How to Spruce Up Cheap Window Blinds

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If you find that your newly rented apartment has cheap window blinds, it isn’t the end of the world. While they might be somewhat of an eye sore, the situation can be remedied very quickly and easily. There are a number of options available to improve the look of the blinds.


By measuring and adding a correctly sized valance, the window coverings will be a bit more colorful and a bit covered. The valance will help draw the attention away from the blinds. This will also help tie the room together, instead of the window blinds just giving a sense of not belonging to the room. Valances come in a variety of options, sizes, shapes and colors. The choices are endless, and with just a little searching, locating the perfect valance can be done.

Curtains and Tiebacks

If you want more coverage over the blinds, then curtains are the way to go. Curtains will cover more of the blinds, and there are options as to how the curtains look. For example, the curtains may remain down, or closed. They can also be left open, with tiebacks. This will allow outside viewing through the window, while not displaying much of the blinds. As with the valance, many colors, styles, and prints are available. There are curtains available for almost any color choice imaginable. And this to will also allow more color throughout the room.

Combination of Both Options

Traditionally, curtains and valances are used together, but using either one of the products by themselves is perfectly acceptable, and is a personal choice. Either will draw attention away from the blinds.

While the blinds might be bad enough to constitute purchasing new ones, the use of drapes, curtains and/or valances will help reduce the awkwardness of the cheaper window coverings.

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