How to Set Up an Upside Down Patio Garden

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An upside down patio garden can let you grow vegetables such as tomatoes and green peppers in small spaces, so you don’t have to worry if you have no space for a regular garden.

Making an Upside Down Patio Garden

You can buy containers for an upside down patio garden from the market or you can make them yourself. All you need is an empty plastic container with a handle. A bucket will also do the job for you. Cut a 2″ diameter hole in the bottom with a sharp knife. Place the bucket on the ground with the bottom end up and place the roots of the tomato plant in the hole. Place foam with a half inch hole cut in the middle around the tomato roots inside the bucket. Fill the inside of the bucket with soil until it’s half full.

Add water to the soil and then fill the bucket completely with soil. Hang up the bucket by its handle anywhere in the patio. You can plant plants such as peppers, aubergines and cougettes in addition to tomatoes in the bottom half of an upside down patio garden. The top of the bucket can be used to plant herbs and salad vegetables such as garlic, lettuce or radishes.

An upside down patio garden is perfect for balconies, terraces and roof gardens. The plants grown in the bottom half have higher yields, while the plants grown in the top half are less likely to be adversely affected by slugs.

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