Tips for Handling Landlord Disputes

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Your living situation is a disaster: the sink has been leaking for months and nobody will repair it, and the heater is on the fritz, so you spend your days alternating between blankets and bikinis. Your landlord has been totally unresponsive to your verbal and written requests for repairs. Or maybe your landlord has served you with an eviction notice even though you don’t think you deserve it, since you pay your rent on time and keep things reasonably clean. What can you do? This article covers some of the ways in which you can legally dispute your landlord’s actions (or failure to act).

Repair Requests

If your landlord has failed to respond to repeated requests for repairs, you may be able to have a local building inspector determine whether the un-repaired problems certify your apartment “uninhabitable.” If the condition of your apartment can be described in this way, you might want to consult an attorney or legal aid for information about breaking your lease or withholding rent until repairs are made. You may even be able to have your landlord arrested for negligence if the state of your apartment is certifiably dangerous to your health and well-being.

Before taking action against your landlord, be sure that the repairs in question are the responsibility of your landlord to conduct–if the damage resulted from your own destructive activities or negligence, the landlord is not required to pay to fix it. You’ll also need to make sure that you made documentable written requests for the repairs in question, so take care to make these requests and keep dated copies.

Withholding Rent

Withholding rent is a last resort in “resolving” landlord problems, as it leaves you open to being evicted if you don’t proceed carefully. Be sure to verify the legality of withholding rent before beginning to do so, as you don’t want to be evicted for withholding rent if you only did so in response to uninhabitable conditions caused by your landlord. Withholding rent is usually best done with the aid of an escrow account, managed by your local court, to which you pay your rent in lieu of giving funds to your landlord. This way, the money is clearly available to the landlord as soon as the desired actions are taken.

You need to notify your landlord in writing of your intent to withhold rent, and explain your reasons for doing so. It may be helpful to include proof of your apartment’s need for repairs (you do have pictures, right?) and your previous requests that the landlord make those repairs (you did make previous requests, right?). (If the answer to either of those parenthetical questions is “no,” you have some work to do before you can think about withholding rent.) When you notify your landlord of your intent to withhold, you need to specify your reasons for withholding rent, what you want your landlord to do to rectify the situation, and how long you intend to withhold payments. Be aware that withholding rent is not an appropriate action to take if you simply don’t have the funds

Fighting Eviction

You can refer to our previous article on fighting eviction for more information on this topic. As always, keep careful records and research your legal rights and restrictions before taking action. You’ll need to be able to prove that your landlord is attempting to evict you for untenable reasons, or defend yourself for taking the actions prompting eviction. For example, if you’ve withheld rent, you’ll need to back up your reasons for doing so and prove that you notified your landlord of your intent and justification for taking this step. If your landlord claims you’ve caused damage to the apartment, but that damage was actually the result of your landlord’s failure to make repairs, you’ll also have to prove this in court.

Landlord-tenant disputes can become extremely tendentious and drawn-out legal fights. Keep this from happening by addressing issues immediately, both orally and in writing, and keeping careful records of all the communication that transpires between you and your landlord. Know your rights and perform your responsibilities, and address tiny problems before they get out of hand.

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  1. April 13, 2006 at 2:33 pm, Guest said:

    The owner raised my rent $100 more a month. Can that happen, I live on 2204 Granger Ave, National city, ca 91950?


  2. April 17, 2006 at 10:20 pm, Guest said:

    I live in yakima, washington. My landlord turned off the heat for four months of the year for 22 years. I asked for the heat to be turned on because I WAS TOO COLD AND I was told to put on a sweater. Is this legaL


  3. April 19, 2006 at 10:42 am, Guest said:

    My husband and I have been living in our apartment since June of 2005. Around mid-March, I decided I wanted to spruce up our balcony for summer by hanging up white lattices on each side (not attached to property…just hung on hooks. My husband has skin cancer, so I put a white outdoor shade in the middle. On the rail, I put potted flowers and also additional ones on plant stands on the floor of the balcony. We already had patio chairs, table and an outdoor carpet. It looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens and we have gotten many compliments on it. We received a notice from the office that only “aesthetic” decor is allowed on the balconies and that our lattices and shades would have to be removed or our lease will not be renewed at the end of May. Ordinarilly, I would comply with reasonable requests from the leasing staff, but I found theirs to be totally unwarranted, so I refused to take the items down, and sure enough, we received notice of their intent to not renew our lease. Just for the record, our rent is in their office by the first of each month and we have been “model” tenants. My husband is 71 and I am 58.


  4. April 23, 2006 at 6:31 pm, Guest said:

    iam currently living with a roommate and her fiance had just moved in. That was fine. Then, they brought over his bestfriend to stay in the living room for a couple weeks which then turned into one month. my roommate and i are on the lease. they are now wanting to evict us because her fiance and her friend are here. She said it was violating our lease. can i be evicted as well even though i had no control of who was here at the house. I asked them if they could ask the two to leave they said no becuase their belongings were in the apartment but then i couldn’t have them there. it doesn’t make sense what can we do?


  5. May 04, 2006 at 8:38 pm, Guest said:

    I am having severe noise problems with the building manager, who lives in the apartment below me, and he has been the offender. Direct methods of addressing the problem have been ineffective. I have been corresponding with the property management company to try to reach a solution. Is there anything else I can do?


  6. May 16, 2006 at 3:21 pm, Guest said:

    my landlord constantly comes in my apartment and he is trying to make it look like i moved out without telling him what can i do


  7. May 24, 2006 at 4:43 pm, Guest said:

    i have ants in my apartment. from the day we moved in(after we signed a lease) they were in our kitchen and bathrooms. we cannot use our kitchen to cook b/k there are ants in our appaliances, including the dishwasher. its so sick! i really loved the apartment but this is rediculous. our managenet just keeps saying they will have someone come and spray it and that should solve the problem. it doesnt. ants dont just go away. if you live in a place with ants there will always be ants there! we told them we want to break our lease but theres a fine of a full months rent to do that! we already paid our 1st month, plus the deposit(which is = to a months rent because of our new creadit). i will not pay that much to live with ants for one month. someone please help. tell me what i can do. may 06


  8. June 01, 2006 at 4:36 pm, Guest said:

    We have been living in an apartment building for over 5 years without any problems untill about a year ago. The orginal owners sold the apartment complex. New owners are very iresponsible they dont fix any of the problems the apartments usually have. For example I’ve been waiting for about 7 months for them to come fix my bathroom ceiling because the upstairs neighbor had a leak in their bathroom. Our bathroom cealing part of it felt off, the rest is moldy. There’s growing mold on your ceiling/wall. I have called them over 5 times and they never came to fix anything. Does anyone know who to complaint about unsafe living conditions, or unheathly???
    Everyone is moving out because the owners rescently about 5 months ago left a renter in “charge” or atleast thats what he told us. He keeps harrasing everyone who lives here. He left a few nasty notes on our car saying rude things treating us that he works for the “sherriff department” (he does’t). When he sees me he keeps harrasing me we already told him not to talk to us and he keeps trying to start problems again. Rent is due on the 1st of every month he keeps sending us notes probrably around the 20th-28th saying we are already late on our rent.
    Recently he spys on everyone, we have a laundry mat and he keeps messing with our clothes. For example: some one had forgotten their load of laundry in one of the washers for over two weeks I was drying my laundry he took out some of my laundry from one machine and mixed my clothes that was drying with the smelly rotten clothes that was left for over two weeks without drying.He keeps messing with the machines when people are doing their laundry.
    He keeps making new rules like that we have to pay 25 more a month if you own a pet, making us pay 100 of pet deposit, he keeps saying in our lease it says pets are not allowed unless we put a deposit. Which is untrue because we havent signed a least with them last time we signed a lease was 3-4 years ago with the old owners so they have no way of knowing if we already paid for our deposit or not. I refuse to pay that because they dont even treat the lawn with bug repelant or something I rather spent that 25 dollars on buying my dog flee medicine because they refuse to do anything about their nasty lawn. Its summer time here in texas most of this days have been over 90 close to 100 they are millions of flies on the lawn. All the foset leak, everyones bathroom ceiling is falling apart and ceiling down about to fall on people everyone complains and they still havent done anything at all. Every apartment has growing black mold, which i’ve heard is unsafe. When we moved to this apartment they gaved us the apartment dirty so we had to clean it our selves. The other apartment had a very bad leak all of a suden and was about to ruin all our stuff. The worse thing is that the person who’s in charge of the maintane gets all the blame the apartment owners refuse to give any money to the maintance guy to fix things around here they want him to pay for everything which is awful because they dont even pay him he just lives here for free rent. He has a second job to be able to support him and 3+ other kids he’s taking care of because their mother died. The so call “manager” keeps following me around while I walk my dog outside to see if im doing anything wrong, he sent a note saying that we have to pick up our dog poop which I have no problem with but no one else does it so I dont see why I should because who knows if im picking up my dog poop or some other dog since theres so many poop everywhere.He said on the note that people are watching us and we are going to get a fine if we dont pick our dog poop. He keeps bothing this other neighbors who rescue a stray dog and she had puppy all of a sudent gaved them a week notice to get rid of all the puppies which is very cruel because new borns need their mothers.Everyone is leaving and I dont know if I should move or stay or I dont know how to get rid of this guy. He also harrases male visitors because he’s gay he keeps trying to sleep with them. Which is very emberrasing to have some one visit you and here comes the gay guy trying to get in their pants. Please does anyone know some where were I can file a complaint or get the city to come and inspect the apartments. When we plug in our heater on the winter some of our rooms electricity goes out i’ve heard that can cause a fire.. Any help would be very appreciated thank you.


  9. June 13, 2006 at 1:22 pm, Guest said:

    i live in tennessee, i have moved here from texas and the current apartment complex i live in noone will fix anything and the managment is rude. my upstairs toliet has been broken and unable to flush since day 1, so on june 9th i gave the managment an email that i was giving 30 days notice. the managment informed me that i must do this on only the first of the month. i refuse to pay them squat. what are my rights? it states nothing in the lease about the first of the month 30 day notice.


  10. June 20, 2006 at 10:14 am, Guest said:

    I moved into my apartment 2 months ago..I have no dead bolt in the front door, the windows dont lock so someone can just come through the front window and take a lot of things I have in my apartment…I dont know what to do…I have a place to move to should I move and am I financially responsible for breaking the lease since my apartment is so not safe to have things here….what should I do


  11. June 23, 2006 at 4:02 pm, Guest said:

    My fiance and I enterd an apartment with no lease, and we were allowed to have a dog, they do not have real gate where a dog can get out of, its a piece of a gate and a bungie cord… my dog got out and i got a summons, we got a chain to keep him in, and now the landlord is telling us we have to get him out NOW. hes my dog and its hard for people who were allowed to have a dog, and just get rid of him, hes not an object hes my family.. what should i do [email protected]


  12. June 23, 2006 at 9:25 pm, Guest said:

    Request that the manager gives the first of the month 30 day notice to you in writing if he refuses to do this or is unable because it doesnt exist then you have legal grounds to go to court in the first case and in the second case if its not in writing somewhere there is no policy on it but read your lease carefully about early termination there may be large fees or other obsticles on your way to voiding your lease.

    oh and be sure to keep records of the email you sent him about your 30 day notice


  13. July 05, 2006 at 1:37 pm, Guest said:

    The person upstairs flooded my apt I have had the ceiling ripped out of my bathroom, and the tub is not usable whatsoever for the last 4 days. I have carpet and molding damage. I had to rewash everything in my closet and it even soaked thru to my bed. What do I do??


  14. July 07, 2006 at 5:37 am, Guest said:

    I caught my landlord and his wife, on video, going throught my personal items (precscriptions bottles in the bathroom). I’ve spoken with a lawyer who reccomended I file a police report. I have done this, the charge, if I move forward is criminal tressspassing punishable by 30 days in jail and a fine. I would like to keep this out of court and mediate my own settlement but fear couter charges of blackmail…etc. & dont have the desire to enter into a long drawn out court case. Are there advocacy groups that can help? I would like to make sure that his actions are on reccord for potential future renters, or potentially revoke his right to rent again based on his criminal actions. Is there anything I can do other than continue to pay my lawyer $150/hr to “help me”? [email protected]


  15. July 14, 2006 at 4:41 am, Guest said:

    I live in Missouri, my husband, myself and our 17 year old son have been living in our apartment for almost 9 years. We just signed a new lease in May and the landlord made an error on the lease giving us a reduction in rent because of the error. The lease was signed by the time they noticed their error so it was too late for them to do anything about changing it. Well about a week ago a maintenace guy came in and said the person downstairs complained of a leak coming from our apartment. He check the kitchen sink and then went into the bathroom (which at the time was admittedly dirty, my son slacked on his chore)and found no leak. the next day he came by again and only looked under the kitchen sink, still no leak. The next day 3 maintenance guys came in and finally checked the dishwasher and there was a slow leak (they did not go into the bathroom ). They disconnected or dishwasher and a pipe from under the kitchen sink and said they’d be back that day to fix it, they never showed. Well finally after 3 days of calling someone finally showed up he said he couldn’t fix it and would send someone else in a half an hour. No one showed, instead when I was walking out of our apartment that evening I found a letter attached to my door stating that our apartment was uninhabitable (the actual wording said it was inhabitable but, I understood what they meant) and that we had 30 days to leave or we would be evicted. The only time they went into the bathroom was that first day and only one person went in. My son had cleaned the bathroom since then, I talked the landlord and she said that she had complaints that our apartment was “gross”, I asked what was gross and the only thing she said was the bathroom. I let her know that it was clean and she said she would come up and do a walkthru. That was yesterday. They also finally came up yesterday and fixed my kitchen sink and my dishwasher (after 4 days without running water in the kitchen). She never came up even though I know she was walking the property yesterday. I talked to a lawyer and he said the only thing he could do at this point is write them a nasty letter to maybe get them to back off. I guess what I need is some feedback about what to do about this situation to remedy it without having to go through the eviction.


  16. July 17, 2006 at 4:33 pm, Guest said:

    Check into your local housing codes. Contact the city or county code enforcement department and have them do an inspection (it’s free.) It’s illegal to rent an apartment without locks on the windows and doors.


  17. July 17, 2006 at 4:35 pm, Guest said:

    Unfortunatly you do not have a lease to protect you. Your landlord can evict you for having pets unless you have in writting that you are allowed to.


  18. July 17, 2006 at 4:36 pm, Guest said:

    Make sure you look into the legallity of witholding rent. In Ohio you have to use escrow services or you can be evicted.


  19. July 17, 2006 at 4:38 pm, Guest said:

    I believe they have to take care of pests in every state. Look into putting your rent into escrow until they fix it!


  20. July 17, 2006 at 4:38 pm, Guest said:

    That’s called criminal tresspassing. File a police report.


  21. July 17, 2006 at 4:41 pm, Guest said:

    No it’s not legal in any way shape or form.


  22. July 17, 2006 at 4:42 pm, Guest said:

    It is illegal to raise the rent while you are in a lease UNLESS it specifically gives the landlord permission to do so in that lease. If you do not have a lease he can raise it however much he wants. He can also raise the rest when you renew your lease.


  23. July 18, 2006 at 10:21 pm, Guest said:

    I have been living in my apartment for abut 7 months. The other day there was a storm and my bathroom window fell in. Trying to fix it, I realized, 1. the window will not stay in place, nor can it be put up, and 2. the lock doesnt work. I went around and half our windows do not lock. We also were not told of two fire escapes, ( we live on the 2nd and 3rd floor) I was told two escapes are needed by law?? Is it legal for us to be renting this apartment, What should I do?? Thanks.


  24. July 26, 2006 at 10:44 pm, Guest said:

    I live in Washington state and have a lease that runs until April 2007. I just received a letter saying they are changing to a no pet policy on September 1st even though my lease provides for pets and I paid a pet deposit (my dog died last year). I was planning on getting a dog next month – can they impose this no pet rule in the middle of my lease?


  25. July 27, 2006 at 12:24 pm, Guest said:

    I can sympathize our landlord and mistress moved into our house. They are refusing to leave, so we contacted both police and legal aid. However, your landlord is abusing your right to privacy and you can get legal help to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


  26. July 29, 2006 at 7:53 am, Guest said:

    I live in ohio. Is my landlord allowed to look through my windows with my knowledge?


  27. July 31, 2006 at 7:41 pm, Guest said:

    1st and farmost, get the hell out of that apartment. you do not need to be there especially with black mold. that stuff can kill you or make you very sick. you need to call the city/county you live in and tell them what all is going on and get them to come out and inspect the properties of everyone that lives there. make sure you write back and let us know what happens.


  28. August 03, 2006 at 4:47 pm, Guest said:

    You need to contact the health department in your county. Make sure to take pictures and document each time you call and what they tell you.


  29. August 07, 2006 at 5:30 pm, Guest said:

    My husband and daughter just moved in about 2 months ago,and we are having problems when it rains. Our ceiling in the kitchen leaks and the hallway between our two rooms the ceiling leaks right where the ac is located,and now we have what seems to be mold coming out on the wall next to the ac vents. I’ve complained about the leaks in ceiling they left a letter attached to my door stating they fixed it but it still leaks now the black spots coming from the vents. What should we do?


  30. August 17, 2006 at 4:21 pm, Guest said:

    A flyer was put on all apartment doors, I finally got time to read it, and to my suprise, in the letter it states that apartment manager stated that she and someone else will start replacing the ac filter and she will do inspections on cleanliness. I dont think so, My husband and I change our own filter, and I sure dont need her to check to see if Im cleaning my town home. What should I do? I dont like this one bit. In other words, she needs to keep her nosey self out of my house.


  31. August 19, 2006 at 1:33 pm, Guest said:

    Your question makes makes no sense.


  32. August 20, 2006 at 12:27 pm, Guest said:

    I would take pictures of everthing and give the landlord/property manager another chance to fix things. Mold is very serious which State Housing can shut the place down util fixed. I would also start looking for another place to live as another alternative because you don’t want to breathe the Mold it leads to extremem lung conditions and even death.


  33. August 20, 2006 at 1:51 pm, Guest said:

    My husband and I are moving out of a house we have rented for 9 months. After giving our landlord our 30 day notice, we discussed policy on showing the house for potential renters. I told him that I wanted at least a 30 minute notice. This morning he knocks and nobody answered and just walked in. My husband had just woke up and was on the computer, and like most young men he awoke with increased bloodflow in his lower region, so he did not want to answer the door due to his lower region. After he walked in my husband said what are you doing, and his reply (the landlord) was I can come in anytime I want. Is this right I thought it was criminal tresspassing.


  34. August 31, 2006 at 1:50 pm, Guest said:

    I moved into this apartment 5 years ago. My landlord asked me for 1st months rent a security deposit and the last months rent. When I moved in the rent was 600.00 dollars now it is 800.00 dollars and i have been given 60 days to vacate because he is selling the property. He wants me to pay the 200.00 dollars in rent difference. Is he legal in doing this? I say the only rent he is entitled to is what he collected from me for my last months rent when I moved in.


  35. September 03, 2006 at 6:36 am, Guest said:

    Last week I noticed water dripping from my bathroom ceiling and some discoloration on the ceiling. I immediately contacted my landlord and made him aware of the problem. He came out the next morning and took a look around. After looking around here he went up stairs and looked to see if there was any problems up there that would be causing the leaking in our bathroom. Come to find out the man who lives up stairs had fallen in the shower and knocked out a bunch of tiles in the bathroom and the landlord believed this to be the problem causing the leak. The landlord repaired his tiles, but did not repair our bathroom ceiling. Then after the tiles were repaired we noticed that we still had leaking in the bathroom, so i immediately called the landlord and told him. He said that due to the upcomming holiday there was nothing he could do until Tuesday Sept.5th. Which at first I thought was reasonable considering this conversation was on Friday Sept. 1st, but now the leaking is getting worse and the ceiling is turning black and yellow and there is a spot that is apparently very wet and about to cave in. I am going to call my landlord again today and see what he plans to do considering the situation is getting worse and worse. We have lived in our apartment for a year and a half now and have never had a problem before the landlord has always been very kind and helpful, but however I am very concerned about this due to the fact that my daughter is 2 years old and has a heart condition and I know that black mold (which is what I believe we have) has been known to cause serious health problems and I am worried about my child’s health. This problem has only been noticable for about a week, but I am beginning to wonder if it has been going on longer and we just didn’t know it. We are behind in our rent due to some car repairs and my husband’s temporary lose of a job and the landlord has been working with us on that, but now I am concerned that if we have to move, because of this problem that is going to come back to get us. What should we do if our landlord does not fix this problem immediately and completely and if we need to move can we tell him to keep our deposit and leave it at that even though we owe 3/4ths of August rent and all of September’s rent?


  36. September 05, 2006 at 1:35 am, Guest said:

    The sink in my apartment has begun flooding, not from the faucet but from the pipes themselves! This disgusting brown water which smells like mold and .. just horrible smell, like trash. It comes up from the sink and is flooding our kitchen. I don’t know how to fix it, I’m young and this is my first apartment. I’ve been trying to contact the managers but they are unresponsive. If I have a plumber come fix it, will I have to pay or will the apartment manager pay??


  37. September 05, 2006 at 1:53 am, Anonymous said:

    i have a frustrating probLem regarding my deck. My husband & i have Lived in our apartment since 1992. We are on the bottom fLoor with 1 apartment above us. The upper apartment deck is directLy above ours & the fLooring is made of sLats of wood with Large spaces in-between. After severaL years of deaLing with dirt, water, beer, cigarette ashes, etc getting dumped on us i became the unfortunate victim of a stray cigarette ember from the deck above (i have some LoveLy scars on my chest as it got stuck in my bra). After that, we immediateLy put up a simpLe & attractive tarp to protect us & aLLow us to continue using our deck safeLy. We were carefuL to construct it so that water runoff wouLd not be a hazard to the buiLding (ie: woodrot, etc) or to other tenants. WhiLe i have repLaced the originaL tarp severaL times, the design has not changed & has been in pLace for nearLy 10 years now, with no negative effects, or added stress to the buiLding &/or grounds. SeveraL months ago we were notified that “maintenance” wouLd be entering our apartment to remove our tarp. i decLined permission & proceeded to prove to the manager that our tarp was causing no harm or stress to the buiLding, she took pictures & toLd me the matter was cLosed & i had proven my case to their satisfaction. Case cLosed? NO.
    Today, i received a Letter of noncompLiance & have been ordered, (again!) to remove my tarp.
    My first question is, is this a Legitimate demand, on their part? i cannot reasonabLy use my deck without the protection of the tarp. There is not, nor has there ever been, anything in the Lease regarding the use of tarps, umbreLLas, etc on the decks. Tha tarp is Low-key, bareLy visibLe, simpLe, cLean, & attractive & is absoLuteLy NOT causing any physicaL damage to the premises(possibLe damage being their concern in this issue). PLease teLL me what my rights are in this situation. i feeL very vioLated by this intrusion into my privacy.
    My second question is, can they actuaLLy hit me with non-compLiance when the manager assured me that the matter was resoLved?
    i Live in Oregon, if that makes any difference.
    i wouLd appreciate any feedback or advice & i thank you in advance for your time.


  38. September 08, 2006 at 6:59 pm, Guest said:

    I moved in not so long ago because one of my friends recommended me the apt. (due maybe to the fact of the $200 rent deduction for referrals, which they never gave her either)
    I had told them my moving in date for two months ago. They told me that they could not have anything ready till the 5th of the month. So I waited to move. Thatday I arrived there at the hour indicated (1:00 pm) and SURPRISE!!!! the Apt. wasn’t ready, the walls weren’t painted, doorknobs missing, rug not cleaned, cigarette stains in kitchen countertops. When I asked politely to management why wasn’t it ready…they replied “OH!! sorry the painters are on the way here, we weren’t expecting the long weekend” …..WHAT??!!!
    Make a long story short …painters never came that day…and we made the mistake of moving all our stuff in. Next day I had some questions for management, (which I did not meet yet because my brother did all the transactions)I asked the manager (a MAN)a question about how did they come about the first rent payment because if it was prorated….numbers weren’t adding up for me…(maybe they had a different way of calculating ..I guess)The Mgr. Rudely replied that he didn’t know and that that is the FINAL PAYMENT……WHAT ELSE?!!! with a rude tone of voice like if I was bothering him, Then I asked him when is the apt getting painted and fixed to which he said he will take care of it when I give him the apt check-up papers. and also added ….WHAT ELSE at the end……
    I gave him the papers next day and put on the papers, that if not fxed by the 5th bus day that I will take care of it and he could deduct it out of my rent later.
    He calls my brother for a meeting because he doesn’t think we can live there for 14 more months…..
    can he actually do this…this is not fair.!!


  39. September 10, 2006 at 11:51 am, Guest said:

    So I moved to Georgia from Texas to begin graduate school, so I had to get an apartment over the phone. After searching I found one in my price range and that was pet friendly (I have a cat). They said the apt. was very nice and so on. I said it sound good and they mailed me my lease and I signed it and put down a deposit ($300) and a pet deposit ($350). I arrive to my apt. and immediately hit with this strong foul smell. The carpet was still soaking from when they “shampooed” it. As I walked into the bedroom all I can smell is old dog urine. In addition the carpet is torn up and several places. Where there is a door the carpet is not even attached to the floor with nails sticking out (I have stabbed my foot numerous times including a very deep gash on my big toe). There is about 1.5ft x .5ft pieces of carpet missing – just concrete. There is bleach stains and numerous other ncleaned stains.

    Today is September 10th and I moved in August 11. Since I have been here I have not been able to sleep in my own bed room b/c of the smell. I have filled out forms after forms for them to come clean it and fix it and they always say we will give you a call. Only thing they did was send someone over with a hammer to nail the nails down. Last week the Apt. property Owner came by and his suggestion for the torn capert and patches was to put down a throw rug. He even said “You know, like the WELCOME mats.”

    So after a month not one things has been done. I told them I am paying this months rent in good faith that they will do something and nothing has happened. Is there anything I can do or someone to call. I am not familiar with GA law/ housing codes. I live in Statesboro.

    I have pictures of the apt. and will be asking for a copy of the forms I submitted to them.

    Any help will be much appreciated!


  40. September 13, 2006 at 1:22 pm, Guest said:

    I moved into my apartment 2 months ago upon moving in here the stove inside was broken the dishwasher is broken and I have had 3 incidences where work is being done on the outside of the building so I have woken up to workers in my backyard, my balcony and in my door way with the door wide open no letters ever went out notifying me that they would be entering my home they just did. Is there anything I can do?


  41. September 19, 2006 at 2:53 pm, Guest said:

    My boyfriend’s sister had this problem as well. The only thing she could do was get a letter from her doctor stating she’d be really depressed if she had to give up the pet. It worked. But before that, the landlord was really giving her a hard time and threatening to evict her! (And you CAN be evicted for it… hopefully by now you have it all resolved!)


  42. September 24, 2006 at 8:00 pm, Guest said:

    You need to do some research into your rights as a tenant. Apartment managers are required to provide adequate heating and cooking facilities…….however, a dishwasher is a luxury and can probably be lived without for the time being.

    As for your door being opened without your permission, this is illegal and your landlord can be taken to court for this.


  43. September 26, 2006 at 6:37 pm, Guest said:

    You can pay your rent to the courthouse I believe, and certain things must be fixed before the landlord may collect the rent from them.


  44. September 26, 2006 at 7:03 pm, Guest said:

    The landlord has to give, I think, 48 hours notice to you and she is able to enter.


  45. September 26, 2006 at 9:21 pm, Guest said:

    My husband’s boots tracked some dirt into the hallway of our apartment building. The landlord came into our apartment unannounced because “he thought no one was home” and he wanted to see if it was us tracking in dirt. They cleaned the hallway and sent us the bill. Should we have to pay for the cleaning of a shared space?


  46. September 28, 2006 at 3:57 pm, Guest said:

    I live under a water fall in my apartment, well at lease it seems like one.The owner had one of his empolyees move in on the 3rd floor right above me. 2 weeks later he got a new aircondistioner and it leaks all over my patio, I told the manager and she said it’s condensation
    and there was nothing she could do about it. A gallon a hour that’s a lot of bs or what!. I think the guy on 3rd floor want my Apt. and is trying to get me kick out, Ive been here for 3 years with no complaints till he moved in. I now have 5 of them on record.

    What should I do?


  47. October 04, 2006 at 4:15 pm, Guest said:

    I have an interesting problem. We have lived in our 900 sqft apartment for almost two years. Recently we have started to look for new apartments. While looking at another place with the same sq ft I realized how much bigger it was than our apartment. I went home and measured and sure enough we only have 750sq ft. I measured everything even the porch. We made a complaint to the apartments and all they told us is that the claimed square footage was only an aproximation. I understand that but 150sq ft? What should I do?


  48. October 08, 2006 at 5:53 pm, Guest said:

    I have noise problems with a new tenant above us. I have called the leasing office once a week to let them know of each incident and know of two letters that have been sent to them. Each time they tenants are quiet for a couple of days, and the noise starts again. They spit over the side of the balcony, whether we are out there or not, tehy pour liquid over the side of the balcony, and after one of their late night into the early morning parties, I find ashes all over our balcony and even had one of my lawn chairs burn from a cigarette of theirs. They are out of their balcony starting at 10 or 11pm, which is when my daughters and I go to sleep for work or school. I am woken from sleep at least 2-3 nights a week and take sleeping pills that often as well. The management says there is not a lot they can do. I can move within the complex, but cannot get the same rate on rent and cannot get a washer and dryer like my current unit has. I will also have to pay a 300 dollar transfer fee and the moving truck or van fee. This does now seem fair, any suggestions?


  49. October 23, 2006 at 4:24 pm, Guest said:

    Refusing landlord
    I have lived in my apartment for over a year. I have had no major problems with my landlord other than him being extremely nosy and asking if i wanted to add one of my friends on the lease because he felt he was over too much. My lease is up and i found a new place and put an application in and now my landlord is refusing to give a reference because “I have not given a 30 notice”. I have ever intentions of doing so as soon as i found a place to reside. Is this legal?


  50. October 25, 2006 at 1:39 pm, Guest said:

    I paid third of my rent this month and my landlord wants to evict me before the month has ended. He accepted the money already. Can he evicted me for third of the rent I’m not behind?


  51. October 28, 2006 at 9:32 am, Guest said:

    my boyfriend moved into a half of duplex last January he has lived there 9 months and the other side was empty, last month someone moved in next door and now he has found cockroaches he has told the landlord a week after he told the landlord they had someone come in and spray he asked if the other side has been done and his landlord said he cant get a hold of the landlord that ownes the other side so it has not been done they had it sprayed again about 2 weeks after the first time but they are still there, he told the landlord he refuses to pay rent again and he is moving the landlord sent him a notice saying that there is no edivence of cockroaches in his apartment and he needs to pay the rent and he will not let him out of the lease, in the mean time all of his belongings are getting full of roaches my boyfriend got a hold of the people that came in to to spray and asked them if they said that he didnt have roaches and they said that the only thing they are saying is there is no evidence of roaches in or around the traps they set up but they are not saying they dont have roaches my boyfriend is killing them when he see’s them and putting them in a bag that he has shown the landlord, but the landlord seems to think he is making all this up, he has got a hold of a lawyer and my boyfriend is taking this to court, he has also found a place to move to but he now faces the problem of all of his belongings what to do with them he is afraid to take anything thinking he will bring them to his new apartment and doent want to do that any advice from someone will be helpful what can he do about his belongs can he bring things with him or will he bring roaches to his new place?? and does his landlord have the right to keep him there in his lease?? is his landlord responsible for everything my boyfriend is going though with not being able to take his kids because the ex will not allow them there, losing everthing he owns, and tne money it is costing to move, and eat out every night because your food and cookware is infested??? he really needs help so someone that has faced this problem please tell us what he can do thank you


  52. November 03, 2006 at 3:57 pm, Guest said:

    I signed a month to month lease on 09/02/06 with landlord. Promised repairs have not been completed & the neigbors have become hostile. (Bad neighborhood with multiple shootings). I spoke to my landlord on 11/02/06 & stated that I would be moving in December. The lease signed was for the first months & last months rent & no security deposit. The landlord came on the 3rd & gave me a 5 day notice. I do not have a mailing address for him so I gave him a verbal notice to move. What should I do about the 5 day notice? Also should I try to find an address to send a formal written letter too? Last question I live in WI so I’m not sure if your required to give a 30 day or 28 day notice. Most of the information I’m finding is for the landlords. Any help would be appreciated.


  53. November 04, 2006 at 1:59 pm, Guest said:

    We recently had a baby, after living in the building for 6 years. The neighbors below are complaining because we get up at 6am with the baby (who is now 20 months) and our walking over the creaky old floors is waking them up. We are often woken by our upstairs neighbors for the same reason-walking over creaky old floors. We have our apartment covered 80% as required by our lease, unlike the upstairs tenants. The landlord and complaining tenant are demanding we put in wall to wall carpet because we get up at 6. If we got up at 8, the landlord said she wouldn’t demand because she is only responsible for noise complaints that occur before 8 or after 11. The only noise we are making is walking across the floors over the bedroom. Is this fair and are we responsible for paying for it?


  54. November 13, 2006 at 7:12 pm, Guest said:

    WE’ve been renting the same house for the past 14 years. We finally decided to buy, we close the end of Nov. About 4 months ago, the tiles in the bathroom collapsed into the shower. This was caused by a slow leak in the roof. Now when it rains, we also get a rain shower!Not to mention the mold. We also beleive that the slow leak has comprimised the stucture below, being the kitchen ceiling. The landlord was verbally notifed several times. No response. I have not paid November rent yet (1st time in 14 yrs). In the lease I paid a security deposit. Can I legally not pay, and say, take the security for the last months?


  55. November 14, 2006 at 10:20 pm, Guest said:

    My husband, four year old daughter, and I have been living in our apartment for over six months. We have tremendous maintenance issues including leaking ceiling, fungus/mushrooms growing underneath the carpet as a result of the leaking ceiling and a serious problems with ants (all of which we tried to resolve by ourselves and numerous calls to the landlord). Maintance came by once to spray the fungus in which it came back and never addressed the issues with the ceiling or ants. We pay over $1000 a month in rent on time every time. The problem is that we are not listed as lease holders only occupants (it is in my mother’s name b/c of our credit). My mother lives over 500 miles away and can only complain to them over the phone and once in awhile in person when she comes to visit. What rights do we have if we are not the lease holder, in getting these issues addressed? I am worried that they will retaliate and try to evict us for living in the apartment and not being on the lease if we make a fuss about the maintenance. any ideas?


  56. November 18, 2006 at 9:41 am, Guest said:

    I have been living at apartment for almost a year now. When I signed my lease I was told about the service I could order through Appliance Warehouse for a washer and dryer. At that time I signed up for the service. Everything worked out great, the washer and dryer came in no time and I enjoyed the convenience of being able to pay for Rent, Utilities and my Washer and Dryer on the same check.

    Recently I was unable to pay my Rent, Utilities and Washer and Dryer on time for the 1st Time, so I informed the office and spoke to an agent. Since I was late for rent I did receive all of the letters that any apartment office would send, i.e. Late Notice and 3-Day notice. On Friday, November 10, 2006, I received a letter regarding my Washer and Dryer bill. To be quite frank I was outraged to read that I had a record of NEVER making a Washer and Dryer payment and according to the notice we owed $400.00. At that time the office was closed so I decided to phone in the morning, since I believed this was a mistake and an EASY fix once they looked up my record I really had no need to walk in.

    On Saturday, November 11, 2006 I tried phoning the office several times and each time was told the line was busy and to leave a message in a generic mail box. Again on Sunday, November 12, 2006 I tried phoning and received the same results as the day before. Finally my roommate was off of work on Monday and decided to go in to the office and speak with the staff.

    On Monday, November 13, 2006, my roommate went to the leasing office and spoke with an agent. According to him he explained that on our checks we have been paying $962.00 a month consecutively. Now according to our lease our Rent is $822.00 and the Washer and Dryer is $40.00 a month and the Utilities are usually around $100.00, hence the large amount we have been paying. Now I am not sure what the agents position is but according to my roomate he would give her information then she would go to an office in the back and talk to the manager then come back out with whatever comment the Manager had made. After all the run-around she finally just printed our record of payment and sent my roomate on his way. To me this is unsatisfactory not only am I irate because we have entered our 10th MONTH out of our year lease and am now hearing about this but that the Office Manager didn’t have the common courtesy to speak with my roomate regarding this matter. Now I have never heard of any establishment letting a tenant keep a tab for 10 MONTHS. According to the agent of which I don’t know if she was speaking on the Manager’s behalf or not, but the money we have been paying has gone to Utilities.

    All we want is the extra money to be applied to the Washer and Dryer Bill.

    On Friday, November 17, 2006 I came home to see a
    3 day notice regarding my washer and dryer but on the notice was referred as “Rent” unpaid.

    Please help what should I do????


  57. November 25, 2006 at 1:27 pm, Guest said:

    were my mother live are not pets allow,but everybody have dogs,she got letter fron the city that she has to move or put away the dog,she is depress and she got about a year ego a breast cancer,may I get any dr. excuse ,because her dog is the only company.or what she can do to avoid this building decition.


  58. December 13, 2006 at 11:49 pm, Guest said:

    Kitchen ceiling leak, NO response from management, now we’re to blame??

    In September, our roommate called management and left a message indicating that our kitchen ceiling was leaking. No response from management. Ceiling stopped leaking and we didn’t call again.

    In November, the kitchen ceiling began leaking again. I made a call after hours to the emergency plumbing. They told us to check upstairs with the tenants to see if something in their kitchen was not working properly or overflowing. Their dishwasher was having problems and making weird noises. We informed the plumber of their dishwasher problems and he said that if the problem could wait then let it wait until morning. The leak slowed down and eventually stopped so we didn’t call again.

    December, the ceiling looked worse and so my roommate called management. Management was rude and asked when we were available to be here at the apartment to let the plumber in. We said noon and management said they’d check with the plumbers to see if one was available. They never confirmed and the plumbers DID unexpectedly show up. Fortunately, my roomate was there. The plumber said there’s major damage, the ceiling could collapse, and that he has to drill a hole to drain the water and there’s mold starting to form. We couldn’t tell the plumber to go ahead and fix it because we’re tenants and didn’t think we were authorized to tell him to make the repairs. The plumber left because he said there was nothing more he could do. Therefore, my roommate left.

    Management left a message the same day saying we need to pay for the service call since nobody was here at the apartment (not true, otherwise, how would the management company know that there is an urgent repair that is needed if we were not here to let him in). Also, they now tell us that the dishwasher upstairs was fixed. We made the original request. Why didn’t they come to see if our apartment needed repairs? Management is making it seem like we’re at fault when they were the ones that didn’t do anything to begin with to fix our kitchen ceiling.

    What to do?

    -perturbed, irked and scurred


  59. December 28, 2006 at 3:41 pm, Guest said:

    We have this exact same problem….young couple above us, partying late during the week with house guests. We have complained to police and managment for several months, but it hasn’t gotten any better. Management will let us move, but is charging a $400.00 transfer fee as well. We feel gracious they will relocate us, but this is not our fault we have to move. Not to mention the labor and money involved to move our items and transfer the utilities to the new unit. We are VERY disappointed in the way this was handled and are considering taking the management company to small claims court.


  60. January 08, 2007 at 4:51 pm, Guest said:


    Let me know how you got on

    [email protected]


  61. January 09, 2007 at 12:28 am, Guest said:

    Does a landlord have any legal right after the tenancy of a 1 year lease has ended? I’ve been out for 1.5 months. They are asking me to pay for the elevator fee, which I was told that the owner was to pay it. Thank you.


  62. January 18, 2007 at 3:44 pm, Guest said:

    i need to know what my prorated rent would be if I moved in on the 10th of march and my rent is 475 a month I am moving in march on the 10th so I need to know wah tI would owe


  63. January 22, 2007 at 11:49 pm, Guest said:

    we just moved to Washington state after securing a place over the internet and phone. After arriving we noticed the apartment complex seems very sketchy. We frequently see people sitting in their cars, we hear vehicles waiting in front of our place (its the main drive and a fire lane), then we have heard gun shots several times. There is a gate but it is broken and “should be fixed shortly” (a month an a half ago). For our own safety we are leaving but is there anyway we can get out of paying a penalty for breaking our lease? They did a good job in the lease to say they arent responsible for anything but it seems like they should do something to make the place safer?


  64. February 01, 2007 at 9:10 pm, Guest said:

    We are having the same exact problem with a young couple with a baby upstairs from us. We have lived in the apartment for almost three years and planned to stay for many more. We had to call the police on six different occassions. Police reports are sent to the management office for their review & files. Nothing is being done about this. We end up being the victims. We have made many calls to the apartment manager and they encourage us with “words” that things will change and to be patient. Yeah right! We are in our early 50’s and pay our rent on time and would be considered excellent tenants. Either the young couple above us is not taking anything seriously or they know that management is not doing anything about it. We just gave our 60 days notice. We can’t tolerate living here anymore. It is costing us alot of money to move plus we are having to pay two months termination fee. What a joke. We took care of matters today….nothing has changed upstairs….very abusive situation…..we called the office to report what was happening again…keep records!!!!!!…. we are going to speak to an attorney to try to get our termination fee back. Two months rent is alot of money when we are not at fault. Good luck…..we seem to not have any rights…..the kids upstairs seem to have more rights than us….they should have been evicted several months ago….


  65. February 06, 2007 at 11:17 am, Guest said:

    My boyfriend and i wanted to upgrade to a two bedroom apartment and add our friend to the lease. We decided that we needed to move because of a loud droning creak and constant tapping from the hot water pipes above our bed. We made several calls and maintenance told us repeatedly that it was a problem they could not fix. So we fill out our new applications and decide on the apartment we want, and after they run our applications, they tell us that we need to pay a $300 transfer fee. They tell us that because i am a student, we can have a co- signer, so long as they make 5 times the rent every month. so we find a co-signer and then they tell us we cant have a co-signer because i am not a “full” time student and we would have to give them a $750 security deposit, along with $750 for the first months rent after the $200 security deposit we gave them to hold the unit for us. shouldn’t they have to compensate us somehow for the 6 months of terrible sleep? Now they are coming to rip out our ceiling and put in insulation, should they at least have to pay for a hotel room for us while the repairs are made? please help, they have been so rude.


  66. February 15, 2007 at 8:31 pm, Guest said:

    I have been living in my apartment for 5 years and I used to be the assistant manager. During that time the manager and I became very good friends and we have been friends for 3 years. Now we are being told that we have to end our friendship because she is my manager. Is this legal?


  67. February 28, 2007 at 4:26 pm, Guest said:

    Who is responsible for cleaning up a mess caused by backed-up drains?

    The washer drain backed up into my apartment, caused by an adjoining apartment’s washer. This spewed several inches of water and dirt into my apartment’s bathroom/laundry room. The plumber that was called by the property management fixed this, but left chunks of drywall and dirty paper towels all over the floor. The property’s maintenance crew used a wet vac to suck up the water, but he left piles of smelly dirt/sewer gunk all over the bathroom floor, even under the trim/moundings. I had to use my own time and cleaning products to clean up the mess, which took me well over three hours. I could not leave it, as the bathroom was across from my kids’ room and I did not want them subjected to that smell. And it still smelled in my apartment for a week afterwards. They have only offered me a $40 credit (equal to a days rent) for not being able to use the apartment that day. However, they made no concessions for my time and cleaning products that were consumed, and said that I have renter’s insurance to cover the ‘lost’ items (roughly $50 worth).

    Do I have any legal standing? Thank you.


  68. March 13, 2007 at 2:38 pm, Guest said:

    call the police everyday


  69. March 14, 2007 at 3:16 pm, Guest said:

    I have lived in my apartment for almost a year and when I moved in there was alot of things wrong. Such as a leaking hole above the tub they have fixed twice and its still leaks. The hot water heater busted and now there is mold under the carpet and hardwood floors. My sliding glass door does not open properly and this was all suppost to be fixed and hasn’t. But the biggest one is I have 2 small children and had No Heat for a month in a half. I asked the maintance people to fix it they said they would. I contacted the owner today and he told me its not his problem that,that is what he pays maintance for. We now have new managment and he came and fixed it finally and told me it had started a fire in the baseboard and all the wires were melted together. I just want help on what to do.


  70. March 15, 2007 at 4:09 pm, Guest said:

    My gas bill is in the landlord’s name, which means THEY get the bill sent to them and have to send me a copy to pay my portion. However, there have been disputes within the family and the landlord duties have changed hands a few times. This entire winter I did not receive one bill from them, despite the fact that I wrote two letters when i paid rent two different times (i made copies of each photocopied next to the check) asking for the bill. Now, more than 6 months later, I have received a letter from the latest family member stating that he is the new person in charge of landlord duties and that he will get a gas bill to me soon.

    My problem is that I am not prepared, nor do I think I should have to pay any backpay for the gas. It is obvious they have been making the payments because my gas was never shut off and shut-off notices do come to the house (even though the monthly bill does not) and i never got one. I am willing and able to begin paying the gas from this point forward, but I wonder if there is any legal right I have to deny paying backpay?


  71. March 21, 2007 at 11:30 am, Guest said:

    I live in Los Angeles California. Recently, the handyman had the railing on our balcony repainted. However, he gave us no verbal or written notice this was going to happen. He had the crew come in on a saturday morning (I had already left for work, but my nieghbors have the exact same apt and balcony and were at home)and moved, rather haphazardly, all the items on oour balcony. They put a plant in our fountain which spilled dirt and destroyed the pump, knocked over our planers spilling dirt and plants onto the astroterf we had put down, cut off the lights we had on the railing, broke down our “bamboo” that we had up around the balcony, and cut the wires that we had tied it on with, spilled the ashtray we had put outther for our freinds who somke so that there is ash and ciggarette butts in the terf, and about 20 other things which would make this post just to long. We have lived here for 1.5 years, The real question is; is the balcony included in the area defined as the “dwelling space.” In other words, does a landlord have to give notice that they will be on the balcony and moving (and destroying) our stuff. Any ideas, suggestions?


  72. April 03, 2007 at 1:00 am, Guest said:

    A landlord has one year to collect back rent. I assume this would include utilities as well.

    It is also an established principle that a debt is owed regardless of the receipt of a bill otherwise every Tom, Dick and Harry would claim that they don’t owe anything to their electric, gas or water companies because they never received a bill. You don’t see the utility companies sending out the bills by certified mail do you?

    If you are out of money to cover the expense, just remember that it was your duty to make estimated payments in the absence of any bill.


  73. April 03, 2007 at 1:04 am, Guest said:

    The CDC doesn’t agree with that. The highest public health agency in the land says that the science does not show that mold causes serious health problems in anyone other than someone with a mold allergy.


  74. April 05, 2007 at 5:46 pm, Guest said:

    if evicted for no apparent reason , how long can i stay in apartment


  75. April 29, 2007 at 2:16 am, Guest said:

    What to do with a Landlord that gets physical with you (?)

    Recently I had a situation where my Landlord whom has been routinely and maliciously violating Cal. Civil Code Section 1940.2 and 1954 (This code deals with the Owners need to serve a 24 Hour Written Notice prior to entering a dwelling, unless it’s an 911 emergency which this was not), Health & Safety Code Section 17920.3 (Which specifically states what the Landlords Legal Duties to Perform are and they are duly noted).

    For months (from Dec 2005 to March 2007), this Landlord / Property Owner has refused to make any and all required repairs to his rental property.

    So recently I called the Los Angeles City Dept. of Building & Safety and filed a formal complaint against my Landlord “Jose Raul Martinez”.

    When the Inspector came out to inspect the house, he duly noted over one dozen violations and has since issue a Substandard Condition Order that the Landlord must address within the next 30 days or face fines and possible prosecution by the City Attorney’s Office and or County D.A.’s Office.

    These repairs are so severe that the property should have never been rented to me and my family in the first place and this Landlord has been acting in “BAD FAITH”, since day one.

    A few days ago he was on the grounds after 5 p.m. without notifying me again, s I called 911 and filed a trespassing Police Complaint against him with the L.A.P.D. while I was on my portable cordless telephone, he grabbed it out of my hand leaving very deep bleeding scratch marks (I call them claw marks, I have digital photo’s of them that I took after the incident occurred) thereon my right hand.

    I notified the L.A.P.D. of this too and they incorporated it into their Police Report on April 16, 2007. On Friday April 28, 2007 I went to the Los Angeles City Dept. of Building & Safety to obtain a copy of the inspector’s report (it was 4 pages long and duly noted 12 violations).

    When I arrived home about 4:30 P.M. the Landlord was again at the property in the back yard area, I informed him that I had mail for him and therein the mail I attached a copy of the 4 page Los Angeles City Dept. of Building & Safety Report.

    The Landlord went crazy and started to act very violent towards me. I went inside the house got my video camera and recorded him while I called 911.

    The L.A.P.D. advise me it was a civil matter and that they couldn’t or wouldn’t get involved even though the Landlord was Physically Trespassing, Harassing me and my Family (it’s like slow torture)(?)

    I believe it’s not only a civil matter it’s also a criminal matter given what my Landlord has done already and what he plans to do in the future (more Harassment, Threats Etc.).

    In Los Angeles, the Landlord is only allowed to perform repairs during normal business hours 9-5 Mon-Fri. (Unless it’s a true emergency)!

    Otherwise he must leave and come back to finish his work on another business day during business hours per Cal. Civil Code Section 1954.

    This Landlord thinks it’s legal for him to should up without any type of notice, regardless of the time of day (this is pure Harassment and a violation of right of privacy and quiet enjoyment).

    Initially when I moved me and my family into this Three (3) Bedroom One (1) Bath House in Granada Hills, I had no idea that the house had the habitability problems that it did, our Landlord and his female partner (*girlfriend???) never disclosed this data to me or to my family, we found out all of the problems the hard way after the fact.

    If he had told me about all these Habitability Problems I would have never rented this house from him for the $1,400.00 per month!

    Note, some of the problems had been covered up and other existed but without my knowledge (or until I tried to use the Appliance (Heater? AC Unit, the Stove and Oven, Electrical Outlets, faulty Plumbing, Kitchen Fan Lamps and a list of other things).

    In my eyes he is a “SLUM LORD LANDLORD” of the worse kind, who is not from this country (he’s from El Salvador, Central America) thus he doesn’t believe in our legal system, laws and the rights of our citizens!

    So why the _______ is is he here (?)

    It appears that this situation is headed for the Superior Court, I have started to video tape and photograph the Landlord whenever he is on the property after normal business hours 9-5 Mon-Fri (per the L.A.P.D.), in addition to all the duly noted habitability violations and problems with this house / rental property.

    This evidence can then be used to prosecute him for Harassment / Acts of Terrorism, Trespassing and others as well as other violations under California Civil Law that this Landlord has intentionally and maliciously violated.

    One biggest mistake with this Landlord was we never had a formal written lease or rental agreement, it was all done verbally.

    But I do keep good notes and records and I pay him with certified funds (money orders that are proof of rents paid).

    If I do go to court I will be demanded a full refund of all rents paid from Dec 2005 to the Present Date, Plus Legal Fee’s and Court Costs. I may also demand Punitive and Compensatory Damages for his intentional and malicious violations of my and my family rights to privacy!

    If you want to write to me about this situation, or if you have any really good advice for me I can be e-mailed at [email protected].


  76. April 29, 2007 at 9:06 pm, Guest said:

    Absolutely not, call a lawyer.


  77. May 01, 2007 at 10:24 am, Guest said:

    Um the defining question is ” DID YOU USE THE GAS??” Obviously the answer is YES. If you don’t get a bill for your car note but you have been driving the car up and down Route 101 how dare you ask if there is a way not to pay the money you owe. Its as if your saying they are the stupid jerk for paying it for you on your behalf keeping your family warm in the winter. Come on stop trying to get over and pay your bills. Perhaps the property bills were escrowed while the purchase of the property transpired. Yes you owe the money, it should be with interest.


  78. May 06, 2007 at 6:31 pm, Guest said:

    January my husband I and three children moved into a another house. This house is a older double wide with a huge fenced in yard. We pay our rent three months ahead of time. Well after we moved in we noticed that we only had hot water for a couple of minutes and sometimes not at all. So the landlord came over that weekend. He stated that the element was going out and that it was our fault because we use to much water. He went across the street to the neighbors house and yelled that we were his shitty tenants and that we use up all the water. He did not get a new hot water heater until the next weekend. After he put in the hot water heater he lectured us and told us that if we did not stop doing the dishes all day and taking so many baths that the elements were going to go out on this to. We are hardly home; therefore we do not use that much water! Then he started telling us that our kitchen was a mess and that he was evicting us. I said you can not evict us for a good faith complaint. He was obviously retailiating. Our kitchen was messy becuase we had cold water! We could not do our dishes. So I said no we are hiring a lawyer. A week later we had no hot water at all. At first I thought that he turned the hot water off. So I called the sherriff. He did not turn the hot water off, we just didn’t have hot water something was wrong. We called him, wrote him two letters to inform him about the problem. It took him nine days to fix the problem. He did not install the hot water heater correctly in the first place. By law this is supposed to be fixed within 24 hours. Now I am past the eviction date, waiting for the court date. He is trying to say that we are hold over tenants. We have done nothing wrong but want hot water


  79. May 21, 2007 at 10:12 pm, Guest said:

    My neighbor and I have been dealing with each other with loud music issues for several months, We have met with the property mgr and the owner and they are doing nothing about, The music is so loud that it rattles my walls and it is very unpeaceful! I have gone through appropriate channels of authority and I also have gotten the many many many police officers involved. Like I said, we just recently met with the propert mgr and the owner about this issue, and he said that “we” ( the neighbor and I ) need to deal with it. I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH THIS AND HAVE BEEN TRYING TO WORK IT OUT FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW! What should I do???


  80. May 22, 2007 at 1:41 pm, Guest said:

    Legally they are required to give you 24 hours notice.


  81. June 11, 2007 at 11:27 pm, Guest said:

    I live in Michigan and have been renting an apt for 9 months now, lease due to expire end of Oct. I have a regular lock and a deadbolt on my door. I do not lock my deadbolt when I leave my apartment just the door handle, so I found it very strange when I came home one day and couldn’t get in, then realized my dead bolt was locked. I was suspicious that management had come into my apartment without notice/consent but had no grounds to prove it. Well today I had gotten off a midnight and was sleeping around 5pm. I heard a knock at my door so while I was still undressed I went to look through the peep hole figuring if it was my bf(doesn’t live with me nor have keys) I would let him in, if not I would ignore it and get back to sleep. My peep hole sucks so as I was squinting to see who was there I hear the keys go in the lock, unlocking my door! I was re-locking the door handle and dead bolt as they were being unlocked and someone was on the other side trying to push the door open and jiggling the locks. I yelled out “excuse me!” and I hear “this is Julie from management” in response. I yell through the door that I needed to get dressed, did so and then opened the door. I stood there stunned as she goes “did I wake you up?” and gave me some lecture about how my bf’s dog is not to even visit here without being on the lease and she is not to be on the deck, etc. I was really too shocked/terrified thinking someone was trying to break in to say anything. After she left I dialed the police department to file a report, but being as it was after hours only got a msg to call 911 for emergencies. Being as she had left, apologized for waking me and didn’t seem to be a threat anymore, I didn’t feel it qualified for 911 but will certainly be calling first thing in the morning to report it, and then calling the company that manages my apt to notify them.

    My question is that being as it is obvious she assumed I wasn’t home when no one answered and was going to let herself in with no notice/consent and I do not suspect it is the first time, do I have legal grounds to break my lease? I no longer feel safe/comfortable in my own home knowing I am being violated by the apartment staff like this. I do not wish to live here anymore but can’t afford all of the fees of breaking the lease.


  82. June 12, 2007 at 12:19 am, Guest said:

    My husband and I have lived in our apartment building for nearly 4 years. Recently we started receiving notices from our building manager for leaving property outside of our apartment. Our lease states that we rent the inside of our apartment only and that outside space is at the discretion of the owner. We make a very concerted effort to keep our apartment, including the courtyard space around it, neat and attractive. The items he has complained about include gardening tools and a cigar, but he has also complained about things that were left by a handyman. Several other tenants have things around the courtyard such as an empty rabbit hutch, empty flowerpots, rusted metal bookcase, ashtrays, tables and chairs. No one else has received a notice and the tone of the notices has been very harsh and threatening. He has never spoken to us about this in person, even though we regularly see him around the building. We have been very good tenants and have never received any complaints before this. We frequently clean the courtyard, wipe down the communal washers and dryers and do our best to keep the entire apartment building in good order. We feel singled out and harassed. Our best efforts to comply have been met with another notice. What is out best course of action? Can our building manager evict us for this? If he does evict us, do we have any recourse? How can we protect ourselves when we feel so singled out and attacked?


  83. June 29, 2007 at 12:44 pm, Guest said:

    I believe you should have to pay, but NOT with interest as the other individual stated in his response. I do hope that you don’t have to pay it all in one lump sum which wouldn’t be fair because of the landlords’ family fiascos. Hope all works out for you.


  84. July 03, 2007 at 3:41 am, Guest said:

    I have been having the same problem. The situation is exacerbated, perhaps, because the noisemaking neighbor in my situation is in a wheelchair. I will keep looking at this blog to see what a legal expert may say in response to our problem. I miss sleep!


  85. July 22, 2007 at 3:20 pm, Guest said:

    From the Tenants of The Olympic Hotel Los Angeles
    725 S Westlake Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90057

    Slum Lord Conditions

    Dear Ktla

    We are the Descent Hard working Tenants who live at the Olympic Hotel located at 725 S. Westlake Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90057. Located in the Westlake District of Los angeles which is owned by Britt Osterkamp, Managed by Charles Brooks.
    When we leave for work we have to beat down the Crack Heads ,The crack dealers just to pass through are way, when we come home same thing, then we go upstairs and Black people smoking Marijuana , drinking Alcohol in the hallways, the building is dirty, the elevator may work, but is very dirty and full of graffiti, Alot of rooms have a bed bug infestation, Mice, rats run the building The windows are rotten and appears to be warped, the buildings foundation is shot to hell, the walls have large cracks in them. Building bathroom fixtures need replace but not replaced yet. Rent increase but no reason for increase. Britt drives up every day to pickup the daily cash but never gets out of her car, Prostitution going on in the building in front of the children in the building. public urination inside and out of the hotel. Hotel staff allowing criminal activity going on, never enforces the hotel set rules. The Hotel Security Guard is sleeping in the hallway at night while people climbing the fire escape to buy drugs or sell their bodies. We would like to have this Building owner investigated and brought out in the open to make her do Something, we pay good money to live in the dirt, crime infestations

    Thank You.

    We Hope you can Help Us
    God Bless You


  86. July 25, 2007 at 6:09 pm, Guest said:

    I live in Baltimore Maryland, and I really feel like I have a slum lord for a land lord. This house, no matter how much we spray, will turn up larve( baby flies) everywhere, on the window sills, in the sink, you name it. We CANt get rid of it. Also, there is a horrible, horrible odor coming from the unfinished basement. We cant get rid of it with cleanning, candles, potpourri, anything. I feel as thou it is incredible unhealthy but dont know what to do about it…we have three months in our lease but I really want to leave now. I am four months pregnant and I am worried about the air conditions. Also, there are resident mice and rats in the cupboards. We have already killed 13 of them in 7 months, put all pet food in clear air tight containers, and still they are here. Last week I was napping and heard a loud bang, only to come into the kitchen to find that there was water coming out of the cupboards, drawers, oven, and walls flooding the wooden floors and also the basement. I didnt know what to do and called the landlord to no avail. Finally I had to call 911. They said the water main busted in the walls. Anyone have any advice for a worried pregnant wife??


  87. July 25, 2007 at 8:42 pm, Guest said:

    I am having the same problem with my neighbors. The manager has promised that they would be evicted, but it turned out that they just called a meeting with the guys’ parents saying that “next time” they will be evicted. It is been a month since the last time a slept a full night. Now the manager is trying to blame it on me, saying that I am not patient enough and that he can’y prevent people from living!!! I contacted my lawyer and he said that I can actually sue the management company because they are failing to provide a place “fit-to-living”. They told me to record everything innapropriate (loud music, screaming, etc), because I need evidence to prove that they are disturbing my right to a quiet place to live… Try gathering some evidence and talk to a lawyer ASAP, because you can prove that they are breaking the lease and you can get out!!! I am trying that…


  88. July 30, 2007 at 9:45 am, Guest said:

    I have been living in this building for almost 5 Years now and have loved it. All neighbors get along and hang out together, we sit in front of the building and talk to one an other we play cards and bean bags together. Have cook outs together. Well we did before about a year ago. It was like we were all one big family, and when the landlords needed help or were goin out of town we all chipped in the take care of the building together. Because we cared like that. Like I said all up to a year ago when the building got a new owner. Since then lots of rules have come throu, crazy request aswell and weird things happening.The rent went up over $50.00, and we had to signed was a peice of paper stating if we were agreeing to month – to – month, 6 months, or one year. No actual lease. Our landlords were givin a 30 day eviction notice, so that is no job and no place to live in just 30 days, just like that, and no reasons why. They tried to contact that owner and got no return calls or messages except for that the job is covered and the apartment is already rented. Well now they have been out for almost 2 months and the apartment is still vancant and there is no one taking care of the building or the lawn but us the tenants. I myself water the lawn, just because I care about the building and I want it to look nice where I live. My neighbor has put a bid in for taking care of the mowing and tree triming and nothing came from it, he even did the work and still not even a thank you to any of us for our help with keeping up the building. One of the owners employee’s has been charged with mulesting a girl, and turns out he was a unregister sex affender. The pool has been shut down for over a month and come to find out that the State Health Department shut it down due to a communical disease. No tenants we notified of even the pool closing in general just a notice on the gate from the Health Department. There is a $50.00 charge if we get locked out of you apartment, and owner of the building lives in one of buildings. All apartment keys are not kept on site. $250.00 fine and eviction if any pet that is not on the lease is even cought visiting the apt. The new owner is very earrey (probly spelled that wrong) but he makes someone not feel comfortable to even be around. When we are outside and he happends to drive by he will speed up when he goes by. Him and his employees do not talk to any of the tenants and all his employees have been instuted not to (by him) even be friend with any tenents.
    What do you think? Is there any thing that I can do that is not going to threting my living in this building? I have never wanted to move so bad but just not in the right place to move right now. He has changed all views I have on ever renting again that I just want a house that I own and don’t have to worry about getting 30 days to get out.


  89. August 02, 2007 at 12:19 pm, Guest said:

    Yes i am having current problems with my landlord. I went on a 3 week vacation and when i returned my water was broke and there was mold growing above some of the windows it took him a week to replace the water heater and has done nothing about the mold ive been looking for an atterney.


  90. August 07, 2007 at 1:16 pm, Guest said:

    I am having a current problem with my landlord. I own(ed) a bicycle. The last time I used it was in April, and then summer break began, and I locked it to the bike rack in front of my apartment complex. It had a flat tire, and the seat was torn a little. It was a little rusty, but that is how it was when I bought it used. I just wanted it to use around campus. I began working full time and going to class part- time in May of 2007. My parents moved to Tallahassee, and I began slowly staying with them, and not at the apartment, but I left all of my belonging (except for a few clothing items) at the apartment (including my bike.) I returned about a month later to discover that my bike was missing. I reported it to the front office. Luckily, as I was telling one of the ladies that work there, another resident overheard me and chimed in with a “oh, I saw the maintenance guy cutting the lock off the bike. He said he was going to throw it away.” The manager was made aware of the situation, but she refuses to do anything about it, claiming that the bike was tagged. I told her that I had been gone for nearly a month, and that if the bike was tagged, I would not have been aware of it. She still refused to do anything about it. I called “corporate” and they are in the same mindset. What do I do to get these people to “fess” up to what they did and at least apologize and admit that they were wrong or even pay me back for the bike and lock they destroyed?


  91. August 11, 2007 at 12:04 pm, Guest said:

    I moved into my first apartment only 1 day ago and killed 19 large black spiders and 21 roaches and still continue killing them. I notice that none of the windows in the apartment doesn’t close all the way. There are holes and cracks that needs to be sealed up. The air conditioner doesn’t properly cool the apartment. There are thick white cobweb outside my apartment door and surrounding areas at all point of entry into the apartment. I have a small child and very afraid for him. I cried before bringing this concern to my the property manager. I requested a move to another apartment, she refused stating I should have inspected the apartment thoroughly. I really don’t know what to do in this situation. Sometimes I feels like moving my kids right now to a better and safer environment and never to return but this will more than likely affect my credit and I don’t want that.


  92. August 14, 2007 at 9:30 am, Guest said:

    I live in a two bedroom apartment with my husband and our 2 todder kids. I just found out that I am pregnant. Does anyone here know if I will be forced to move out because of having another baby being overcrowded in a 2 bedroom home? Im very worried. Thank you!!!


  93. August 14, 2007 at 4:20 pm, Guest said:

    I am having alot of problems with my apt. Alot of police activity…swat team and everything. Then the landlords keep entering without an appoitment or my consent. Plus I get nowhere with the office with anything…just end up dizzy from running iin circles…can I get out of my lease? I dont even care about my deposit or such I just dont want to go to court….


  94. August 18, 2007 at 3:05 pm, Guest said:

    ive lived in my apartment for a year as of next month…i had a 6 month lease but have never been asked to sign a new lease…a few months ago my bathroom ceiling began leaking from a toilet over flow from the apartment upstairs…my first attempt at asking the maintenece man to fix it was unsuccessful as he never showed up…then 2 days later after it stopped leaking he showed up…by this time i had to pile almost every extra clothing item and every bed sheet i had to get up the water in the bathroom…well after the maintenece guy finally got here he said the people upstairs had flushed a wad of paper towels…well today the same has happened…my daughter woke me up saying the bathroom is flooding again…well now its destroyed all kinds of medicationa nd various other things since theres a cabinet above my toilet where all the water leaks down onto first….its been 3 hours since i called the maintence man now and he has yet to show up…..can i sue for the items that have been destroyed or egt it taken out of my rent…any help would be appreciated

    [email protected]


  95. August 19, 2007 at 10:36 am, Guest said:

    My husband and I wanted to move our teenaged kids into the suburbs of Seattle due to the fact that they had just spent the last 15 years in Montana and felt that moving to the city was enough of a shock to them. We looked at this ” townhouse” with a man, who is not the manager. All seemed awesome, gleeming white walls throughbout the apartment, new light fixtures, pergo flooring, floorstone in the kitchen and bathrooms, really nice and a bargain so we thought for this close to Seattle ( 1195.00 for 3/2). Mind you we looked at this place in the daylight. We signed the necessary papers and was eager to move in, finally a big place, good schools and peace of mind. The first few nights were peaceful mostly due to the fact that it was raining and everyone was inside. 4th of july weekend i met my neighbor who blasted me with a line of racially inappropriate slurs. This is a colored lady with a white husband. I asked what i had done to her and her family thinking we could talk about it and she informed me that I was a trashy white bitch who thinks she is better than anyone else. I did the adult thing and went inside and shut the door. I called the man who showed us the apartment and he had informed me that everyone in and around our complex where section 8 tenants even tho we are not. I wanted to terminate our lease right away thinking that there was probibly a family who could use this apartment more than my family and i could. Management was standoffish and said that the complaint would be noted and that she would take further action if needed. This went on for about a month with the comments to my family members and I. I put a 3 page list in writing and submitted it to mangagement and not long after recieved a 3 day notice for failure to pay, which the rent was dropped off at the management office were we were insturucted to do so by management. She says that she never got the rent. In the mean time while all of this other stuff is going on, my 14 year old son was on the porch at our place fixing another childs bicycle and a 43 year old black lady who was drunk and not a tenant in this building, came over and started yelling at the child, my son told this lady to please go home and she let him have it with the racial slurs which turned into a yelling match and finally she pulled a large knife on him telling him that he would stab him. I called the police to come out and when they did they informed me that they would talk to her. This woman is amazing to me. She sits with the teenagers in the complex till the wee hours of the morning with the music blasting. The group sits around and drinks and smokes dope. what is scarry is that the lady watches children and has a tall beer in her hand 24/7. There has been drug and gang activity in the complex and even a pimp with his ladies. I was informed by managemnt that here is nothing that can be done about any of the things that are listed on the letter that i had written to her stating the reasons why we would like to terminate residency. they only thing i got was an eviction notice and a key scratched car.


  96. August 21, 2007 at 2:15 pm, Guest said:

    The new landlord put up gates, and is now demanding ridiculous amounts of money for devices to open these gates ($35 for remotes, $15 per card). Not only do we have to pay to live here, but we have to pay to get in/to our apts now…
    Is this legal? Is there anything we can do?


  97. August 26, 2007 at 11:06 pm, Guest said:

    Landlord entering my apartment without notification.

    I recently have moved almost completely out of my apartment, however my lease is not done until the end of the month. When I came to finish cleaning my apartment and move the remaining furniture out today I had a very disturbing experience. Not only had the landlord/crew been in my apartment without notifying me, THEY HAD LEFT MY PATIO DOOR AJAR with stains and some of their equipment on the floor! I was extremely upset because anyone could have come in the open patio door and steal my belongings! Since today is a Sunday, the office was not open to even discuss this with them. I am not sure how to handle this with the landlord. I don’t want to end on bad terms since I have not had a walk through yet. I am afraid that they will withhold my deposits if I cause trouble, but I feel like this is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I am debating if I should get the police involved since they entered without notification and left my apartment wide open for thefts or other serious damage. What should I do?


  98. August 27, 2007 at 7:16 pm, Guest said:

    I signed a lease over a week ago (August 19th) and the lease itself starts on August 21st. My landlord said he would clean, fix-up, and paint the apartment (since it had not been done since the last tenant moved out). He said he would be done by August 23rd at the latest (keep in mind the lease itself says the 21st.) I’ve called him every day since the 23rd in order to find out when he would do these things so that I could finally move in. Eventually I left messages saying that I would do these things myself. I have also mentioned taking legal action.

    As of right now, he still hasn’t returned my calls, the apartment looks the same as it did when I signed the lease, and I’m living with friends, which is inconvenient because I have a dog.

    I want to just get the repairs over with myself, with the help of friends, but I don’t know if I can do that without his permission. (Which I have requested numerous times in the voicemails I have left him.)

    Any advice?


  99. August 31, 2007 at 9:20 pm, Guest said:

    i have been told that the law allows for 2 people per bedroom and 1 extra in some states can camp in the living room also children under the age of one do not count for this in some states it’s under the age of two
    that’s what most managers tell me with my 2 kids and 3 grandkids


  100. September 04, 2007 at 5:16 am, Guest said:

    Here is what I found for the tenants of Minnesota. Go to your states statutes and browse statutes for housing/leasing etc…

    Below is a letter you can submit to the owner/property management company/caretaker.

    Good Luck to you!

    Privacy/Intrusion Violation Instructions

    1. Print out the letter.
    2. Fill out the enclosed letter. If you need help filling out the letter, call HOME Line @ 612-728-
    5767 in the metro area or 866-866-3546 if you are long distance, and a tenant advocate will be
    happy to help you fill out the information.
    3. Make sure the letter is signed and dated.
    4. Make a copy of the letter. Keep it for your personal file.
    5. Send the original request by first class mail to the landlord or property
    owner (whoever you pay rent to or is named on the lease).
    6. If the landlord or property owner continues to violate your right to privacy, call HOME Line
    back and a tenant advocate will discuss other options.

    Privacy Violation Notice
    Date: _____________
    I am a tenant in your building located at _______________________ in the city
    of ___________________. I wish to inform you of Minnesota Statute § 504B.211 on
    the Tenant’s Right to Privacy. The statute states a landlord may enter the premises
    rented by a tenant “only for a reasonable business purpose and after making a good
    faith effort to give the tenant reasonable notice . . .” The statute further states that if a
    landlord violates this statute, the tenant is entitled to receive a penalty including rent
    reduction up to full recission of the lease, recovery of any damage deposit, and up to
    $100 civil penalty for each violation.
    Please comply with this statute by giving me reasonable notice before you enter my
    premises. I believe a 24 hour notice is reasonable time for me to prepare for your
    entry into my premises. If you violate Minnesota Statute § 504B.211, I reserve the right
    to take legal action to enforce my rights under the statute.
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
    Signature of Tenant


  101. September 05, 2007 at 7:20 am, Guest said:

    Before entering a forum that will allow your complaints to be aired, you need to go back to school because you can use some hooked on phonics. What does Section 8 have to do with anything. You could encounter this type of behavior in Beverly Hills paying $3000 a month on a home. You appear to be prejudice against families on Section 8.
    I believe you created your own mess when you judged the families on Section 8. You are looking for some injustice to make you look good because you are the one with an inferiority complex. One word of notice, you are very ignorant. I hope you read this letter. Oh and by the way, I am on Section 8.


  102. September 06, 2007 at 3:48 pm, Guest said:

    Hi everyone, these landlords think they are above the law and I am so frustrated with them. That’s why I love my job. I am an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services and at least 60% of my clients are of this nature. I can help you get an attorney through our legal services plans. $26.00 per month will let you consult with the attorney(as often as you like on as many different matters as you like) and advise you of your rights and inform you if the ladndlord/property manager/property manager are violating your rights. You have the right to stand up for yourself! Do it! Don’t get pushed around anymore. You have rights….fight for your rights.

    You can emial me from my site to get more information about our legal plans services.



  103. September 19, 2007 at 8:04 am, Guest said:

    Before you judge a situation, ask intelligent questions first. This person may have a lease that reads that the gas and / or water is / are to be paid by the landlord. In such a case, it is illegal for the landlord / management to require payment, as it may be a breach of the lease contract / agreement between the landlord / management and the tenanat / resident.

    Your analogy does not fit this situation in such a situation. Do not be so quick to rush to judgement. Also, learn the law, or at the very least, parts of it before posting ignorant (lack of knowledge) answers.


  104. September 24, 2007 at 3:50 pm, Guest said:



  105. October 08, 2007 at 6:39 pm, Guest said:


    I’m not sure what to do…

    I have lived here going on two years and I have always had a washer and dryer in my apartment.

    Well, the dryer is not working (not spinning or drying) and the owners (which purchased our complex on 03/2007) told me that they are not going to fix the dryer because it’s not in our lease that we have a dryer and they don’t THINK that my apartment was equipped with a dryer.

    So, I told them if they don’t think it is there’s then I will take ownership of it and fix it my self.

    Well that did not go well, apparently now they believe it is theirs, but they just don’t want to fix it!

    I pay them rent every month and if my dishwasher, refrigerator, a/c, or water heater have trouble it would be no problem (I think), so what’s the deal with the dryer not getting fixed?

    I Need Help!!!!

    Can anyone refer this poor college student to the proper legal aid in NC?


  106. October 20, 2007 at 3:17 pm, Guest said:

    Before attempting to rebut a comment about Section 8 families, perhaps you should do some socioeconomic research of your own. Sociologically it is common for families with financial hardship to contribute to the crime levels in the areas in which they live. There is a proven correlation between poverty and crime. This does not mean that ALL families utilizing this kind of assistance are criminals. However, the statistical trends would suggest that there is a definite link. Try to think critically and inform yourself to avoid further embarrassment in the future.


  107. October 24, 2007 at 6:38 pm, Guest said:

    Hi I have just one question to ask. I live in an apartment buliding with 7 apartments. In which 4 of them are accupied with family members of the landlord. now there seems to be double standards for those tenants and us. And recently another family member moved in accross the street. now our parking lot is small. we get 2 spaces in which we have to park in back of eachother, and our gets aare to park on the side of a bush btw the road and our parking lot. and our landlord lets the neighbors park one of thier cars there, one of three, and we were told our company is to park in a vacant home next door. so our company has come over and parked thier car next to the bush, and they had 2 people in 2 different situation tell them they cant park there. one was the family member living accross the street, and the other a family member living in the building. now I think that the family shouldn’t be allowed to park there… and they shouldn’t have even moved there if they new there wasn’t enough parking for their cars….. and this is only one problem with the faimly…. what should i do, ive said someting to the landlord a few times about the wat she handle certain things…. and nothings changed… there seems to be a lot of double standards… and when we do something they do we get a note on our door the next day… what should i do


  108. October 29, 2007 at 11:33 pm, Guest said:

    I moved into my apartment with my husband and 10 month old son about 4 weeks ago. We were supposed to move in on a Monday, well after I called all week waiting for a response I finally got to move in the following Friday. When I arrived at the apartment they didn’t do a walk thru before I moved in and it was filthy. They came to clean it while I was out and when I got home I noticed they didn’t clean much. I complained about it again and they sent a lady out who was very rude to me and was cussing in front of my baby (which I don’t allow) She was not happy that she had to come out on a Saturday to clean so I gave her 2 things to do and told her to get out. My son crawls on the floor and after about 30 minutes of him being down there his knees and feet turn black. I’ve complained about this several times. I also keep finding push pins on the carpet which are in a very convenient place for my son to get them and put them in his mouth. I’ve complained about this also. They said then sent somebody out to clean the carpets again and I believed them because when I got home the carpets were still a little wet. However the next day I found another push pin and my son had turned black again. I waited a few days before I complained again. I took my sons black knees and feet to show them the proof on a friday in the eartly afternoon, the maintance man said he would call the carpet people and see what they could do and he would call me back asap. Monday morning I still had no phone call so I called the office manager and asked her what she was doing about my carpets, after catching attitude with me she told me they had been cleaned already but she would do it again. I mentioned the push pins and asked if she could make sure they were all up. She said “well I don’t knwo what to tell you, they’re not gonna go over it with a magnifying glass” She also made a comment that I thought was rediculous…it went like this “When I’m wearing white socks at home and I walk on my carpet my feet turn black too” I had to bite my tongue when she said that. I don’t want to get evicted but I can’t have my son turning black every 30 minutes and I’m going nuts thinking that he’s swallowing push pins. Please somebody tell me what I can do.


  109. November 14, 2007 at 5:50 pm, Guest said:

    You’re in the wrong. If you had left a vehicle sitting for a month without moving it, you would have returned from Florida to a missing vehicle. You cannot leave items in poor condition and expect the property management not to deal with it, just like you cannot leave items in good condition and expect them not to get stolen after leaving them unattended for a month. Your landlord/property management company has nothing for which to apologize. Be glad you didn’t leave something valuable out there!


  110. November 25, 2007 at 7:37 am, Guest said:

    you are required to give a 30 day written notice to your landlord in order to end a month to month lease. if you fail to do that landlord can keep your last month’s rent,


  111. November 25, 2007 at 7:44 am, Guest said:

    buy a shop -vac and thouroughly sweep the carpet, so as to avoid any more push pins. then buy an inexpensive rug so your baby will not get dirty feet.


  112. November 25, 2007 at 7:47 am, Guest said:

    read your lease carefully and if it is not in the lease then have them remove the dryer from the place and buy a second hand dryer.


  113. November 25, 2007 at 7:57 am, Guest said:

    you can get out of your lease if you can take pictures to prove that your apartment is uninhabitable. if they sue you for the lease then you can show the judge proof that the apartment was not sanitary and safe for you to live there. good -luck


  114. December 05, 2007 at 8:03 am, Guest said:



  115. December 10, 2007 at 8:36 pm, Guest said:

    If it’s so bad, why don’t you move? I would.


  116. December 30, 2007 at 7:22 pm, Guest said:

    this is not the propert owner but someone that call themself a contrator or seeover,anty how he talk tome like that what should I do ,some of the work is not done yet! like the radiaters are not in the housse and it’s been a year now .my health was already in not so good of health because I have two hip replacements left and right.I have to go up and down the stairs.I can not bath because there is no hot water,well the water tank needs a thrumel couple in it something to connect the gas to come on.
    ths man treaten to evict me because I am two months behind in rent (I had to buy a refrigerater because the one that was in here had mold in it and would not get out,it got in my food ,the smell was all in the house!and I paid different people to clean the place out .it was thillity dirty. I needed somewhere to study because I m going to college online on my computer ,I needed space to be by myself


  117. January 03, 2008 at 3:38 pm, Anonymous said:

    I have a bit of a problem. I rent out a property in NH on a long, steep hill. My lease reads that I am responsible for the snow removal on my walkway and my parking spot(s), but says nothing of the actual driveway. So far this season another tenant has been doing the plowing, but he has now moved out. My car had parts of its bottom torn off after attempting to drive up the partially plowed driveway. Would my landlord be responsible for any damages done due to the driveway not being safe? And also who will be responsible for having the driveway plowed after future storms?


  118. January 04, 2008 at 10:31 am, Guest said:

    I have two college students attending college in Tallahassee, Fl. As their parents, we were asked to be the guarantors for their lease. After several months, the leasing office call me and threaten to evict both of my children unless they or some one in their dorm styled apartment did not put the utilities in their names. Mind you, there are four seperate rooms in one apartment, each with bathrooms and the commons areas,ie, kitchen, living room and laundry room. They finally decided amongsts themselves, the tenants, to get the utilities transferred out of the property’s name into their own. First, is this standard apartment policy for rooms that have more than one tenant at on address? Second of all, we pay their rent online via a rentpayment service. At that site, you have the option of paying the rent as well as paying anything other than the rent. We have used the “other” to pay their utilities to the leasing office in the past. Most recently, I recieved an email from the leasing office stating that both of my children’s rent was past due and had late fees. I contacted the leasing office and they said that their policy was to pay whatever was owed at the time regardless to if we paid at that site for “rent” or either the “other” . Then this caused the rent to be late incurring late fees and they have some pretty stiff late fees. Is this legal and if not, what type of recourse can I take? Please advise. Thank you, [email protected]


  119. January 05, 2008 at 7:45 am, Guest said:

    I have a meeting with my landlord in 5days and the noisy tenant to mediate. I don’t see where there is anything to mediate. I have been complaining about the noise from this person for three years. I was not able to pinpoint the noise since there are at least 300 aptments in my building. My Manager came out in April spoke with several surronding tenants and was not albe to locate the source of the noise, but caused problems with me and those neighbors saying I was complaining about them specially. I have recently found the noisy person whom I believe is disabled and she now wants to mediate. I have not been able to use my bedroom for a few years. I sleep in my livingroom and I to am ill. I have had 3 surgeries in the past 3yrs and am having another next month. It is hard to sleep on a couch with stitches, farther more recuperate. I am going to the meeting now that I have found the source of the problem and demanding something be dond, but mediation in not enough. Can I withhold the monthly maintenance on my coop until one of us is moved and if me can I demand that management pay the moving fees?


  120. January 22, 2008 at 12:53 pm, Guest said:



  121. February 15, 2008 at 9:16 am, Guest said:

    I think I’m dealing with the same company. I’ve filed a formal complaint. Have you got any resolution?


  122. March 19, 2008 at 5:55 pm, Guest said:

    I very recently moved to a small 1 bd house, naturally i was unaware of the house problems such as, the hot water tank was not hooked up, electical outlets burnt as well as the two breakers on this house being tripped all time cant run more than one thing at a time. Ok so on with the problems, Kitchen sink stopped up, leaks in the ceiling , shall I cont? WELL, the landlord sent a person to “fix” the problems….including the oven not working that now runs a 500 degrees no matter the setting.So the sink was unstopped for a few moments, when I came in from work it drained VERY slow, like it took overnight for the sink to empty, when it does it drains from a broken pipe at the back of the sink and goes into the bottom of the cabinet.The man also connected the water tank that has bad water i it , we have been running the water for 2wks now it is rusty and smelly still.
    I called a couple of days later t say thanks for getting somebody on this stuff promptly however this still are the problems. Well to get on with it today an electrican came, looked at that, landlord came over unannounced barged in saying I am the land lord (whom my BF has never met, going straight to tank.LL says to fix that we need to cont to run the H2O(we have been for 2wks mind you)LL say if $ of just running it is the problem, I will take some off rent. BF stated BUT that has been done , not better and ask LL if he would like to bathe , eat off dishes cleaned in that nasty water. Well that made him angry he stormed out called me at work (not knowing who was calling)says who is that piece of shit in the house, I was like what who is this, THE LL! and he said it again, he said I am not fixing an F-ing thing while he is there I want him out. I said we have not violated a thing and that is not up to you to decide whom resides with me, he says he didnt sign a lease, I said he is listed a an occupant, review your own paper work. He said then I will evict you both, I said on what grounds(all the while I am asking what is going on, he did say once he said something about the H2O tank, I replied AND?) Nothing more was said. He then told me he was calling his Attny, I said yes please do, and I know my rights and you must make some of those repiars, he said I have a good repore w/ my tenants, I told him not with that attitude as well as he needs to rethink his actions and cool down (as he was yelling) He hung up on me. I have been there since march 1st 08, I cant not believe how he acted.I have never dealt with a person like this as a LL, my own family has been rental owners as well as I have been in Mngmnt myself in the same field. So now I am not sure what to do, I didnt ask him to come over and I spoke to him about it yesterday and asked politely if he would consider changing the tank to elec instead of gas due to gas prices. He laughed and said yeah if you plan on staying 5-10 yrs. I blew it off and just said OK. Now what? Oh he said before all this came about, as he was barging through that the elec will be fixed tomorrow….Guess I will see what happens there. I feel unsafe and do not want to burn up in some old house, I knew it needed work before I moved in but those are major deals, i dont even have hot water it is nasty , and the gas co will not light it say it isnt code, they told me oh they say that about everything. I know this is all gobbled up and misspelled I am now very angry about all this so please over look the errors. Oklahoma City


  123. April 24, 2008 at 2:13 am, Guest said:

    I told my landlord I would be out of the house by the 1st of may and that i would be paying her the rest of aprils rent by months end. I left my residence for a few days for my boyfriends birthday. Upon returning we found that all of our things were gone. I called the police but by the time they answered my call we had found our belongings in the shed. We left the property with our things and upon looking through them we found that we are missing well over $500.00 in personal belongings. I know the law and know that what she did is completely illegal. How do I get my things back and how do I go about suing the crazy bitch because she is a frickin psycho!


  124. May 22, 2008 at 9:38 pm, Guest said:

    I signed a renewal lease last year. My landlord offered $40 a month off the rent if I signed before the original lease expired. I did and paid my rent each month on time and in full. The complex was sold to a new company and a year later this company says they have no record of my previous landlord offering a $40 a month discount, therefore they are suing for back rent and interest. My previous landlord did not give me a copy of the discount adjustment which was separate from the lease but she did put it in my file, however the new company says they can’t find it and they are suing me and most of my neighbors for back rent. I have proof that my rent has always been paid on time and on the front of the money orders I wrote For Rent.


  125. July 02, 2008 at 6:39 pm, Guest said:

    I moved into my duplex home almost 5 months ago with my girlfriend. Right off the bat there were many things that the landlord was not honest with us about. We found syringes in the backyard and found out the next door neighbors are drug dealers. When we had came to see the place we asked about the area and he said it was “great” he later admitted to also finding drug paraphanelia but hadn’t wanted to worry us! WHAT? Hello! This was our right to know! But the big issue right now is the fact that he is on a daily basis violating our right to “quiet enjoyment” when we first moved in, he mentioned he had a few things to do next door and then would be renting it out probably at the end of this month that we moved in. Needless to say, FIVE months later we endure loud pounding, shaking of the house from huge drills, strange people going in and out all day, the house smelling from all the chemicals, paints etc they use. Saws, hammers. One day we were literally woken up out of our bed thinking it was an earthquake as our bed was shaking..oh no it was just them…using a jack hammer! We have expressed out concern over and over and over to the landlord who only gets annoyed at us for complaining! Saying sometimes life just sucks. We explained to him that we are paying him rent for this house and we have the right to our privacy and protected under “quiet enjoyment” He literally laughed at us and said “i pay taxes to the state and still have to deal with road construction, sorry its just part of life and you have to deal with it”.
    This is NOT an exceptable answer and I am needing some help. He had us put down a substancial deposit when we moved in and said we can move out and forfit the money. NO WAY! We also suggested he reduce our rent considering what we have been subjected to and his original answer was he would consider that, and then he changed his mind and said he has a right to do work on the other side of the house whenever he wants. We have tried to be civil with him, and have been more than patient. Today as I am typing there is a constant pounding through the walls. I am so sick and tired of not being able to relax in a place that I am paying so much money each month for. Any suggestions? Please help or give me links to protect me on this? I live in Utah. Thanks!
    A very very frustrated renter.


  126. July 11, 2008 at 4:22 am, Guest said:

    Problem with Landlord HELP by kimberly (NC) on July 11, 2008 @01:17
    I had rented a house from my church’s pastors daughter 3 months ago,and paid a $450.00 deposit plus 1st. months rent,
    she did not give me a lease of any kind ( there was no lease) The only thing I told her was that I was needing to rent the home for 1 year she agreed. I had been living here for 3 months and had paid my rent on time never late, my problem is every since I moved here I had been having pluming problems in the kitchen since the first day I moved in, the water would not go down the drain and I had to dump water every day, the plumber was called out but he never fixed it and refused to come out again then I finely got the water down after the land lord told me what to do like boiled water and pour it in the sink 6 or 7 times and use Clorox well we got the water to drain that was 1 1/2 months ago and the drain had been trying to stop up just a couple times happening again off and on but I was able to get the water down, well this time I could not get the water to go down and I called my landlord and told her about it and some how water had gotten in only one of the drawers beside the sink where I keep my spoons and forks and it got messed it up I don’t know how it happened,it was not down by me or my 15 or 16 year old now she’s kicking me out for this saying I’m damaging the cabinets, the cabinets are NOT DAMAGEE ONLY ONE DROWER, she’s giving me 30 days to move out and she wants a walk though my house only on the grounds of the damage drawer only, I’m disable and have 2 children, my house is clean , she has never been in my house other then the kitchen to collect her rent and her mail and my kitchen was clean then as well, please what are my rights, I have done nothing to be kicked out about other then reporting things, MY PASTOR TOLD ME IF I MOVED IN THE HOUSE THAT I WOULD HAVE PROBLEMS WITH HER,I LIVE IN NC, ITs A PRIVATE HOUSE. Its a very old house built in the early 1900’s ,plumbing is slow in the bath room and she all so knew about that as well, and she has she has Ele, . problems that I’m told not to use to cut off at the breaker the kitchen light and porch light is messed up,PLEASE HELP i have only been here 3 months, I HAVE VERY LITTLE MONEY,i have the conversation between her and me is on a recorder as proff, can she legaly kick me out on them grounds? I told her i have done nothing wrong to be kicked out, im a christan and i go to her fathers church for 2 years, she dont even go, PLEASE HELP


  127. July 28, 2008 at 1:07 pm, Guest said:

    I have an infestation of fruit flies/drain flies in the kitchen and bathroom. I have tried many methods to get rid of these flies but to no avail. I keep a very clean apartment and do not leave vegetables and fruit out. It is my understanding that this is a problem throughout the complex. I have discussed this with the office and they give a few suggestions like pouring bleach down the sink, putting ice cubes in the garbage disposal. None of these things work. I have found a drain gel online that I want to try. Shouldn’t the apartment complex have to pay for this gel. Do I have a right to terminate my lease. I feel I am living in unsanitary conditions.


  128. August 14, 2008 at 1:28 am, Guest said:

    My girlfriends landlord says she owed him 315 dollers for the last months rent. She payed before she moved out. She lost the reciept and he saying she did not pay it. We are tied up right now financially and he is threatning to take us to court if we dont pay the money in a week…What can we do..


  129. August 16, 2008 at 10:06 pm, Guest said:

    You should have paid all of your rent before you left. Evidently you got evicted!


  130. August 28, 2008 at 9:55 pm, Guest said:

    my bf and I have been living in the apartment for about 3 years now. we recently complained about new tenants who make loud noises. apparently the manager went over our file and noticed I was not on the lease.however I filled out an application,credit report,photo id but my credit is bad so mngr then could not add me to lease but kept my personal info. now new manager is saying my personal info is missing and they need me to do another credit check,fill out an application and the whole works. I feel like they are picking on me because of the complain from us about the neighbors. why would they ask me to fill out paper work again? and is it legal? do I have to do it? can’t I just be listed as a resident and my bf the only one on the lease? pls reply right away!!! I’m sooo scared! =[


  131. September 25, 2008 at 6:10 pm, Guest said:

    If you decide to move out of your apartment and you have it still until the end of the month because you paid for it for the whole month but you have already moved out and into the new one and the maintenance starts to work on the apartment in the middle of the month while it’s still yours are you entitled to any money back? Is that even legal?


  132. October 31, 2008 at 3:00 am, Guest said:

    The landlord is doing something illegal, yet the tenant must move? Some people don’t have the money nor resources to move, like the disabled and elderly who live on low fixed incomes. What then?
    I’m disable, I live on a low fixed income. My landlord told me before I moved in that the apartment complex was quiet which accommodates my illness. I moved in. The music is so loud, it pounds, not just heard but pounds, into my apartment to the point I can’t hear anything else, such as the T.V. or the phone. Now what?


  133. November 15, 2008 at 2:30 pm, Guest said:

    I rented my 3 bedroom duplex to a young mother and her two children of teen age. I had lived in the house for over 30 years with my childred and truly enjoyed the freedom of the large yard and beautiful landscape. So when I decided to relocate to another state I thought it would be nice to rent to a section 8 mother. While looking for that mother I was approuched by a cashier who had worked in the neighborhood for years. I was sure that her sister would be a good person rent to. Everthing went along fine until her first months rent. Her portion of the had been reduced by about 50% of the amount due. She had gone shopping for paint ,toliet seat covers,locks etc. I contacted her about her owing me the balance. The next problem was about damages in the bath room upstairs. The repairman reported to me that it appeared that someone had fought in the room. The sink had been pulled out from the wall and the light globes were broken.These debts were never paid and she was informed that she owed for them. My daughter who lived on the West side of Chicago sent me pictures of the front yard. The grass and my tree (Crimson King)was dead. I did landscaping while going to school.She moved out a month and a half before her lease was out. I ended up selling the house for half the cost and section 8 has yet to respond or reinbruise me for some of my losses. She now lives on another section 8 property. I wish that section 8 would consider my losses for I was a single mother too.


  134. June 30, 2009 at 10:42 pm, Kate said:

    The painters at my apartment complex were in my apartment without written or verbal approval 2 days before the end of my lease. In the process, they made a mess of the apartment my roommate and I had cleaned. Now they are trying to charge us for the cleaning the paint off of the vanity and mirror in the bathroom. Not only did they violate our space and illegally enter our apartment, but they are trying to nail us for bogus move-out charges that their employees obviously caused. Should I go to small claims court to sue them for month’s rent due to illegally entering my apartment, or pay the fines they are charging me?


  135. August 07, 2009 at 12:21 am, Justin said:

    I live in Iowa. I recently moved into a duplex and I am on the lower level. Everything seemed to be fine for the first month until I started to notice something. I was coming back to my place after a birthday party and walked into the kitchen and was about to make a sandwich when I notice water on top of the fridge. I didnt think anything of it. Then a week later right above the sink I noticed water on top of the counters but havent washed my hands or done the dishes that day. I called the landlord and said my ceiling in the kitchen is leaking. He told me that the cleaning crew upstairs used to much water probably and he said he would call them and say not to use that much water. Well it seems everything the guy upstairs uses the bathroom or the sink or whatever is up there; water still comes down. I pay my rent on time and havent had any trouble with the guy upstairs. I called my landlord twice with no action so with my rent check I wrote a letter saying…I was just curious when you were going to come over and fix the leaks in the kitchen; Ive called you twice with no result or attempt to fix the problem. Now for your help…Am i in the right or not? Its been four months now. Any suggestions would be helpful!!


  136. August 17, 2009 at 12:19 am, HELEN CHA said:



  137. September 19, 2009 at 6:46 pm, Kirk said:

    I rent a home in Memphis,Tn and want to know if it is legal for my landlord to enter my home for an inspection when I am not present and know nothing of it?


  138. January 13, 2010 at 10:35 pm, Chris Woodley said:

    Lately my house that I rent in smells, and is causing everybody to have a headache. The landlord is having someone to check under the house only. I do have a carbon monoxide alarm in my house but I am now worried about mold. Can I legally make my landlord check inside to see whats going on? I have a 6 month old in the house.


  139. June 08, 2010 at 11:09 am, Jennifer said:

    I am a single mother of 3 and struggling to keep a roof over our heads. I found a apartment for $300 monthly, I knew it wouldn’t be the best but I viewed the apartment spairingly because I viewed another adjacent which the maintenance guy said were all the same. We moved in, no air in 90 degree weather in B’ham,AL. They replaced the central air unit after a week. Next, i found fecal matter not of my family on the bathroom floor and in carpets. The lighting fixtures were filled with bugs, the tub was dirty, it appeared they moved someone out and moved us right on in.I got over it all 3 weeks later but now the new ac unit isn’t blowing cool air and it is to hot to stay. 2 of the three weeks we’ve been there, we’ve stayed at my mom’s house. Rent is do in 2 days, what can I do?


  140. February 19, 2011 at 1:05 pm, Jzelle said:

    My landlord is refusing to accept my rent. The reason that she is giving; a guest got short with her. She speaks to people in a very rude way all of the time and expects no one to return the favor. This LL has done nothing but harass my guests and myself since I moved in. I am a single female and live alone. I let my brother keep my spare key for safety reasons. He came over one day while I was at work with a female friend. The LL ran out of the office (my apt is across from the office) and demanded to know who he was and why he had a key. She then called me at work to say that she would be changing the locks. The reason she gave, his friend girl had recently been evicted and should not be on the property. My brother basically told her that unless there was some sort of no trespassing notice, the girl could visit with him legally. This LL is very nosy. She has binoculars that she uses to spy on her tenants with (told to me by maintenance workers.) I understand that everyone has the potential to change. She is an ex-felon and crack-head, turned pastor. In my opinion, she is taking her personal demons out on her tenants. My question: Can she legally refuse to except my rent based on a non-threatening confrontation she had with a guest? This, to me, sounds like a personal issue.


  141. February 19, 2011 at 1:10 pm, Jzelle said:

    Oh, by the way, I live in an apartment in Dallas, TX. The LL called me and advised me of this on the 15th of Feb. while I was at work. She has never given me any written notice as to such, just a verbal statement.


  142. December 30, 2011 at 5:43 pm, kathy said:

    my mom is living in an apt and she is with my two nephews one wants to move out they cant make the rent if he does their lease is up jan 8 2012 and they cant affored rent there and find a new place can they stay there 30 dayls until they find something smalller or can the land lord make them move without notice my mom has a disability


  143. December 12, 2012 at 2:48 pm, Drogers said:

    I gave my landlord a notice that I would be moving at the end of the month. It has been hell since this time. He wants me to move all my stuff in the basement, and give him the key. He has entrance through his house. I am packing and he wants me to move my boxes and clothes in to the basement where he can show the apartment. I don’t want to do this – his basement is damp. I am having to take my dog to a babysitter because he is having people in and out of my apartment. He has posted our address on craiglist, and the people who view this ad are coming by my place unannounced. Today is December 12, and I am moving at the last of December.


  144. February 12, 2013 at 10:07 pm, Anonymous said:

    my husband,i,and children(2) have been living in an apartment in fitchburg,ma for 2 years. the previous landlord lost the building so the bank bought it. a month ago a guy comes to knock on my door and tell that he is going to become the new landlord…ok. i paid 550 rent lastmonth. the landlord wants us to move downstairs (keep in my mind its just 1 flight of 12 steps). the thing is he tells my husband that he wants 1st and last and a rent for the month of march (which hasent even come yet). the landlord is calling me everyday leaving me voice messages about do u have the money…..are u staying or moving out blah blah blah. no lie, i get paid 2ce a month and informed the landlord on that lastmonth face to face when i paid that 550 (rent)

    wth should i do and or say????????????????????????????????????


  145. March 11, 2014 at 4:19 am, Anonymous said:

    landlord where I live or management, really im not sure the apartments are owned by a company that owns lots of other properties all over. myself and other residents here have complained on several occasions of mold on inside of windows and sliding door. the drafty condition of apartments and we pay our own heat. found the bigger apartment I was moved to has even more mold then my previous apartment here. I get water condensation in all windows (I took pics) on the inside of window. there is black mold growing in all windows and glass patio slider door. its growing from out of wall where water heater is it is clearly visible all around pipes holes going into wall. my bathrooms (1 full & the other1/2 bath) the fan vents have black mold in them that looks like its growing fur. noticed this stuff on ceiling above bathtub/shower that looks like splotches of dots edges of dot are uneven sort of reminds me of snowflakes stuck on ceiling especially as whatever it is was clearly just panted over and not cleaned off. almost yearly they raise our rents one year I wrote a letter to MA housing and the company that owns property about theses conditions other repairs not being made in a timely manner, and that why was that leftover money used to renovate the rental office that includes brand new furniture. used to fix drafty moldy apartments instead. I have called health department in past the guy did not even acknowledge when I said something about mold (I was later informed health dept. guy is in their back pocket. recent meeting about yet another rent increase myself and others brought up problems the MA housing guy instructed lady who works in office to talk to us after meeting she stated she would put in work orders. hmm nobody been here to fix anything its been 2 months. oh and when I did talk to her after meeting about the mold she ounce again told me to bleach it. I wont touch it im highly allergic besides from what I hear bleaching it causes a bad toxin, and it just comes back. oh and did I forget to mention the brown water causing me to have to purchase water brought a sample of that to office one time & office lady bugged saying take it off my desk in disgust. cant have it on yur desk but my kids have to bath in that. I don’t know what to do as I don’t have the money to move. oh did I mention they have 1 maintanace guy for some 80 or 90 units. he also plows and clears walkways often leaving this stuff not done till late in afternoon. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?


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