March 26, 2008 at 8:22 am, Guest said:

    You guys are very lucky you had a manager that did some about it I lived in hell for 2 year and did not get anything done,I had to move out because I developed Insomnia because of that,Police was called many times nothing.I would never move in to a appartment again .This was the Old Orchard in Chillicothe,IL the managers there are only there for the free rent.
    I hope the rest of the people there give them hell.I look at it that way what goes around comes around.


  9. March 26, 2008 at 10:16 am, Guest said:

    It’s called “growing a pair” and telling the neighbors to shut the hell up. It’s amazing to me how many people are afraid to confront someone who is obviously defying community rules. I’m a 5 foot tall girl and I’ve point-blank to people in the pool at 2 am or upstairs neighbors with insane surround sound that they are disturbing me and, you know what, I’ve never been shot, or stabbed, or even yelled at by the offending party.

    Most times people are just seeing what they can get away with and when you tell them that they are being disruptive, they back off. They turn the music down or go inside. It’s as easy as that. People are so afraid of eachother these days–it’s ridiculous.


  10. March 26, 2008 at 6:57 pm, Guest said:

    neil diamond kinda rocks. cats are cool. and 25 bux to the local crack head will eliminate noisey neighbors.


  11. March 27, 2008 at 3:05 pm, Guest said:

    Being a property manager when I get a noise complaint I first call the resident (or) visit them in person and let them know they are distrubing others. If that does not work then they receive a lease violation letter. Usually I don’t have to go further then that. If not I will advise my resident to call the cops.


  12. March 27, 2008 at 9:19 pm, Guest said:

    The people that live below my roommate and me were generally quiet until about a month and a half ago. They blast music at all hours of the day and night (I’m talking weeknights at 1am and weekdays at 8:30am), at least five days a week. The first time I asked them politely to turn their music down, they obliged. The next day, they went right back to blasting it again. I let it go for a few days, but eventually I went back down to ask them again to turn it down. I banged on their door for a good five minutes and they didn’t bother answering it this time. They knew it was me — I could tell they saw me through the peep hole and decided not to deal with me. This happened a few more times, and each time they’d turn the music down a little to make sure someone was knocking, see it was me through the peep hole, and turn the music back up and ignore me.

    In the meantime, I called the landlords and told them what was going on — that the neighbors were blasting their music so loud it was shaking our entire apartment and I couldn’t even hear the tv that was five feet in front of me. The landlords talked to the neighbors, but it apparently didn’t do anything to make them stop. The next day, they were back to blasting music again. I ended up calling the cops, who showed up after they had already shut the music off, so of course the cops didn’t do anything and didn’t file a report.

    This past Saturday they were at it again well before 9am, and I was so frustrated that I left an angry voicemail on my landlords’ phone, saying I’m more than willing to break the lease if they don’t do anything about these people. They came by my apartment and talked about the situation with me, and they seemed genuinely frustrated with them as well. They talked to them yet again, but they’re STILL blasting music! I’m at my wit’s end at this point, and we still have three months left on our lease. The noise isn’t the only problem we’ve had with these people (they have 10 — yes, 10 — dogs that bark constantly and trample all over our porch, and the people themselves are constantly yelling, just to name a couple things). They’ve gotten more than enough strikes, yet they’re still not out!


  13. March 27, 2008 at 10:09 pm, Guest said:

    oh boy I had this problem. A whole floor of frat kids who took over the landing outside my apartment door for NIGHTLY (yes, even Tuesdays) beer pong that always included loud music, always lasted until 2 am and always resulted in puke and pizza all over the place. I asked them politely twice to turn down the music a little as some of us wanted, oh, I don’t know, things like sleep. They usually laughed, at least one person would call me a #@$#* #*[email protected] (use your imagination) and then ignored. The landlord was useless and one day I decided I’d had it. I left 3 gallons of milk out of the fridge for a day and then poured them all over the floor in the landing. The smell was horrifying, immediately stopped the pong and lasted at least until the end of my lease. Let that be a lesson.

    Never thought I’d smile when I smelled sour milk!


  14. March 27, 2008 at 10:46 pm, Guest said:

    A few months after my 1 year-old son and I moved in my new apartment, a young 20-something man moved in the unit directly below me. Our walls are pretty thick but he had a surround system that he would bump rap music. It was so loud, my livingroom floor was vibrating. At first, I decided to jump up and down and make as much noise as I could-hoping he would get the point. That only worked the first time as it only got louder and more ridiculous. So, I decided go talk to him directly and explain to him that I had a baby, was going to school and needed him to turn down his music. He apologized and turned it down. However, within the course of the next 3 months, I had to return to his apartment several times to ask him to turn down his music (I started documenting every time I went down to speak to him). He would always apologize every time and turn it down immediately. Luckily for me, he was kicked off the premises because he didn’t pay for rent. However, he wasn’t my only problem neighbor. I live right next door to the caretaker. She and her boyfriend are chain smokers and drunks. The hallway always smells like cigarettes and the smell just seeps into my apartment. When they’re drunk, they get verbally abusive and loud. They’ve taken it into the hallway. So I ended up calling the police. However, by the time the cops got there, the caretaker and her boyfriend had already left. I finally saw the boyfriend a few days later when he was sober and coherent and told him they were extremely loud, rude and disruptive. Since then, I haven’t had any problems with them.


  15. March 28, 2008 at 3:05 pm, Guest said:

    I need advise, please! I’ve been living in my current apartment for almost 2 years with insanely loud neighbors on all sides: sharing a wall with 3 screaming children and mother (also screaming) all hours of day and night; a 65lbs. bulldog upstairs that runs around and makes my whole apartment shake; another dog (or maybe the same) that barks up a storm; and last but not least – a community house next door full of unsupervised children going crazy on weekends outside my windows.

    I’ve spoken to the next door neighbor – asking her to keep it down. (She’s still yelling at the kids). I’ve considered calling Children’s Services or the Police. The people upstairs with the bulldog won’t even open the door, so i have to knock on the ceiling. I’ve yelled at the kids outside, called the police and made a noise complaint. Nothing worked.

    On top of that, the building is very old and there’s all sorts of infestation going on. I had to hire pest control out of my own pocket, because the building mngmt co. was uncooperative.

    I’ve had enough and need to get out! But that means i’ll be breaking my lease 5 months yearly.
    What do i do???


  16. March 29, 2008 at 10:41 pm, Guest said:

    Hahaha. nice one!


  17. March 29, 2008 at 10:48 pm, Guest said:

    I guess this is just everyones problem. As the article suggests, that’s apartment living for you.

    My neighbors above were really bad but have toned down a lot same thing with the other comments on this page-surround sound and the heavy base playing….they say he’s supposed some sort of ‘musician’ (who looks like he runs a meth lab)…right. The only good time we have is that he parties a lot so when he leaves we party ourselves by turning the tv on and muting the commercials.


  18. April 02, 2008 at 5:57 am, Guest said:

    If they party late night.They probly work second shift.If they take away your sleep,take away theirs.Noise works both ways.


  19. April 02, 2008 at 6:24 pm, Guest said:

    Ain’t that the truth! I live in a condo and own it and there really isn’t ANYTHING I can do about my obnxious loud stomping upstairs neighbor who hardly ever works, or the guy renting next door that can’t pay his cable bill or even afford to buy the place because he spends $1000’s on computer and hi-fi TV/Stereo equipment instead, and you can imagine the type of noise coming from that side. You have no landlord with ownership, only a management company that basically just takes our monthly fees to keep up the buildings and property. They can’t do anything about noise issues because you can’t exactly ‘evict’ somebody who has a mortgage and owns a condo, like you can with renters. Aaahhhh!!!!


  20. April 03, 2008 at 9:58 am, Guest said:

    Wow…these stories are all to familiar. My boyfriend and I have lived in our 1st floor duplex apt. for 10 years. 2 years ago, 3 college aged girls moved in above us and the party started. We tried talking to them and were told that we are old and lame (I was 30 at the time) and they have a right to party. We called the landlord, and then the police. They finally moved out. We had 3 months of quiet bliss when a couple with a dog moved in above us. Now we listen to the dog at all hours of the day running and jumping in the apt. They moved in 6 months ago and I haven’t slept through the night since they came. They even wake me up with earplugs in. We spoke to them and they were quiet that night but then it just continued the next day. We spoke to the landlord who told us since we complained before that it must be us. She increased our rent and so we are moving out. We have 60 days to be out of our apt. and frankly, I cant wait. Im a little angry that we’ve done nothing wrong and I dont think it’s unreasonable to expect peaceful enjoyment of our home. At the same time, we take care of the 3 acres the house is on so Im anxious to see the entire property go to hell once we are gone….I dont understand why it’s so difficult to be considerate of other people!


  21. April 06, 2008 at 11:22 am, Guest said:

    You are absolutely right! I cannot agree with you more. And doesn’t it always seem that just because you have had to complain twice, that now you are the bad guy? I mean if the landlord had any common sense, S(he) would know that the chances are extremely high, of someone moving in aBove you and being party animals or just a nuisance in some other way, is very high! They seem to outnumber the decent, considerate, peace-loving people BIG TIME ! Too many youngsters being born in this world with no home-training, drug-addicted parents, abusive and non-loving parents, or just people who have no business having kids cause they are still one themselves!! It starts with unwanted pregnancies unfortunately. The truth of the matter is VERY FEW people in this world have respect or consideration for their neighbors – especially in the apartment world. It’s not the same as in a residential neighborhood of houses. Usually you can get huge hints of what the neighbors level of class is according to their lawns, their home, their total surroundings. And when you go to an expensive neighborhood of houses, you usually don’t have a majority of losers living there; as most losers don’t climb the ladder of success that high in life, cause they are just that – losers. Losers don’t care about themselves, much less other people!! But in apartments, OMG there is such a mix. I mean you could have “anybody” from any walk of life living right next to you, above you, below, whatever. There are so many different types of people in apartment complexes. Sometimes the same rule of thumb applies – if you try and live in a super-expensive complex, maybe there won’t be too many losers or low-class A-holes there; but you never know! There is no guarantee. You can’t tell about apt people the way you can a nice residential neighborhood by their lawns, surroundsings. Ya know? Everyone’s home looks the same so you are like………who knows? It’s just sad. It’s ashame the losers don’t stick with the losers and the peaceful, respectable, decent, law-abiding people can’t live in peace and harmony because of it. Decent people have responsibilities that don’t allow them to live the lives of party animals, or maybe they outgrew it when they got out of their teens or 20’s and decided it was time to grow up, or whatever the case may be. It’s sad that some people just never grow up – and the rest of us adults have to endure their wickedness and rudeness because they couldn’t give a damn less what another person thinks or feels. Thank God for karma is all I can say. Thank God that usually people get back what they dish out in life.


  22. April 08, 2008 at 12:14 am, Guest said:

    We have neighbors that really like to fight . . . ALOT! They moved in only three months ago, and we have been over there three times to tell them to keep it down. We have thick walls (thank the lord!) so we can’t hear them yelling and screaming, but we can hear what sounds like banging and jumping, and their poor dogs crying. I sat here the first time and could feel my teak coffee table shaking underneath my feet! So, we heard the usual banging from their apartment, and we went to walk our dog. When we got outside, we could hear the screaming and yelling from their door, and my SO went to the door (which was half open), hearing the guy yelling “Let me go!!” My SO told them both that if this didn’t end now, the next person that will be banging on their door will be the cops! The guy pushes his way past us both, and he’s lucky my dog only snapped at him. The jerk started saying, “I’m sorry we don’t have a perfect life like you!” and “If you weren’t so old, SIR . . .” (my SO’s 34). The first time I went over there, I was pretty nice (at 12:00 a.m.), and the guy apologized. The second time my SO went over there around 11:30 p.m., and he didn’t even say anything when he banged on the door (because they were fighting so loud that they didn’t hear him knocking!). This last time was the last straw, especially with this jerk’s comments. Tomorrow, we go to management to inform them (we’ve kept exact dates/times of occurrences, and recorded the noise from inside our apartment), and start calling law enforcement if they keep it up. What the hell is wrong with people? These idiots seem to think that we’re supposed to be sympathetic to domestic violence, and tolerate it? I don’t think so.


  23. April 11, 2008 at 2:31 pm, Guest said:

    We tried that with our drug dealing, dog urinating on the upstairs balcony and unfortunately they only got worse.


  24. April 11, 2008 at 7:37 pm, Guest said:

    man i can sympathize with all of you guys. my boyfriend and i are in collage and have lived in our first apt. together for almost 2 years. i love our apt. complex – it’s beautiful and the rent is affordable. but many of our neighbors are pigs! on our floor, there’s this young couple with a little girl who runs up and down the hallways screaming and being really loud. this same couple lives kitty-corner to us and uses their corner of the hallway as their own storage area. they leave bags of nasty smelly garbage that stinks up the hallway (that my boyfriend and i have both had to throw away b/c of smell), a vacuum cleaner, a box of shoes, a used litter box, and other misc. shit. i’ve thought of taking the vacuum cleaner to good will because i am soooooooo sick of seeing it!

    think that’s then end of our troubles? well guess again. we live above the apt’s outdoor pool, where thousands of noisy, unsupervised kids come to scream, cry, and act like they are drowning all summer long! it’s unbelievable. we yell down at them, but the kids just look at us like we are crazy and keep on with the insanity. we can’t afford to have the air conditioning on a lot, so we have to open the windows. but even when they’re shut we can still here them.

    finally, there’s the people above them. or shall i say elephants! constant banging, and EXTREMELY LOUD thumping/walking around, back and forth, all day. at least 5 times a day they drop something heavy that makes a loud thump. the worst is very late at night, from 2-3am, when we are awaken by their bullshit. a few months ago, our ceiling/their floor used to creek really bad but we pestered the management into fixing it. the icing on the cake: our balcony is right below their’s and the other day my bf was outside, smoking a cigarette. mr. elephant comes outside and starts to burp and fart loudly without realizing there was someone directly below him. my bf open the door to make some noise and the guy immediately went back inside. yuck yuck yucky pigs

    we’re moving this august and i can’t wait!!!! 4 more months!


  25. May 20, 2008 at 11:11 am, Guest said:

    I live underneath noisey neighbors as well. So I understand completely.It is like living in constant hell. What I don’t understand is people who own condos complain about the neighbors noise, but why would you purchase and spend thousands of dollars on a condo when you could buy a house for the same price? A house where you won’t have to deal with neighbors upstairs or down. You could live in peace and quiet. Obviously condos are usually attached to each other so u normally will hear your neighbors racket. I have no choice but to live in a apartment right now, but you choose to live in a condo.If I had the money to purchase a house,it cetainly won’t be a condo.


  26. June 11, 2008 at 5:35 pm, Guest said:

    I have the misfortune of living underneath the most clueless white trash couple and their maniac son. They moved in almost a year ago and I have not been able to sleep past 6:00 am ever since even on the weekends. Besides flooding my bathroom twice by their “do it yourself” attempt at changing a water tank and then leaking hoses from their washer, they also keep me awake by running their 25 year old ac which they never service. Unfortunately the way the condos are designed their plumbing and wiring go thru my home (they live in the condo above). The unit is on its way out and makes loud sounds both inside and outside my home.

    The absolute worse is their son. I know he is a child but I just cant think nice thoughts when I am woken up 6:00 am on a Sunday morning listening to this little freak jump up and down on the uncarpeted hard wood floors without stop. When that gets boring he then runs back and forth across the floor and slams things on the floor. I have asked nicely, had management company send a letter to no avail. Either they dont care or dont believe they make noise. Finally I got so sick of them I returned the favor and started bouncing tennis balls off my ceiling which culminated in the white trash mother running down the stairs with her kid to bang on my door. Guess I found a way to get my point across


  27. June 15, 2008 at 10:47 am, Guest said:

    my neighbor thinks he is a great drummer. He has a full set of drums that he thumps for hours everyday. He can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to listen to this everyday, or any day. The music is just as horrific.


  28. June 15, 2008 at 2:09 pm, Guest said:

    EXACTLY! I was living in a warehouse loft (rental), then they decided to go condo. It broke my heart, but I had to move. There was no way in this world I was going to BUY space between strangers! That will never make sense to me!
    But be aware that living in a house doesn’t mean you’ll have peace and quiet, either. They build houses just feet apart now and you can still hear your trashy, ignorant neighbors. Not to mention there will be turf wars when they and their kids keep trespassing on your property. 🙁
    Bad neighbors suck no matter where you live.


  29. June 19, 2008 at 6:02 pm, Guest said:

    “Call the cops” is all well and good but the cops take up to 45 minutes to get there and then don’t do more than say “you’re bothering your neighbor; keep it down” which works only until the cops leave the block. After that it’s worse. You property managers need to come over to the home of the person complaining, since often because of the way the building is built, it’s only one person who is disturbed, even if it’s the middle of the night, hear for yourself what is going on and then stand in the hall watching while the idiot noise makers pack up their stuff and leave the state. I know you can’t just throw people out based on one complaint but you can’t wait around for police reports or calls from 3 or 4 other neighbors that may not be possible. Stop putting your customers through hell just so you can make a profit!!!


  30. July 15, 2008 at 6:23 pm, Guest said:

    Wow, I am not alone!!! The girl above me moved her pillhead b/f into her apartment,off the lease, of course, and life has been hell ever since. It was bad enough her 50 lb. dog running back and forth, but the trash he brought with him wasout of the twilight zone. I have found both puke and piss on my patio. I have been to the office on numerous occasions andtold them this loser is there off of the lease, but they have told me that it cannot be proven rather he is a resident or a guest. Is this grounds for me to break my lease? Some one please tell me. If I turn my stereo on her non leasing b/f either stomps on the ceiling or comes down banging on my door. I put up with it until he called the police on my son for playing the stereo. The office called a meeting and said that I could move on the property. I told them to stick it in their ass, that I wanted nothing less than out of the lease, that they were knowingly allowing her to have that jerk-off living there which was a violation of the lease, so as far as I was concerned was a breach of my lease. Wish me luck. Peace.


  31. July 28, 2008 at 8:01 pm, Guest said:

    not as easy as you say little one. my next door neighbor complained to his upstairs noise maker and yes!!!! he got shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. August 04, 2008 at 8:27 pm, Guest said:

    i have neighbors above me and below me . we live in a 3 family house . the people upstairs are completly insane . its this 250 lb black guy and his japanese fling . for the past 2 weeks , he has been drilling screws into something on the floor in the same spot . every 8 minutes , 1 screw , and i can hear it clearly . it pisses me off when i have company . same spot yes . from 7 am – 930 pm everynite . i guess he only stops for weed breaks . cause thats all i smell in the hallway . and like other people mentioned , they drop heavy shit 10 times a day , different hours . its like thats all the think about its to piss me off . losers . and the worst is when i get pissed , i resort to my ” beef ender ” . the beef ender is a 2500 thx sub , oba 2500 watts of bass , and 2200 watts surround . my system flexes the doors and wallas , windows. i bump it for 30 seconds . 153db . everyone on 3rd and 1st floor stop and drop . no more noise for the nite . think again . 3am. 4am . these fuckers are in love with me . i go and take a shit . bam , walikng above me . am i in a seceret series of big brother? wtf . and they have busted cars . all 3 of thier cars would pay for my rims . anyhow . not here to hate . these are the worst human beings on earth . period. plain and simple . they dont deserve to live . seriously . i hate them . i flipped out on the black guy once . im not exactly large . im white so id get knocked out . plus he has a 100 lbs at least on me . bambocoon . fucker . why was i born with supersonic ears . ps . i know u stole my si mag u prick . i have cams outside . go fuck off …………………….somewhere in connecticut . to be continued , at some point


  33. August 12, 2008 at 11:21 pm, Guest said:

    Wow–I thought we were the only ones who’d had drug dealers with a dog (which they had in violation of the apt. policies) who peed on the balcony above us! Fortunately, we got rid of them–finally–after 5 months and 24 letters to management plus bringing in our lawyer. The problem now is that these scumbags completely ruined the floor (our ceiling)–it already creaked and cracked like rifle fire, but after Big Bertha and her drug-dealing boyfriend, it’s 1000 times worse. Now, they are re-habing the place to move someone else in. They are supposed to fix the floor before they lay the carpet. We’ll see. I really hope we’re not in for it again!


  34. August 12, 2008 at 11:28 pm, Guest said:

    Um…except that the dispatchers (at least around here) point blank tell when you call 911 that the cops don’t come out for noise complaints, and that it’s a management issue. They only come out if you tell them there is a fight going on. Calling the cops is USELESS for noise complaints in an apartment!


  35. September 03, 2008 at 3:34 am, Guest said:

    I can hear my neighbor shitting himself on the toilet. Then he starts sobbing…


  36. October 28, 2008 at 2:17 pm, Anonymous said:

    I’m not sure who wrote this, but if you’re going to announce to the world that you’re a college student (not collage student, unless your attending school specifically to study patchwork), I would make sure to spell “college” correctly. I would also remember to capitalize the appropriate words, such as “August”, and “Mr.”. Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling usually helps get your point across in more serious manner. I’m not trying to be the “Grammar Police”, but my interest in this post fell about 90% after reading “in collage”.


  37. November 02, 2008 at 7:20 pm, Guest said:

    I am going through it too. Boys in their early 20s moved into the next door apartment two weeks ago and have people over almost every night/day. They smoke pot and play loud music and also keep their front door open, like it’s an open house party. Both nights of the weekend they have parties with loud music, yelling and pot smoking. I knocked on their door one night at 11:30 PM on a Wednesday night because I have to work a very stressful high level job and need to be well rested for work. Also, other people in the building have to work early in the morning. The guy was so nice and sweet and ok’d me to death. Well days later the same thing, at least they quieted down by 11 PM, but still partying strong on the weekends. The landlord told them that they didn’t want any noise or parties in the building. So hopefully they will stop it. If they want to “party all the time”, (which by the way I have been singing to myself for days now) go live where other frat boys live, not a home with business professionals in a family neighborhood. Luckly and thankfully, the landlord is all for peace and quiet so we’ll see what happens.


  38. November 06, 2008 at 8:07 pm, Guest said:

    Sounds like you have the same neighbors that I do! I live in a 3 story apartment building & the people who moved in above me are HORRIBLE! Constantly running their vacuum cleaner at all hours of the night & day, kid running all over the apartment, stomping, pounding, throwing stuff to the floor all night long, loud pounding, loud tv. These people can’t walk across their floors quietly, they have to STOMP. They let their bratty kid stay up all night. I am forced to sleep with ear plugs every night & sometimes there’s so much noise that the ear plugs don’t even help. I have complained to the office manager but she won’t do anything. She told me to move if I’m unhappy here! I’ve lived here for over 5 years so why should I have to move? I’ve called the police but these nutcases won’t answer their door when they see who it is. I’m at my wits end & don’t know what to do! I’ve been seriously considering hiring a hitman to help me out….


  39. November 24, 2008 at 9:39 am, Guest said:

    I have the same problem with a family (from another country) above me and their kid, stomping, running, jumping. The landlord will do nothing, so my only option now is banging back with the broom handle. Tennis balls sounds like a better idea. It is sad you cannot even look forward to going home after work


  40. December 24, 2008 at 3:10 am, Guest said:

    i live above the most anoying person ever shes all ways banging or slaming the door turning up the radio an she has got the other older lady down stairs that call her when the cops are coming she got a scanner sucks to be me dont ever move around patty webb she will ruin your whole renting exp loud anyoing an very fugly her boy freind is just as bad if she out hes making all the noise


  41. December 30, 2008 at 10:16 am, Guest said:

    When choosing an apartment…everyone WANTS to live on the ground floor. However, there is a price you pay for the convenience of not having to carry everything up a flight of stairs. The price? Noisy neighbors. There is really nothing the landlord CAN do regarding this except send out complaint letters. Do you realize how hard it is to evict someone due to noise complaints. Well, it’s harder than say, not paying the rent. Anyway…whats sad is that all of these comments are written by people being violated not the violators. You could suggest to the noisy neighbors that they should get some cork board, and line the area behind the stereo and speakers. This will absorb some of the noise. I always say, if I can hear your noise standing outside your door, you’re too loud. This is the standard that the police use. Most every city/state has noise ordinances that prohibit these disturbances to occur. Keep calling the police and they WILL stop, espescially the pot smokers!!! lol


  42. February 22, 2009 at 7:59 pm, Jody Barnes said:

    I moved to a new apartment 2 months ago because the former upstairs drove me out because they were loud 24/7. Talking to the landlord did not good/they hid when the police went to their door. The day I moved here, the noise began. I was assured I would have the peace and quiet I wanted and so deserve . NOT! There is one person’s name on the lease and on the average 8 -10 people are here each nigh. A constant flow of cars come and go and sit with people in them and the motors running/ the gal says her brother is staying….hmmmm how come they get up at 3 am and fight like a couple? Her four grandkids are always here/yelling/screaming/pouding on the floor/ her daughter is there too with 3 friends, a couple more kids and 2 dogs that we are not even supposed to have. Is there no justice for the people who obey the lease and just want to sleep at night?


  43. April 04, 2009 at 2:34 pm, Guest said:

    As a property manager, I can assure you that many of us take noise complaints very seriously. At my community, the first thing you’ll hear from me, if you call in a noise complaint, is an apology on behalf of myself and the property. You pay just as much rent as the noisy person and you’re rights to quiet enjoyment should not be violated. My second response is to call the offending resident and, if this is their first offense, send them a courtesy warning. Multiple offenses HAVE lead to evictions at my property and I have no qualms about personally knocking on people’s doors and telling them to keep it down. Residents frequently do not consider their neighbors when they have guests, so here are a few guidelines that I adhere to: 1) 10-15 guests in my largest apartment (1300 square feet) is the most I will tolerate. 2) If your party spills into the hallway, balcony (it’s exposed and others can hear your noise clearly), or outsite, you will receive a severe violation. 3) Weekday parties are unacceptable, as are any loud noises after 11 pm on weeknights. 4) Evidence of your party MUST be removed from the property immediatly. Should I find beer bottles outside, even if it’s at 7 am and you are still hung-over in bed, I will be sending you a violation. Finally, I adhere to the 3 violation policy: 3 violations and you will be asked to leave my property. In this economy, I can’t afford to clean out a building of decent well-meaning residents for one group of residents who enjoy being loud. These rules may seem strict to you, and if they do I strongly urge you to rent a house, you may not be apartment community material. Apartments have people living above, below and around them. The enjoyment of others must be observed in such close living quarters.


  44. April 23, 2009 at 1:36 pm, Michelle said:

    I think that I have some of the worst neighbors ever!!! I’ve followed all of the steps that were required and now, I’m just ready to leave. I was wondering about my rights as a tenant now I see.

    My nieghbors are the worst!!! My wall are so thin I have to hear them do the do (S**) every night around the same time. And thye are so loud (with the noise making) I thought he was trying to kill her one night!!! I’ve tried everything to drowned them out, nothing’s working!!! It’s effect my lively hood. I’ve been fallen asleep at my desk and even behind the wheel!!!! Something’s has got to be done!!!


  45. April 23, 2009 at 1:41 pm, Anonymous said:

    I have the worst of luck. I have noisy people downstairs and upstairs and i’m sensitive to noise!
    The downstairs tenant will blast his music at all hours of the night. I told him once that the noise was too much, and he rudely responded that “he pays rent”. I got really mad and told him that i too pay rent and want peace and quiet. The guy just said i needed to move. That piece of s**t. I yelled at him that i was going to call the police. He continued with his noise and i called the police, but they just gave him a warning.Ahhg why can i get any peace? Now the upstairs monsters also like f*****g loud ass music. They played this Salsa music that makes me crazy. Why can those people understand that if you want to play loud nasty music, either rent a club or buy a house? Those people are just low class. They do not have any consideration for their neighbors. I am so mad at them that i have dreams where i see them falling down the stairs and breaking their limbs, hahaha. I know is crazy, i contacted management and they are no help. I also thought of buying a big stereo system and blast them with heavy metal, but then i would bother my next door neighbor who is nice, and spend money that i need for food and stuff. I am thinking i am going to have to break my lease. My nerves can not take it anymore. Good luck to everyone!


  46. May 18, 2009 at 7:41 pm, Anonymous said:

    Several of us that live in the same building have gone to the office and complained about our party boys from down stairs. That not only party up to 4 days a week but they have extra people living there. Nothing has been done buy the Managers so now we will start calling the police. The people in the office are at a point of lazyness by doing nothing, so sad.


  47. May 20, 2009 at 2:46 pm, J. Jones said:

    While working way thru seriously user unfriendly courthouse in Washington, D.C. to check on lawsuit the government filed against Sharlon Williams and bunch of other landlords for failure to properly repair apartment, I learned of a lawsuit in D.C. where jury awarded damages against landlords (Nancy Itteilag and another Itteilag] and several tenants whose nighttime noises were extreme. I plan to quickly try to get additional details so I can be fair to all sides. Will post more here and elsewhere if and when I have more.


  48. May 29, 2009 at 12:20 pm, Guest said:

    This day in age, you can’t confront people like back in the 50’s and expect a good response. People just suck now adays, you will not get a good response. Disrespecting people just want to fight or ignore you. Bottom line is people don’t care about others now adays.


  49. June 21, 2009 at 9:43 pm, Anonymous said:

    I lived next to a single mom with 4 kids that were from Mexico. From 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. there was non stop heart wrenching screaming from the kids and the mother. However I played rap as loud as I wanted 24/7 and also have the tendency to, in my drug addled state, go out to my truck and start it and just rev the engine just to hear the straight pipes.

    But it was cool because the lady constantly apologized for being loud and we came to the agreement that we’d both be loud as we want. We just had to tolerate it.

    And I did. It was irritating sometimes when I was trying to sit and sink into my own misery in silence that I’d hear someones mother screaming bloody murder. I would just turn the stereo on just enough to drown out their noise and get over it.


  50. June 21, 2009 at 9:45 pm, Jimbo said:

    I lived next to a single mom with 4 kids that were from Mexico. From 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. there was non stop heart wrenching screaming from the kids and the mother. However I played rap as loud as I wanted 24/7 and also have the tendency to, in my drug addled state, go out to my truck and start it and just rev the engine just to hear the straight pipes.

    But it was cool because the lady constantly apologized for being loud and we came to the agreement that we’d both be loud as we want. We just had to tolerate it.

    And I did. It was irritating sometimes when I was trying to sit and sink into my own misery in silence that I’d hear someones mother screaming bloody murder. I would just turn the stereo on just enough to drown out their noise and get over it.


  51. May 17, 2011 at 3:15 pm, j.jones said:

    A small group including myself has been searching for ways people can deal with noisy neighbors in the District of Columbia. Initially we were impressed with a lawsuit brought by the District against a group of landlords who had done a lot of rotten things against their tenants. This lawsuit was settled before it went very far. We looked at a proposed law to let tenants sue in landlord tenant court, but judges there objected to the increased workload. We were running out of measures. We ran across a lawsuit by a private citizen against neighboring tenants and their landlord. The court ordered an end to the noise. and later a jury found the landlord and tenants guilty of harming the rights of the neighbor both negligently and intentionally!! We posted about this starting in 2009 and continuing since then at several sites including;;;landlord/, and, around May 20, 2009, on

    Success made lawsuit look important to us so we dug deep into the records such as testimony under oath before and during time people were before the judge and jury. We were shocked by what we found about the landlord who was Ms. Nancy Itteilag. The nighttime noises of her tenants were frequent and unreasonable, more than enough to be easily heard in houses on both sides and awaken occupants there usually several times a night and on nearly every night.

    A person with long experience in managing rented housing in D.C. was treated by the court as an expert and gave strong testimony against the landlord. The key point of this post is to tell other people being harmed by noisy tenants in nearby housing about what the expert said a landlord can and should do. The landlord must investigate complaints about noise immediately and fully. The evidence was that Ms. Itteilag failed to make reasonable efforts to investigate. After the guy who brought the lawsuit complained, Ms. Itteilag did not check his complaints with the guy living on the other side of her house, his testimony was that he and his very elderly and ill mother were frequently awakened by the noise from Ms. Itteilag’s tenants, but he kept trying hard to get along with her tenants and thus suffered in silence but would have gladly substantiated the complaints from the guy on the other side. The expert told the jury that when there is reason to think tenants are disturbing neighbors the landlord should tell the tenants that this is against terms of the lease, she should give formal written notice to the tenants to correct the situation or vacate the premises. If that does not work she should serve a notice of eviction on the tenants. There was a lot of evidence that Ms. Itteilag had taken none of these steps. The opposite: one of her tenants said under oath that she had urged her tenants to have more parties and to ignore complaints.

    The jury did not believe any of the defenses thrown up by Ms. Itteilag and her tenants. The jury thought Ms. Itteilag’s testimony on several facts was false and there was evidence that in preliminary testimony not before the jury she had said the opposite on several facts. There was similar self-contradictory testimony by some of her tenants, but not seriously as for Ms. Itteilag.

    The jury decided that Ms. Itteilag and her tenants should pay money for their damage. The money picked by the jury was not large. The pivot was the jury didn’t want to put boulders on the backs of the tenants who were college students. The court told the jury they had to make a single award against both the landlord and tenants. Otherwise an award of six or seven figures against Ms. Itteilag seems probable.

    Most cities and states probably have laws to hold landlords and tenants guilty for negligent or intentionally harming neighbors by unreasonable noise. The process takes time and effort but we want to pass the word that the effort can succeed.

    There was proof here that Ms. Itteilag wanted to buy the houses of each side of the one she already owned which makes her look worse. But every landlord has to take the steps like those in the 3d paragraph of this post. We hope readers can and will make use of this.

    We will be posting info on sites about tenants as well as about landlords.

    Questions: email to [email protected]


  52. June 27, 2011 at 1:55 am, Anonymous said:

    Hi everyone, Im dealing with these people who live right next door to me. they were very quit until about a week ago. sence then have havd a party every day. I talked the the renter one day my mom was going to stay over. I simpily asked then to try to keep it down because my mom was going to be sleeping right on the other side of their wall, needless to say that they were not quite, i told the guy the next day he was very rude and he should be ashmed oof himself. he replied “what can I say I have alot of friends” I was so mad i just walked away. lastnight was worst of all they had at least 12 people in a small 1 bedroom apartment with the back door and windows open, they were fighting, they had a gilr wearing nothing but a small tank top running up and down the halls and out in the parking lot, it did not even cover her private parts. She ran down the hall screaming so i went out there to say somthing I just said “dont tell me you all are going to be partying all night again” but he took it as an act of war, he came at me as if he war going to attack me…. I was not going to back down, it was not even the guy who lived there! so I came at him aswell, his friend steped between us and calmed him friend down.. I am not a violant person but im very upset by the point, it ended with me just saying “dude show some respect I have to work early in the morning” he said on a sunday!? we will try to keep it down.. not long after this him and the girl left and the party kept going but with the loadest of them out. I worked a late shift today and was dreding all day having to come home and seeing them party again… sure enough when I got home there was like 10 people standing on his little porch! (my parking spot is prettymuch directly in front of their porch) Its hot today and my wife is trying to sleep, we have all the windows and doors closed and a tv on a music channel so that she can sleep.. ITS SO HOT IN OUR APARTMENT but at lease my wife is sleeping with a big fan facing her. so im sitting here thinking what do I want to do so I looked this up read what people had to say and called the police! they have not arived yet but I hope that it stops there party so I can open the windows and go to bed because i cannot sleep when its really really hot! thanks for reading and have a great night…. hope it makes sence….


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