Hunting Dust Bunnies: Ways to Keep Hard Wood Floors Clean

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Dust bunnies are small gray lumps of hair, dust and other particles, generally seen under couches or other furniture in your home. These dust bunnies are known to cause allergies, so you should clean your home at least once a week in order to get rid of these harmful elements.

Hard Wood Floors

Although hard wood floors look elegant and make your home appear more spacious, they have to be cleaned regularly to keep them free of dust bunnies and mites. There are different types of hardwood finishes available, but you have to use the same method of cleaning to keep these floors in optimal condition.

Cleaning Your Hard Wood Floors

To begin, sweep all loose particles from your hard wood floors with a soft broom. Next, use a soft mop to mop the entire floor so that any leftover dust or debris is removed. If the hardwood floor has grit or any hard particles stuck to it, carefully work on that area with a damp mop so  you don’t scratch the finish. If you don’t have a soft broom to sweep the floor, you could purchase a lightweight vacuum cleaner that’s specially manufactured for hardwood floors. Although sweeping and moping will leave you with a clean floor, you could try to polish the floor by using commercially available hardwood floor polishes.

Polishing Your Hard Wood Floors

Polishing your hard wood floor will leave you with a glossy and clean finish. It does involve a little hard work but it’s worth the time invested. You should read the instructions listed on the package of polish you buy and use the right type of cloth or buffer to complete the job. There are a few products like Orange Glo Wood Floor Polish & Cleaner that do both jobs at the same time.

Apart from keeping your hard wood floors clean, you should also clean other areas of your home so that you live in a clean environment. Vacuum and steam clean carpets that are laid out in other rooms and consider installing HEPA air filters in your home so that fresh air circulates in your house.

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  1. May 19, 2011 at 3:12 pm, minneapolis apartments said:

    Good advice. I’m moving into a beautiful one bedroom with all hardwood floor. I’m excited but I know I’m also going to keep busy chasing around the dust bunnies!


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