Inexpensive But Attractive Home Decorating Ideas

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Coming up with home decorating ideas that don’t ruin the budget can be challenging. However, with a few tips and the right outlook, your home will be beautifully decorated for a low cost.

Clear Out the Old, Ugly and Abused

The first thing to do when decorating is to get rid of anything that is worn-down and no longer needed. Old, broken lampshades, cracked mirrors, broken coffee tables or dressers with drawers that don’t work, should be taken out of the room so you can look at it with fresh eyes. Get rid of any trash and clean it up impeccably. It’s hard to decorate a messy room, and you will want to clear your mind for creative possibilities.

Shop for Hidden Treasures: Flea Markets

Flea markets are often a treasure trove of stuff. If you look carefully, you’re sure to find something that will delight and enhance your home. Look for great lamps, as they can be paired with a new lampshade for an instantly attractive look. Flea markets also often have beautiful wooden chairs that can give a diverse look to your living room, as well as a variety of candle holders for a finished decorative look.

Find Unusual Art for the Walls

In addition to framed art, spice up your living room walls with something usual. Look through second hand stores for mismatched letters you can use to spell something out: POET, for instance, or HOPE, FAMILY, or DOGS. You can choose anything you can think up that would make an interesting conversation piece. If no shops carry letters, you can try a fabric store. Vary the color, size and style of the letters for a really eye-catching look.

Potted Pens

If you have a desk in your house, like many of us do, consider substituting the messy coffee mug of pens and highlighter for what is called Potted Pens. In a terra cotta base with decorative moss, the pens are paired with plastic flowers and wrapped in green plant tape. They rest in the terra cotta pot giving a bright statement to any desk, and they serve a function as well.

Obtain Hand-Me-Downs

Many times a friend or neighbor will have things they want to discard at the same time you do. before you shop in stores, consider offering a trade and shopping in each other’s garages.

Hang Fabric Panels

By hunting at a flea market, many vintage fabrics can be found in the form of bed sheets or curtains. Using one such fabric to hem and hang on the wall can add color, and it is a great way to reduce echoing. The fabric softens a room and gives it a much more intimate feel. The sheets should be hemmed so that it is the right size for the space, and it can be hung on small vanity hooks (with grommets for the fabric) or on a traditional curtain rod that is hung across a straight wall.

With these easy tips, your home will be freshened and decorated beautifully, without breaking the bank.

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