Keeping Long Distance Moving Companies From Ripping You Off

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Long distance moving companies can be the biggest blessing when faced with a move that’s taking you across the country. Not only can the movers pack and ship for you, but some long-distance moving companies also provide information about schools in your destination area and help with house hunting if you don’t have a permanent destination already set. For all the benefits that long-distance moving companies offer, there are also pitfalls. The main ones being expense and the potential for being ripped off. Be smart by taking these clues to make sure that you are given a fair deal.

Due Diligence

Get to know who the best and most honest moving companies are through research. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start after you have gathered five names of long-distance moving companies that sound appealing to you. Rip Off Report Website also offers information that can showcase companies that you should never deal with. Look at customer reviews on websites, but make sure to look at the overall picture. One unsatisfied customer does not mean that the company is necessarily bad, but many bad reviews probably is a red flag.

Get Estimates

Get estimates from several reputable companies. You want to first do the due diligence outlined above to avoid giving your personal information to a sub-par company in order to obtain an estimate. You also want to avoid listing your moving information from those websites that come up in search engines that promise you comparisons of many companies at once. While some are honest, a great many of companies like that may use your information for other purposes and may give you estimates from companies you’d never use. Instead, take the time to get individual estimates from the companies themselves.

One thing you must do when obtaining an estimate is include all the services that you will need. Otherwise, estimates can end up being unbalanced. One company may be giving you an all-inclusive estimate, and another could be giving you what it would cost for just the basics. in that confusion, you may end up going with the more expensive company on accident. Be specific from the start.

Personal Contact

Once you have decided the long distance moving company that sounds best to you, visit them in person if possible. You can get an even better idea of the company if you see it in up close. Although long-distance movers are scattered throughout the country and often serve all of it, there may be some movers that you are able to visit. If not, be sure to establish a clear contact person that you can speak to openly and frequently about the move without getting the run-around. You always want to have someone specific that you can go to for personal handling of the move.

Get It in Writing

Get everything in writing. Not only should the cost of the move be given to you clearly in a written contract before you proceed, but all the services included in that price should also be written down. For your own protection, never trust verbal agreements. Get everything clearly in writing for your records in order to avoid getting ripped off from any long-distance moving company.

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