Kitchenette Storage Space: Where to Put Your Stuff

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Maximizing storage space in your kitchen is a smart idea for all apartment dwellers, but it’s especially important for those with kitchenettes. With a kitchenette, you’ll have but a fraction of the space of a typical apartment kitchen, so use your space wisely with these tips:

Turn Unused Vertical Space Into Storage

In small kitchens and kitchenettes, every inch of storage space counts. You can use up the maximum amount of space in cupboards and in the refrigerator with multiple-tier lazy susans. You can stack items vertically on multiple shelves, but you can still easily access any of the items with a simple turn of the revolving plate.

Other smart vertical-space-using ideas include a can dispenser in your fridge, a wine rack for storing bottles in or atop your fridge and vertical shelving. However, the lazy susan may be the most versatile solution because of your ability to easily access the items at the back of your fridge or cupboard.

Use Walls for Storage

Another vertical space that often goes to waste is the wall. However, you might not have room on your counter to put vertical storage units or you might not find a vertical storage unit tall enough to be easily accessible if the unit is stored on the floor. Instead, place hooks on the wall from which you can hang cooking utensils, lightweight appliances, saran wrap and more. Some appliances are even designed to be hung from the wall when not in use for people who need to create more storage space.

Besides hooks, you can also try hanging a small shelf, where you can place cooking spices, condiments or anything else you need while cooking or serving food. Since you live in an apartment, either make sure the hooks are not permanent or you get your landlord’s permission prior to installation of any devices you attach to the wall.

Use the Microwave and Oven as Storage (But Be Careful)

It may sound weird, but turning your microwave and/or oven into storage space is a great solution for people with small kitchenettes. This is because both (or either) of these appliances may be an essential part of your small kitchen, but they take up a lot of space—space you don’t really have ample to spare. When you’re not using the microwave or oven, then, use up the large, empty space inside to store items away.

Of course, using your oven and microwave as storage units comes with a caveat: be extremely careful not to turn on either without checking to make sure they’re empty first. To be on the safe side, you might want to only store items that are safe for use in each appliance inside the appliances, such as microwavable glassware and plastic ware in the microwave and metal baking sheets and pans inside the oven.

It won’t take much effort to maximize the storage space in your kitchenette; just remember to not let the space get cluttered in the future. Go through your kitchenette every few months and donate food that’s just sitting in storage to a local food shelter.

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