How to Terminate Your Sublet Rental Agreement Early

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A sublet rental agreement is an agreement drawn by an existing tenant and a potential subtenant. It allows the subtenant to occupy all or part of the rented home or apartment. The subtenant has to pay rent to the tenant and not to the landlord. The rent obtained from the subtenant can be retained by the tenant. The landlord of the premise collects the regular rent from the tenant. Even if the subtenant fails to meet certain responsibilities, the tenant remains responsible and has to pay the landlord the agreed rent on time.

Early Termination of a Sublease

The subtenant must give a notice of one month in order to terminate the sublease. The subtenant is also required to give reasons for leaving the premises. A sublease can be terminated early if the subtenant is willing to pay the rent until the end of the month and an amount in addition to this. The subtenant should also sign an Early Termination Request form and submit it to the tenant with the termination fee that could amount to nearly three months’ rent (the amount may vary in some instances).

Other Things to Note

All rental obligations until the termination date have to be paid by the subtenant in addition to all utility costs and bills that accrue until then for which the subtenant is directly responsible. On the termination date, the subtenant has to surrender the subleased premises in the same condition as it was received on the commencement date. The subtenant should receive all the appropriate closure letters from relevant government agencies before the termination date. The security deposit that’s paid by the subtenant should also be given back on time.

A subtenant who has to surrender the premise for personal reasons can do so, but must ensure that all the tips mentioned above are taken into consideration.

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  1. February 06, 2017 at 11:22 pm, Felica R Miller said:

    I'm in a lease until July 2017. My dishwasher does not work and has not since October 2016. It had started smelling really bad. The landlord sent someone out twice, still the dishwasher has not been replaced nor repaired. My toilet is on the fritz. It will not flush properly. This had been mentioned more than 5 times. At times, it overflows. It's unsanitary and it's also embarrassing. I'm on a limited income of $807.00 and the rent is $800.00. The stress of trying to maintain my home and these issues within the home had only added to my stress and I want out!!! I live in Mississippi, there was an $800.00 deposit paid on the unit.


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