How to Tip Employees of Furniture Moving Companies

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Furniture moving companies are used by many when transferring to a new home or apartment. This service can help to reduce the amount of stress that a move causes. Many furniture moving companies will not only move your furniture safely from one home to the next in a timely manner but will also help you in the packing process or assembly at your new home. This service can be priceless especially if you are short on time or on the number of people available to help out.

Once the furniture moving companies have completed their job according to your wishes and you have looked over their work and checked for any damage to the furniture, tipping the furniture movers is proper etiquette. It is a good idea to have cash, in small bills, on hand for such a time. Even though most people understand that furniture movers should be tipped, many are unsure of the correct protocol, such as how much should be given.

Tip According to Amount of Furniture Moved

A great rule of thumb to go by is $5 to $10 per mover for small to medium furniture loads, and $15 to $20 per mover for large loads or challenging projects.

Tip for Extra Work Performed

If any extra work is performed above the movers’ normal duty, it is customary to tip accordingly. For example, if the furniture delivery men came over early to help pack or stayed late to help assemble any furniture, such as a bed, you should tip extra for this service. Also, if the furniture movers had to climb flights of stairs or haul extremely heavy or awkward items, an extra tip should be given.

Provide Drinks and Snacks

During the move, it is a great idea to offer the movers something to drink, even if it is just a glass of water. A small snack is a nice offering, as well. If the move is to extend through the lunch hour, you should ask the movers whether they are going to leave for lunch or if you should provide a small lunch. These little extras are greatly appreciated by the furniture movers during a laborious move.

Give Praise as an Extra Tip

Recognition of a job well done and appreciation for their hard work is a tip in and of itself. Many times movers work long, hard days and a simple “thank you” is overlooked. This likely won’t mean much, however, if you don’t actually tip them with money.  

Report Extraordinary Service to the Manager

In today’s economy, one of the best tips a furniture mover could receive is job stability. Reporting excellent service or friendliness to the moving company manager is a great way to reward a mover. This may even lead to the mover receiving a raise, which is better than any one-time tip you could give.

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