Interior Design Ideas: Add Mediterranean Style to Your Apartment

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Are you looking for some interior design ideas that will add some flavor to your apartment? Choosing a Mediterranean decorating style can add bold pops of color and a peaceful vibe to your surroundings. This is an easy look to achieve, even for apartment dwellers who cannot make major changes to their homes. These easy and affordable ideas can totally transform the look of your apartment.

Use Bold Colors with High Quality Paint

Check with your landlord to see if you are allowed to paint your walls. Many landlords will allow it as long as you agree to prime the walls back to white before you move out. Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest yet most dramatic ways to change the whole look of a room. Look at photographs of Italian villas, Turkish bazaars and other Mediterranean destinations for some color inspirations. Maybe the deep turquoise of the sea surrounding the Greek Isles will inspire you. Maybe it will be warm terracotta tones of an Italian courtyard. Whatever your color choice is, make it bold. The Mediterranean region is dominated by bold and saturated colors. If you are afraid to commit to a powerful color choice, your hesitance will come through in your decor. Choose high quality paints with great coverage to make deep colors look solid and even. If you aren’t sure whether you need another coat, paint one anyway.

Different Textiles Over Pillows and Sofas

Texture is an important aspect to consider when you are decorating your Mediterranean style apartment. Try to incorporate differently textured textiles into the room whenever possible. If there isn’t room in your budge for new furniture, but your old stuff doesn’t exactly fit the new look you’re going for, consider buying slipcovers for your furniture. A sofa cover crafted out of warm golden sailcloth can be perfectly accented with some decorative jewel-toned pillows. No one will know that your grandmother’s floral hand-me-down sofa lies beneath. Long draping curtains will also add a feeling of luxury and opulence to a room. Let curtains gently brush the floor. Make windows look larger by hanging curtains slightly higher and wider than the actual window. Floor rugs can be a great addition, especially in a room with hardwood floors. Look for something you might find at a Turkish bazaar, or gracing the golden wood floors of an Italian villa. There’s no need to shell out tons of money, either. Check out flea markets and estate sales for some unique vintage finds.


Add special touches in the details of the rooms. Mediterranean style decorating is a popular style, so finding the right decorating items for your home should be easy. Many home and decorating stores feature imported items such as Moroccan lanterns and rustic mosaics that would add artistic elements to the room. Look for items that will provide a bright pop of color in key areas of the room. If you want to splurge on something, do it on a large piece of art to hang above a sofa as an accent piece. A beautiful landscape depicting the area of the world that inspires you would be a great addition.

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