How to Report a Bad Landlord

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Have you wondered how to report a bad landlord? If you’ve tried to communicate with him and aren’t getting your conflict resolved, then you have the right to report him. Each city as their own specific laws protecting tenants, but you’ll need to do some background work before you make your complaint. With the proper supporting documents, your story will be more compelling and sound proof to a third party. Additionally, you are more likely to get help in addressing the problem quickly and properly. Here are the steps to take when reporting a bad landlord:

Gather Your Evidence

Whatever your gripe is with your landlord, you should gather the facts and evidence. First, check your lease and any other contracts that you signed to understand your complete rights and terms. Also review previous correspondence such as letters, emails, texts photos and videos. Do note that emails may not be not admissible in court, however if you print them out and send them to him certified return receipt, they have a better chance of being used as the recipient will most likely sign the letter. A good rule of thumb is to store all correspondence in the event that you have to seek legal action.

Understand Laws and Violations

Has your landlord violated a law or a building code? Has he done something illegal? You can find apartment laws on your cities government site. They will have everything from building and fire codes, tenant’s rights and housing acts. Most of these can be found online, but can also be done at your local housing court or housing department.

Develop Your Case

When you have a clear, succinct story with evidence and supporting documents, you will be able to build a case against your landlord. When you report your case, develop your “headline” or the most important fact about your situation as housing authorities hear large quantities of complaints and you’ll want to make sure that yours is taken seriously. Start with a headline like “my landlord refuses to turn on the heat and the temperate has gone below 20 degrees for the past week.” You should follow up with the any correspondence, temperature readings or pictures to support your claim. Finally, be able to state the law. For example, NYC law requires landlords to turn on the heat when the temperature drops below 40 degrees after 10pm. Also, be able to state the inconvenience it has caused. In this case, it could have been that you had to move out of your apartment to due to unlivable living situations.

Contact the Appropriate People

The most severe and threatening concerns should be directed to the police. Otherwise, there are several government organizations such as your cities housing board or tenants union that should be notified. With proper evidence and a compelling headline, your case will be solid.   With all the upfront work completed and help from a third party, you should be able to get your conflict resolved with your landlord.

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  1. September 13, 2011 at 10:41 am, Anonymous said:

    MS&n properties or JMG Holdings in Richmond Virginia stay away from them evil people


  2. September 20, 2011 at 9:10 am, Matt Goldman said:

    You can report a bad landlord at we do all the work for you for free. Just fill out one report add your address and we will get your report to the proper offices for your area. Besides you can also make the public aware of the problems at that address.


    • November 11, 2016 at 12:35 am, Christina McKinney & Paul Maditz Jr said:

      > The drywall and plaster are falling of our walls, in sections. Old , mold covered insulation is falling all over the place. The insides of the walls are covered w a crazy amount of white, and black mold. The gas company won't turn the gas on, because the furnace has been red tagged. Our hot water tank hasn't worked in over a year and we can't take a hot shower or bath. And kitchen sink and bathroom sink are both leaking all over the place. We have two small children. My daughter, who is 6 years old and my son, who is 18 months old. Both of them always have nasal and throat problems, stuufy noses and weeze when they breath. They complain that their throat itches and are always coughing. The Dr.s have them both on breathing treatments, and I'm shure that the mold is a major part of the problem. Along w that and everything that's broke and doesn't work, its ALOT to try and deal with. Why don't e just move?? We don't move because we just can't afford to. Financialy, we are struggling, and we just don't have the ability to come up with a lump sum of money. Which we would need to move in to another place and start over.


    • November 29, 2016 at 11:36 pm, Carolyn Harris said:

      > my banana us Carolyn Harris, I reside at wingates apt. Trotwood Ohio.. for more then a year I dealt with bedbugs, which I laid on the floor in fear of replacing, furniture because th the bedbugs was still visible.. I purchased some diamotist dusting killing the bugs until I felt confident that they have left.. ,2- 3 months ago I receive an eviction notice fore non payment, stating that my m.o had returned.. I contacted memo financial inquiring about the m.o., the agent informed that that they m.o. was cashed, n go ask my landlord to check with the bank to see if there was an error..mind your this issue has been going on for two to three months. I'm constantly going to the office to see if the issue was resolved, he tells me get with me, brushing me off …due , twice this year my refrigerator went out leaving to to throw out all my groceries because it took them two to three days to come January 2014 ( ?) Or 2015 I feel down a flight of concrete stairs due to not maintaining a well lighted safe invirorment.. rushed to the hospital last week maintance came to fix my dishwashers stating he'll return. I have slime coming from under the sink.. I've been sick in this aptment unbeknownst to me why I've been sick.. today I called to ask if the maintenance guy was coming back, he tells me that he forward my eviction to their attorney.. my rent is paid in full


    • July 10, 2018 at 1:43 pm, Tamara Diftler said:

      > do you help people in Arizona as well?
      our landlord is refusing to fix broken tiles in the kitchen , and a very big crack in the foundation of the apartment, in the concrete, he consiiders it cosmetic,,,we have reported to the mangemnt company that the tiles are cutting our feet and we are tripping over them ,,,, we have been asking for this repair for 4 months.


  3. October 13, 2011 at 11:42 pm, Anonymous said:

    My wife and I just recently ended our lease at{ 2440 FINDLEY AVE. COLUMBUS, OHIO 43202} with our shady unexperienced landords who promised they would be installing a garbage disposal, fixing the cracked glass in almost all windows and advertised the house as a 2 car garage, when the doors for the garage wouldn’t even open and the only entry for the unstable garage wasn’t even big enough to put a lawn mower in. This house had so many problems i don’t know where to start. First the bug problem which we didn’t even notice in the lease that they made that the tenant’s responsiblity because they knew there was a bad bug ,all types too, problem . The heat and ac worked but in order to get a warmth in the winter you had to put the thermostat on 85 degrees literaly and even with that the furnace was so old and had not been serviced or maintained properly for so long it blew out mostly dust so no matter how much we cleaned the house was very dusty so if you had allergies I gurantee you that you could not sleep in this house. It got so bad my wife and I had to sleep at my parents house for almost a month during the winter. While we patiently waited for them to address our concerns they never even returned our phone calls. The summer was bad too the house is so poorly insulated what ever you needed to use wheter it be ac or heat you had to leave it on for the hole day non stop just to get any comfort. No door knobs in one of the what they called bedrooms but not even large enough for office we just used for storage, exposed and unfinished drywall, vent not properly secured in place, the sewer exsauhst was vented to the inside so the bathroom in basement smelled horrible all the time, leaky basement which we were told the the basement is compeltey dry. I could go on and on but what they did was take advantage of us by not disclosing all the problems with the house and looked us right in the face and said there is no problems with this house. The only reason I am writing this is to maybe help some people out who are thinking about renting this hell hole of a house and save them time and money because you will hate living here as we did. Plus the landlords are cheap and try to cut corners on every fix so I bet nothing is up to code or will work properly enough to get what you paid for oh yeah rent was $890 a month for basicly a one bedroom hell hole that you have to maintain yourself. DO NOT RENT 2440 FINDLEY AVE> IN COLUMBUS, OHIO 43202 trust us worst place I have ever rented and I have been renting for 8 years.


  4. November 23, 2011 at 3:12 pm, Lisab4169 said:

    Sunhomes owns Worthington Arms mobile home park. It’s the worst park to live in regarding landlord conflicts. He will post bogus rule reminds up on your house, when clearly other tenants in the same block need the same rule violations fixed. We have pictures of the park itself and the office and surrounding area needs to be addressed, as far as keeping it clean. But this landlord can put up rule reminders, the day before a major holiday? This landlord was recently cited for hitting a tenant in the trailer park, which in involved Delaware sheriff department, but he is allowed to remain a manager in the park and pass out rules and rule reminders, when he just broke the law himself a few months ago? Stay away from Worthington arms.


    • May 12, 2017 at 2:28 pm, Lonelyone said:

      > Sounds like nasty people!


  5. February 04, 2012 at 6:27 pm, douglas edwards said:

    people dont move to 6615 bantry, they have a real bad bedbug problem.. and the [email protected] company that manages the building, will tell you that u brought the bedbugs into the building. once u talk to the tenants, they will tell u that the bedbug problem has been in this building for years.. people stay very clear of this building…


  6. March 19, 2012 at 8:55 pm, Ro Ro From the Lou! said:

    Do NOT rent from in St. Charles, MO. The house at 11 Wayne Lane, St. Charles, MO 63301 is horrible. They painted over black mold. It is full of bugs and mice. The landlord wont fix anything. He tells you to fix it for free and that he will give you what you pay for the parts. He is only after your money and he will look for reasons to take you to court after your lease is up and get more money from you. Don’t expect your security deposit back either. It’s not happening! This man is a shyster! He tells you it’s a 4 bedroom but fails to tell you the basement leaks and your things get ruined and you end up in the hospital from breathing the black mold hidden behind the walls. There is a crack in the retaining wall that leaks. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!


  7. April 01, 2012 at 7:36 am, Lauren said:

    I would not recommend renting from John L. who owns 197 and 193 Washington St in Dover, NH. He’s a compulsive liar without a conscience. The guy is sick.

    Before I looked at the apt I asked John if smokers lived in the building and that I didn’t want to live around them or children. I like it quiet and smoke-free. If you don’t have an apt like this then say so! He assured me that there were no smokers living in his building and that no one smoked in his building. He didn’t care about my needs, just his in renting the apt. It’s an old building and smoked came through, including the pipe in my bedroom. I’m not going to pay money each month when my things are getting ruined with cigarette smoke and my lungs are too!

    This mess started when I emailed him calling him out on lying to me about the smoking in the building. Emailing him in order to get something on paper. He knew that I was trying to do that and responded by asking that we speak about the matter over the phone or in person.
    He didn’t like me email, I was sarcastic, he came over pounding down my door like a crazy person. This was the second time he flipped out on me and I had only been there a month! The first time was when I was at the apt cleaning and asked about a mini blind. He didn’t understand what I was asking and flipped out, not allowing me to speak so I hung up on him. “I can’t believe you’re trying to f*cking cheese me out of a three dollar mini blind, how cheap and pathetic can you be” were his words to me. He’s unprofessional.

    I called the cops because he would not stop pounding and ringing my doorbell like a psycho, and he started yelling at me through the door. I overheard him tell a neighbor that there’s something wrong with ME. The neighbor told John to let him know if he needed his help. With what? Kicking me out? Hilarious. I thought that maybe if he was this hot-headed over such minor things he just might enter my apt. He finally left and the cops came. The cop said he feels for me about the smoking. The next day John left me a notice to inspect my apt. I had already been there a month. He came over with a camera and some loser friend of his. He tried to be nice but I was so disgusted with him I told him to do what he needed and get out and that if he needed to communicate to write me an email from now on. As he left he said under his breath ” I wasn’t going to evict you but now I think I will”. My rep at the housing authority had called me before he arrived, she told me he planned to evict me for disturbance of neighbors. What a joke!

    He then gave me an eviction notice. I have never been complained about, NEVER, and this guy is kicking me out for complaining about the smoking and calling the cops on him for flipping out on me like a crazy person. He listed false accusations on the eviction notice.

    Before I moved out of his building he tried to get my housing voucher taken away saying that I was being evicted by him and I’m not allowed to move with my voucher during an eviction. He said he wanted to speak to my rep’s boss to complain that she wasn’t doing her job by taking my voucher from me. The nerve of this guy! I’m not one of those people that takes advantage of the voucher program. I was just hired for a second job and won’t be needing it soon. I’m proud of myself for not having to be on the program long.

    This guy won’t stop trying to ruin me after sticking up for myself. His girlfriend doesn’t speak, just like he likes woman.

    He next sued the housing authority and myself. The HA was taken off the suit due to lack of evidence. This guy is so dumb, suing a housing authority. I was never notified of the suit because papers were deliver to an address I left in Jan 2009! Why didn’t he have judgments sent to his building or my previous address at the time living at his building? Because he knew he would win if I defaulted ( didn’t show to court) I was finally was served March 1, 2012 with a notice to appear in court to make a payment arrangement! Somehow the case progressed to a default judgement that I owed John what he submitted! The file at the courthouse had two envelopes with yellow return stickers on them, yet they allowed the process to continue??? I filed a motion to strike the default judgement and it was granted. I would be able to defend myself 🙂

    I went to court and John told the judge he filed an appeal to my motion that was granted. The guy has nothing better to do. The judge dismissed it. John was allowed to tell his side first and did nothing but slander me to the judge, telling him that I had called the cops numerous times and that he has letters from tenant complaining about me. NOT TRUE. Unbelievable. He was interrupted by the judge to focus on what we were there for, to decide if I owed John money, not to slander me. John tried to submit more money he wants me to pay. The judge dismissed it and went with the original list of charges.

    John L. is crazy and everyone at DHA doesn’t want to deal with him anymore either.


  8. May 12, 2012 at 3:29 pm, Anonymous said:

    Is there any website for me to do a background check on my Landlord and just to get some good info. Plz email me [email protected]


  9. May 29, 2012 at 3:15 am, Mrs. Jay said:

    I think that your information is very succinctly informative, but you forgot to give leads as to where we should or what agencies we can contact to make such reports.

    My mother is soon approaching senior citizen age and she has lived in a substandard private building where the landlord ignored her complaints and stated, “What do you expect me to do? Look at the environment you are living in.”

    This same landlord has tenants living in the basement of the building and allows drug trafficking which is a safety risk for tenants. These drug dealers carry arms and do not care about innocent bystanders. She is living in a dangerous building and I fear for her life everyday. I know that there is a building violation code for this, but I have yet to contact the right people.

    Please post the agencies that are taking complaints. I advise many of you who live in NYCHA to rise up and tell how you or your family are being neglected or discriminated. Contact this agency for NYCHA only in NYC: LSA Family Health Service, 333 East 115th Street New York, NY 10029, Contact Adalberto at (646) 672-5200.

    The higher the numbers the better the results. NYCHA is on the top list of slumlords.


  10. June 07, 2012 at 10:11 am, Severely upset & frustrated said:

    I moved into a rental property in March of 2012 & signed a 1yr lease with Landlord ———-. About a week after moving we started having issues with the unit. AC broken, Water leaks, Toilet leaking sewage water, no electricity in 1/2 the house ect I have 2 minors living in the house who have Asthma & allergies, after 2 months Ac is finally fixed & the other issues where also taken care of throughout the past 2 months. In May the water got cut off due to lack of payment from the landlord since august of 2011 after paying the water company about $400 for deposit & part of her past due amount they agreed to put the service in our name. We called, emailed, texted, & left voice mails for the landlord & did not hear from her for 3 days. After all these issues she argreed to let us break the lease & give us our deposit back if we notified her 30 days in advance before moving out. On May 14th We received a foreclosure summons when she called on June 4th to ask for rent we told her we where not sure if we should pay her or set up an account at the court house. She of course got extremely upset & threatened to evict us, this mornin june 7th we woke up to a 3 day notice on our door. We live in Laro FL. Pinellas County please help us out with any information you have thank you


  11. June 17, 2012 at 7:31 am, Frank G said:

    ————- of 416 Sterling rd LLC is a Slum Lord who should not be trusted, He rents in the Mt Pocono area of PA and you should avoid like the pelage He’s properties are not kept up to code, He will promises you the world and he will never fix anything! He is nothing more than a liar, Cheat and a thief! BE FOR WARNED!!!


  12. July 25, 2012 at 6:35 am, Rita said:

    Hi dear,
    My landlord is disrespecting me, almost ever time he cames to collect the week payment he pronounces porn words and porn body language. I start to suffer from nervous exaltation.
    Please advise me what to do about it.

    Kind regards,



  13. August 01, 2012 at 12:20 pm, mikedawg fed up said:

    yes i live in an apartment complex and my landlord is one of the most horrible manergers in the world my apartment rental place is cheasapeak glen. my closet doors keep falling off this is not a safe community oh yeah this place is in glen burnie md and this is one of the terrible management companys i have rent it from i have black mold in my heating and AC unit this place is a dump out here people dealing drugs out here partying pissing all over the place me and my wife are stock here the people maince takes for ever to do work on your apartment out here the rent prices are sky high they want you to pay all this money for a rat hole they have a picknick area where the bench is and it is wrink with urnie there is a drug dealing out here a woman got mugged around here back in june and got strucked in the face by 3 african americans and the property manger is so wicked only thing she cares about the money and they do not care about the tenants here i had crack addicts try to brake into my apartment i had my window busted out in the winter time and it took them about a month to fix my window i went up there and put and work order in back 2 days ago to fix my closet door and they still have not been over here to fix it my toliet is giveing me problems i called a month ago about my toliet and they still have not had no services yet they sucker people in around here to get there money when i first moved in here my heating and AC unit was disgusting it had cat piss in it i had clean it up my self my carpet is so old it is ripping up they won’t even replace it for me jennifer the manger needs to be fired from here and terriel the maintance super visior needs to be fired. as well oh yeah and staff up there are nice to you when you first moved in here. But when you live here for like a while they are rude and nasty towards you and talk down on you this place is a joke beware of cheasapeak glen apartments in glen burnie md 21061 they are crookeds out to get your money yeah one more thing they only show you the front of the rental office side on the internet in there ads but this place is getto and sluming out here i hear gun shots every night out here this place is starting to become like the out skirts of baltimore city the doors are rusty in the back of the apartments i wouldn’t want my worst enemy to live out here and don’t get sucker by the first month rent free because that’s how they get you sucker in charge you a bunch of fees and up your rent every month and treat you like shit and don’t care about your needs me and my wife need help getting out of here we are looking for people to help us to do a buy out so wr can walk away from this horrible disgusting place please someone out there guide us into the right direction please thank you for your time


  14. August 04, 2012 at 4:49 pm, Anonymous said:

    Please avoid the illegal apartment at 1516 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703
    no matter how nice the landlady seems initially. Her —— deals with everything else and refuse to do anything but harass and threaten… not to mention her ——–is dating a gang member that she likes to use to physically threaten the tenants when she is angry (and she has mental/emotional/drug issues) so anything can set those events in action.


  15. September 06, 2012 at 8:22 pm, Muriel said:

    My landlord is very unprofessional and continues to stalk and harass me because I was planning to move. I do not know what to do, I have asked for help but have not recieved any. Andy Afshari should not be a landlord…


  16. September 06, 2012 at 8:24 pm, Muriel said:

    My landlord is very unprofessional and continues to stalk and harass me because I was planning to move. I do not know what to do, I have asked for help but have not recieved any. Andy Afshari should not be a landlord… I live in chicago IL, and would appreciate any suggestions given to me.


  17. September 16, 2012 at 7:33 am, mary oliver said:

    i actually used to live at 2572 riva road appt —– and the landlords
    never maintained the appartment there is black mold in the apartment which made me sick every week and ever since i moved out i havent had pink eye, i also had an allergic reaction whick was arash from cock roaches that they never got rid of and they havent replaced the appliances since the 80’s… i used the refriderator numerous times and got food poisioning 23times last year because the temperature should be able to reach 40 degrees or below according to the USDA so my food sat at the wrong temperature all the time. not only that the gas range and oven didnt turn off our first week and we never recieved our $1600 security deposit


  18. September 18, 2012 at 11:07 pm, Rachel West said:

    I have a major problem. We just moved into this mobile home a little over a month ago and the AC Centrel unit was not and still is not working properly, along with a few other things. The landlord said he’d fix it all but nothing has been done yet. I got tired of waiting because I didn’ want a high light bill so I asked the neighbor if he would fix it. He came over and did some cleaning out in the air ducts and the air started blowing correctly but it still freezes up and said i need to let the landlord know that he needs to have a professional look at it. I let him know immediatly and still nothing. Now m light bill is $558 and I think he should be responsible for some of it. Another problem I have is the landlord tried to get us to pay for street lighting & , garbage $13(free in our area) and septic maintnance fee $20. I knew he could not do this so I refused to pay it and he took it off of the rental agreement. 3 days later he came and said that since we will not pay the “$40 fee’s” then he will raise the rent from $485 (which is way too much for this area) to $525. In the letter he dropped off a few days after that it states he’s raising it due to higher property tax and insurance rates. I need to know what I can do about this ASAP…SO MANY people have had these kinds of problems with this man and just moved out, but I will fight till the end because I am not going to move again. Please help with this issue… my email is [email protected]


  19. October 14, 2012 at 7:48 pm, nina johnson said:

    We rented this townhouse at 1313 Wilderness Ln, Titusville, Fl 32796 from —————— for $650 a month. It is a really nice looking townhome in a quiet area. Things started breaking little by little, when we would make a report to get these items fixed if and when the property manager sent someone she would send these creepy/scary looking people late at night. After awhile they would just ignore any of our request and complaints to have anything fixed. My husband told the property manager ——————— (SHARP PROPERTIES INC.) we would not pay the rent if they could not make the home habitable, and to send somebody to fix the refrigerator and the air conditioner at least. Mid-month after going in circles with ——— the owner ———— lives in Tucson, Arizona area called us and said he would evict us for not paying rent for the month and he would take care of all the issues later. Eventually we did pay they rent only so we would not get thrown into the street. They still did not fix the air or the refrigerator almost 3 months later (in Florida we really do need air conditioner, open windows does very little in 90 degree weather), then other little things were still breaking (bathroom sink stopped up, garbage disposal didn’t work and very little hot water for one person let alone three people. We told him we would be reporting him to the rental protection agency if this continued. I really don’t think they had the money fix anything or maybe just refused because. Even though they have a property manager he continued to call day and night, threatening us to pay the rent or leave . He later said if we left voluntarily before the lease finished, give him 30 written notice and sign some kind discretion agreement it would not go as a eviction but we would not be getting our deposit back. We are trying to buy a house so a eviction would damage our credit. We found another house for rent to own and broke the lease, they made live there so unbearable we had to go and hope for the best, we never did get any eviction notice from him. He has other property and timeshare rentals so I think he knows how to bend the lease agreement to benefit himself. He tries to intimidate you, talks to like you like your nobody and you have no choice but to do what he says, he is arrogant, rude and disrespectful, he worst. I’m sure this is a habit and just his way of doing business. I just wonder how long… Real slumlord,—————.


  20. January 29, 2013 at 2:30 am, Austin Bell said:

    Warning don’t rent from 620 Pâté avenue ———-; he stole all of my property
    Came to court lied and said he did not
    Steal my property but I had witnesses to
    Include the police. Finally a “judgement”
    Was entered against him and he owes
    Me over $7,000.00 to date and refuses to
    Pay. I wish someone could take care of
    Further legal actions for me; although, he has been
    Arrested and charged criminally too. I have
    Not received no “restitution”!910 644-3443


  21. January 29, 2013 at 9:50 am, James Harrison said:

    Post Carlyle of Alexandria, Virginia misrepresented the state of the newly constructed 640 John Carlyle Building for those who moved in anywhere between May 15 2012 and present. New residents believed construction was completed and had no idea they were in for 1.5 months of fire alarm testing and 2 months of roof top construction. The management sent memos describing the duration of the fire alarm testing as 1 week, but it went on for 5 weeks and made life insufferable for people who occupy the units during the day. Post Carlyle management also surprised tenants with a memo announcing rooftop construction that would last all of December 2012. Well, it’s nearly February and we can still hear the jackhammering / drilling, heavy boots, and other assorted noises on our heads. This is not a repair, but they are erecting something that is a part of the building architecture. Something ornamental.

    Unfortunately, tenants have virtually no rights in Virginia. Virginia is one of those states that sold out its people to make the state more attractive to business. Employees and tenants have no rights.


  22. February 05, 2013 at 3:40 pm, Belle Vezon said:

    WHY wont you just leave and end it..???


  23. February 24, 2013 at 10:07 am, Vee said:

    Can someone please help i would like to report my apartment issues i ve been ignored for a whole year there are roaches bombarding my apartment.


  24. March 04, 2013 at 4:01 pm, Anonymous said:

    Do not move in at 7 johnson road grassy park cape town . The landlord and his ex-wife and kids are not someone you want to be around yes they all stay in the same house, not only do they have a lot of problems but the one daugther and son are on drugs and will steal out of your place, and when you tell the landlord he tells you he will buy everything they took but he never does and if you go to the police and they come to the house he want to evict you and steal more things from you , the main house and the place they rent out is next to each other, please don’t be fooled by this ppl


  25. March 05, 2013 at 2:05 am, Alexis kemp said:

    my landlord wont fix anything and im 8 months pregnant and its black mold in my bathroom. Roaches are starting to come from down stairs. and its a pipe problem in my apartment and i only been here a month and rent due but i feel like my house need all its repairs before i give anymore money


  26. May 14, 2013 at 8:07 pm, Single mom said:

    Don’t rent the apt. In maugansville on Leona ave old chicken coop building. The property manager is very disrespectful and lair. If you are single female he will call you names and only disrespect you when you don’t have anyone around.the apt. Suppose to be heat , water sewer trash included but heat is never on unless he is cold or you keep calling him but he will turn it on and off when it’s in his convinces. He locks up electric meter boxes so you can’t read meter because electric is so screwed up you don’t know who’s electric you could be paying.he also will put your personal business out to everyone so don’t confide in to anyone in this apt. They are related in many ways. He also welcomes himself into your apt. When he feels like it. And complaining to the real owner does do no good we lived there for a year and never met him. So he is just a slum landlord that the tenants don’t have any nerve to take action it took someone like me to rent from him to put him out there. I called every one I could to codes n regulation laws and housing inspectors and taking him to court for not following up with the lease that he sign.i have special needs son that he would yell out and disrespect and now he will have his day in court.


  27. June 02, 2013 at 12:17 pm, terri bruce said:



  28. June 14, 2013 at 12:20 pm, D.Quashen said:

    If I had any alternatives I wouldn’t be writing, but I have no way around this, so I’m writing. With hundreds of once available buildings having been bought up either being torn down and in their place huge structures for 1 single family only; others being converted from multiple family apartments to structures housing a single family only, or used for other purposes synagogues, yeshievas, etc. This is gentrification and has been going on for 40 plus years. This leaves tenants displaced without any place to live and facing eviction. If they aren’t facing immediate eviction then they are left existing in horrible conditions in order to get them to move. No one’s concerned with the tenants who have no where to go. Because the tenant can’t afford to move even if there were a place for the tenant to move that the tenant could afford. Since all anyone is concerned with is attracting real estate developers with luxury apartments, condo’s and co op’s in mind. Forcing the tenant and long time resident to move in with family, if they are even lucky enough to have family, homeless shelters, or out on to the street. If they try to fight it’s more expedient for legal services to fight the evictions rather then to represent someone who desperately needs repairs. So they tell you call 311 or go to the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. Well 311 was a waste of time; and when I filed a harassment complaint with DHCR, I went to the hearing and I was the only who showed up. Then I received this 4 page letter from the attorney over seeing the case. I was supposed to contact the owner about restoring services and accepting the rent, something they stopped for more the 2 years. The letter came back, they refused to claim it. I then received a letter telling me to send all correspondence to something called S.C.O.R.E whatever that is. When I did, including asking for a specified time for the inspection I never received an answer. It was important because my intercom doesn’t work, and I had no way of knowing when to expect anyone. I could have been waiting all day for them to arrive. I never heard from the attorney either. Then because of my complaints I received a letter from the main attorney for DHCR which told me nothing, not what or if they intended to do anything, or what I should do. Again I never heard from anyone. Then I receive a final letter telling me I had no case. No lawyer, no case. Just mold and come October 1st no heat as well as no hot water, and respiratory problems from the mold as well as whatever else because of the cold. What if the tenant has no family, isn’t part of any community where they can join with other tenants because all the other tenants were driven out, and no one is willing to take up their cause and fight for the one solitary tenant left in the building, go to a homeless shelter? They are victimized first by the owners, then by the system who knew what was happening, didn’t care and didn’t do anything.


  29. August 09, 2013 at 1:50 pm, HisChild said:

    This is terrible. Be careful if renting with anyone on pa, 15221. The landlords are very unprofessional, and could care less if they owe you money. In the begining tell you there is not app fee, than when its time to be refunded you deopist, you get the run round, dont hear from them for months, than they keep $50 saying it was an app fee, when you have in writing your entitled to your full deposit. Some, BS.


  30. August 12, 2013 at 6:51 pm, dontpaytobenice said:

    DO NOT rent the apartment @ 14 w 24th street in chicago heights il. The landlord was stealing and reading my mail and had the nerve to steal my security deposit. I was a good tenant and left her property in excellent condition. After all that she still stole my money and then tried to say i owe her money. It just dont pay to be good to these low down landlords. If you can i advice any one renting to live out there security because there is no guarantee you will get it back. These landlords ask for ridiculious security deposits knowing damn well they cant afford to return it when you move..oh and by the way her name is Brenda Leonard she also goes by the alias Brenda Hollins


  31. October 09, 2013 at 9:28 am, TiredOfTheRuse said:

    Beware of the Section 8 program or any Slumlord unless you don’t care about repairs by owners, don’t care about accommodation for certain medical conditions, don’t care about HABITABILITY in general because here in Dupage Co., landlords are allowed to abuse certain tenants & even retaliate after faulty appliances are reported to DHA/them as witnessed first hand, which is called retaliation & against the LAW but try having Prairie State advocate for you even when landlord admitted to action after tenant reported but still have a Judge do nothing & make the tenant leave…probably because your Prairie State Atty did not specifically outline it to them & the appearing to be proowner agenda that continues. Also, that particular unit was passed by TWO (2) DHA inspectors, possession given to tenant with owner conveniently forgetting the ONE YEAR lease to sign, only to turn around & evict tenant after tenant reports faulty appliance aspects to DHA & Landlord (Wronkiewicz-Westmont)

    Have lived in units with gas leaks, roof leaks, cracked windows, no occupancy permit as required by DHA, infestations, little to no accommodation for medical conditions, sliding glass doors that do not keep elements out, mold growth both hidden & visible and a host of other problems & when going to DHA, well…if you know anything about the program, you need to know that in around ’95/’96 it appears that HUD caved to IAR (Illinois Association of Realtors) & changed policy to allow non-renewal of a Sect. 8 tenant after the first yr. without reason…this allows Landlords/Owners/Managers to get rid of someone they just don’t like without repercussions! Can you say lack of stability! Hate! Allowed discrimination without repercussions! Slumlording!

    If you go to DHA, they will abate their portion of rent if owner does not comply within their allotted time frame, still make tenant pay their portion, then do nothing to Landlord/Owner/ Manager only to make tenant move-isn;t that fair for a person struggling to make it!

    THIS VIOLATES THEIR MISSION STATEMENT! Have been forced to move almost every year since HUD policy change after living on a property for approx. 10 years without this problem. No drugs, no partying, making attempts to be appropriate, etc…but appears if you do not put up, shut up & ignore…the result is the above.

    Another unit (Mach-Woodridge) Owner was endorsing rent check with an involuntarily dissolved corporation (approx. 12 yrs prior), did not have occupancy permit for building required by Woodridge AND DHA, & tenant was allowed to move in after DHA inspection, live there until owner would not replace tub due to overflow pouring water to unit below only to non-renew tenant after tub replacement/mold issues.

    Little-Westmont (Mgr.) was another one who non-renewed & lied about tenant after being forced by Village to replace carpenter infested balcony above tenant as did Youngfelt-Westmont (Owner) whom non-renewed after Village made her replace faulty heating apparatus. Both of these Owners in same complex.


    It appears faulty programs are geared towards bad landlords/owners/mgrs., those that put up/shut up/ignore, those that cover over reoccurring problems in their rentals just to turn around & rent to the next, as current rental DHA inspector did not even fill out paperwork properly for, omitting many rooms, attic with mouse bait, garage, holes on exterior of house, mildew/mold smell, dips under linoleum in back room-OH WAIT that was one of the omitted rooms…& every yr inspected he filled out less & less & less, not fully testing anything! In this unit there is mouse infestation appearing to be here well before move-in with owner (Umentum-Willowbrook) not wanting to accommodate more appropriately for due to medical conditions, took 5th year (2013) to get kitchen faucet replaced as it leaked from day one as evidenced on baseboard suggested, prior spider infestation which according to owner they allowed tenant out of lease over, mold growth due to lack of timely repair & maintenance when owners knew about aspects (they lived in unit for years themselves), had a number of backups (owners increased exterior pipe width appearing to be without Village approval), cracked skylite/skylite leakage, rotted wood on east rear corner of house near gutter, leaks above windows that occurred in various rooms, wood lice infestations (one harmless aspect but abundant due to rotted wood & lack of end capping, drafty windows that do not keep bugs out as evidenced by wood lice & box elder bugs between window & interior plastic, THE LIST GOES ON and all for a place to live…while area is nice all these factors are a problem & owners tried to blame tenant for infestation…we did not cause it…it was already here!!! Oh and let’s not forget end of 2010 – beginning of 2011 Owner was advised of increased activity – cleaned above on two drop ceiling tiles – vacuumed out one mouse nest – THEN DID NOTHING FURTHER UNTIL DECEMBER 2012 (baiting)! And there is more…

    Another unit (Green-West Chicago) after reporting a problem with her maintenance man on the job drunk, had their building & car crashed into by a stolen vehicle with stolen plates…can you say coincidental-NOT!

    Tenants made all attempts to follow all rules/regulations, paid on time, etc…

    The abuse in Rentals in general needs to STOP! It is different if a tenant is inappropriate & causing unlawful problems, etc…but there needs to be a bit more regulation & protection as every tenant is not bad including Sect 8 & just because someone needs assistance should not make them a target for abuses.


  32. October 09, 2013 at 9:45 am, TiredOfTheRuse said:


    Let’s not for get the 2 units in Warrenville. 1-owned by Day-Daw managed by Horrell at time where alcohol & drug abuse ran a muck, & 2nd rental in this same complex at time managed by an Alderman (Minor) who was not supposed to have any vested interest in buildings according to Village policy & after tenant reported aspects-had their patio window shot out. First unit tenant had to deal with abuse as mgr. chased tenant with children up to unit stating she would spray raid until all got sick & died (PD did nothing) & unit below was sprayed-bug bombed-powdered with numerous products at one time without notification to tenant above & all chemicals came up into unit (IDPH contacted). Keep in mind tenant advocated for property maintenance code that was eventually adopted & afterward they terminated person aiding in it only to turn around & not appoint all necessary for it’s enforcement stating in a local paper article that the some abusing it would be weeded out…was that a hint?


  33. October 10, 2013 at 1:49 pm, TiredOfTheRuse said:


    Forgot to make one more mention of a unit owned by Ubilluz-Westmont (Doctor Ubilluz-Downers Grove) as a matter of fact that had patio door problems allowing cold air which meant it did not keep elements out & after tenant dealt with that, all the drug smoke from unit below, child graffiti artist in an across the hall unit, being body butted & not allowed to go up to unit by another who did not like that her child who played in the hall was asked politely to stop…after tenant was in this unit for two years & then contacted a government agency due to lack of addressing aspects, of which there were more, was then non-renewed. By this time the original mgr (Bierman-Prudential Realty) had gone to Giangrande-Drs office person, then to Key Investment & Mgmt., with Key turning out to be very nasty tenant & appeared to put tenant carrying twins into premature labor…all the while tenant was following procedures, rules, regs, etc., in that SECTION 8 RENTAL. It is believed that this building would have been run no different had it been non-section 8.

    What is being seen in these rentals is that Owners DO NOT want to put any monies into them, just RAPE the benefit of rent! They do not want safe, secure, decent, sanitary…housing!


  34. October 21, 2013 at 6:51 pm, Charlotte Gray said:

    Washington State residents: Do NOT rent from —————s. They own the nw 139 street mobile village in Salmon Creek,WA , north of Vancouver. I have a friend who rents there, and she says the people who own the place are CRAZY. And they are predjudiced against women. Their ——–, is a total drunk, and goes off on the poor tenants, at will. Some of the longer time renters(3+ years) are the nastiest people you’ve ever seen. It’s like; everyone is bipolar. Probably on meth. There’s a——- woman in a corner trailer who gets irritated just about people talking and will come STORMING out of her trailer, scream at people, and make a total ASS of herself. My husband, my friend and I watched once. It was really funny; like a cartoon. She thinks she owns the place, because —– (another ——) lives there. It’s a terrible place to live. Please don’t consider it.


  35. November 24, 2013 at 5:15 pm, Sick Of This And Wanting To Move said:

    Don’t rent from the Aspen House complex in North College Hill, OH. Management made up of a lawyer-landlord and his lazy brother; they don’t maintain the property and they don’t care about complaints made on other problem tenants (even dangerous tenants) or their nuisance guests, but who nevertheless want that rent check in their greedy hands every month. The only time they’ll evict a problem tenant is when that tenant doesn’t pay their rent. If you complain, the lawyer gets irritated with you, treats you like a criminal and makes excuses why nothing can be done; if you complain to his brother, you get a laid-back, I-don’t-care attitude and a lot more excuses. The appliances are from the 1970s, and include refrigerators that ice up that have to be manually thawed every month. The stoves have warped burners that don’t even have the right temperatures regulated on them or the oven. Anything that would be fixed is half-rigged, not replaced. The places are little dumps and you’re charged over $400/mo. to live there. The carpet in the main hallway is always wet when it rains, and they won’t replace the warped doors with chipping paint. They have lots more property and claim they’re too broke to fix anything, even though the lawyer can go on vacations every year. They move in any scum just for that rent check, do no police or credit checks on these people. The building is extremely noisy and guests are there day and night. Every rule on the lease has been broken by some of this trash, and the landlord will do nothing to control them or get them out, no matter how many times a person calls, yells and screams, or writes letters about it. I’m looking to move in 2014. I wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy.


  36. December 11, 2013 at 8:00 pm, Dixie said:

    We live in low income senior apartments, owned by Caldwell Banker but managed by Vanguard Realty. We have been retaliated against for contacting local and state agencies for lack of garbage pickup, lack of lawn maintence, doors not handicapp accessible, asked for proof of my disability and need for my hearing service dog, which violates the American with Disability Act.

    We had a major water leak in our bedroom from the bathroom in the apt above, we were made to stay in this apt for six days, before they moved us to the vacant apt next door. We were told we were responsible for water damage to the ceiling because we did not keep the windows closed and air running in hot weather, to dry out the dry wall. I researched the topic and they were suppose to put window fans in and get the wet air out of my apt.

    I developed an allergic reaction to the air qualtiy in my eyes, and became short of breath. We were told because we had to open the windows to get rid of the condensation we could be financially responsible for damages to the wet ceiling. They then said they didnt’t know we had a 17 year old cat, that they had seen on quarterly inspections for six years. They wanted to enforce a $ 300 non refundable deposit for her, but told me that if I supplied info on my service dog we wouldn’t have to pay it, as we paid a $300 pet deposit when we moved in. They tried to say we could only have one pet, but the pet agreement states 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 fish etc, and nothing about $300 per animal or one animal restriction. I informed management they should then notify all tenants about this rule, as many have multiple cats, two dogs etc. They said it was our fault they had to get a permit to do the work in the water soaked apt.

    The retaliation continued to the point of discrimination against a disabled person and her service dog. This is a hugh apt complex built like a hotel, three stories tall. There are no handicapp entrances in the rear of the building, and I do not know how senior housing got the permits to allow this. All there are, are fire doors that do not have security key openers like in the front of the building. With my disability I can’t walk around the building. I have a head injury, and am almost deaf, this left me with dizziness, ringing in the ears, loss of balance, frequent falls, and I also have osteoporosis. I use a cane to ambulate but should use a walker. My hearing service dog is well trained, and I could not survive without her. She alerts me to the fire alarm and the lights do not flash in our apt if it goes off, and I can’t hear it. She alerts me to alot of things.

    This summer there was a problem with the lack of lawn maintence and grass got tracked in because it was wet where the dog walk area is. Four signs were posted on the back lobby door, stating we were to wipe our feet, and our dog’s feet before entering the building and to clean up grass on the patio and lobby. ( this has always been the job of the janitor). I knew the signs were posted for me, as I was the only disabled person using that door. This is a garden style door without an opener for disabled people and opens with a house key. You have to turn it 1/4 way to the right, and pull the door at the same time, I have to maintain my balance, hang onto my dog and control my cane to enter. I asked for uniform rules, that these signs be posted at all entrances to the facility so all dog owners had to wipe their dogs feet, but management refused.

    Then the janitor started playing with dumping the dog waste station. One time he put another dumpster’s waste in the one I use, filling it up, then twice he stuck his hand into the waste pushed it down, and told the manager it was only half full and did not empty it. He continued harrassment, by not vacumming in front of our apt, etc.

    We received a cease order as he yelled at me, and told me not to track grass onto the patio. He swore, saying the F word, and threw the vacumme. My husband went to the manager and they actually called the police saying he was yelling because the janitor yelled and threatened me.

    In the past, the managers have told me not to use this back lobby door. I was also instructed not to take my service dog through the front lobby door. I said the only way I can get out is to block open a rear fire door which is against regulations. The janitor gave me a doorstop to use, and I used it for months, as it was closer to the dog walk area, and I had been hosp twice with pneumonia, and was short of breath. The middle manager yelled at me, and then I was included in the cease report, for blocking open this door. I informed management, there were tenants that blocked open these doors to smoke, take out trash, go for walks and walk dogs. I told her the names but she never contacted any of them.

    We live in fear, of what is going to happen tomorrow, and I had contacted HUD, but didn’t want to go that route. I finally found a civil rights lawyer from the state and am sending him pictures, information, etc. One thing interesting is that I went back to 2008 and we never received a copy of the rules named in the cease papers. There are many errrors in this cease order, and I high lighted all of them. I am a retired RN Certified Risk Manager and know how to do legal research.

    I have been very sick, and now have ulcers of my stomach and intestines so the stress caused, is not helping. Managment refuses to take down the signs, not to track in grass even though we now have a foot of snow covering the lawn.

    I want to fight this organization, and am hoping I can help another person. I do know of another couple, who also complained of the janitor, and they received a letter, he was none of their business.

    If anyone has any ideas, you may contact me by email, [email protected]. I wanted to share my problems and see if anyone else has ideas that I might use.


  37. January 03, 2014 at 11:03 am, anonymous said:

    I would not recommend renting from ——– 197 Peta lane. She will not do repairs that are desperately needed and when asked to not put animals such as cats under your house and or to control her other animals such as horses and mules, she just says if you don’t like you can get out. She is involved with Peta and she gets funding from them for the care of these animals and yet she doesn’t groom or clean up after them. she has recently moved and I have heard gun shots. One wonders is she killing off animals so Peta or other places don’t catch on to what she is doing. any never ever rent or buy anything from her.


  38. January 06, 2014 at 1:58 am, Tanya said:

    Do not rent SunDance apartments on Annadale Lane 3831because Manager has bad behavior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He use every time rude words,and does not care about good people.Also,if woman single ,he want sex……He BI sex person.It is very hard because many women do not know about him.——–.Every body careful about him!


  39. February 15, 2014 at 2:13 pm, Renee said:

    Do NOT move into 3314 Carlisle Ave!!!! You will be promised that the landlord is responsive and keeps up the property. Check your lease. It is the TENANTS responsibility to maintain the appearance of the property. There are MICE. So many that you should probably buy extra food for your new roommies. The landlord swears by a 48 hour response time for repair issues. NEGATIVE. You’re lucky if you get a response in 2months. Demand your lead certificate. Hope its real….if you get one. There are more problems than what meets eye. Please don’t set yourself up like I did. The worst place for children. But their sales pitch is that everyone in the building has kids. Yea…some of them with lead poisoning. Or mice waking them up at night.


  40. March 01, 2014 at 10:59 am, Holly said:

    Do not rent at these apartments they have mold and are in denial about making correct repairs to fix the problem. I had mold in the HVAC ducts that was causing me to have headaches and to be dizzy, nausea, shortness of breathe, chest pains, bleeding in nose.
    I started noticing black rings in the toilet that became consatant, small black mold located in water faucets, black mold around bathtub. Problem got worst. Other tenants had mold growing in their closets and cabinets. Management ignores maintenance request. Families are moving out and they just re-rent same units out and do not make any repairs.
    This Landlord that manages several properties need to held liable for neglect.
    Who wants to pay rent to a company just so they can KILL you with toxic infestations.


  41. March 01, 2014 at 10:59 am, Holly said:

    Wesley Ponds apartment. located at 3000 Highway 5, Douglasville, GA. 30135


  42. March 23, 2014 at 4:50 am, RITCIE said:

    don’t rent an apartment At Whiting Hall 19 E Tompkins st Galesburg IL it is a hell hole…The manger are abusing tents and lie and make up story’s to get people kicked out just out of share hate and spike


  43. April 08, 2014 at 8:10 pm, Normal Tenant said:

    Stay far away from Joseph Kilmer in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Total scam artist!!


  44. May 07, 2014 at 11:09 am, Edwin vega said:

    Carpet stink


  45. May 17, 2014 at 1:52 pm, Gail Schumacher said:

    ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (Riverstone Residential management)

    I have been renting an apartment from Arioso apartments for two years now. There seems to be a problem with Riverstone changing managers every couple of months. The managers don’t know the history of the tenants.

    Last year in late summer or the beginning of fall Riverstone brought back an employee that was an extreme troublemaker for me until he was removed or quit two weeks ago. He turned Arioso into a circus while putting down residents that he personally didn’t like.

    This created a bad atmosphere for me and maintenance joined into the gossip, and the circus became even bigger. It involved false allegations against me by the staff (maintenance specifically). I am on low income as a result of this I could lose my housing because the new manager (placed into the office in early 2014) got caught up in the bad gossip that —– was generating. —- was even gossiping about me to other tenants and caused the victimization that I experienced by maintenance and the new manager. Can’t Riverstone train their employees to behave in a professional manner? I contact Riverstone and they ignore my complaints 100%.

    This is outrageous because I have always paid my rent on time, and I have been a great tenant.

    This apartment community is affordable but only go there if you don’t mind a bunch of nut cases living around you:

    I have had my cloth porch furniture urinated on by the upstairs tenants (grown adults). I am kept up until 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. by my upstairs neighbors, as well. Two of my vehicles damaged with dents, and multiple windows broken. I observed prostitution and drug dealing across from my apartment last year, in an efficiency apartment. Before that there were two thieves living in that same apartment that would steal everything that they could get their hands on.

    There are no cameras to show who is destroying property, and people keep their mouths shut so that they will not be targeted.

    Three times I have been lied about by one person or another in an attempt to get me kicked out, or to create trouble for me with the office.

    I am called a complainer apparently when I have told the office about the things below:

    There have been times when dog poop will be left all over the sidewalks morning and night (every day) for a period of months (depending on who the tenants are), on the hallway carpets, and people have even urinated on the carpets inside. There is gum stuck all over the carpets inside the buildings, and the carpets are left un-vacuumed for months. Sometimes bad odors in the hallways.

    There are rumors that one maintenance man is selling drugs to tenants and the other is a thief who steals items from tenants apartments.

    Good luck if you move there.


  46. June 01, 2014 at 7:15 pm, Me said:



  47. October 27, 2016 at 1:07 pm, John said:

    Wildman arms condo 80 west Baltimore ave is the worse place I have ever lived newsy ass neighbors steering at you like you don't belong shady very shady ass Obese superintendent everybody watches you as if your a criminal even tho I lived there 5+ years neighbors work for superintendent of you have company your company has to park outside of there parking lot and there is no off street parking so it means no company and if you do a big sticker is plastered on the car window accused of being suspicious because I'm standing in the parking lot of a place I live very uneasy feeling in that place I barely am home I work 2 jobs and still they find something to say I try to be a ghost because it's so uncomfortable living there WILDMAN ARMS is not for young people who don't like other people following them and watching them treating them like criminals if you want peace of mind the area is beautiful but the building is ugly to me


  48. October 29, 2016 at 8:33 am, Patrick said:

    Stay away from the Brighton apartments they are run buy a company called the bus boom group. I have lived here since December of 2015 and my lease ends on November 30th. When I moved in told the property manager I have a cat she is a registered emotional support animal for me. And recently I have got an email from the lessening office on October 25 they told me that on October 26 2016 between the hours of 10-5pm they are doing mandatory inspections. And on the 28 of October they enter my unit. With out notice. In the end they gave me a lease violation for my cat and are demanading I pay a pet deposit for the last 26 days I am here. As well as pet rent. Now I have all the proper documentation for my cat. But they refuse to accept it. That's the most recent. Starting at the beginning of my lease and following 6 to 7 months in they kept shutting my water off for two days a week every week. From December till adopt June or July but yet still insisted I pay the full amount for water. When I moved in they tell me that cable is free because it comes with the apartment. How ever isn't free they charge an extra $40 a month with my rent for that. My car has been vandalized 3 times when I first moved here first time in January second in February and agin in march some one kept putting nails under my back tires of my car. Police reports were filed. When I moved here my tires were new all around. So there went $800 for my back two at the same time. There have been break in here on the property. My light out side my door went out. When I reported it the office gave me a bs excuse. Shortly after reporting that all the lights in my court yard going up to my door as well as all of the lights in the parking lot went out and stayed out for almost a month. When I would call the office they kept giving excuses there's a contracts biding bla bla bla. It's an issue of safety tenets we're getting mugged going from their cars to their units when coming home from work at night time. Code compliance came out and paid them a visit and magically all the exterior lights were working the very next day. For months I have been having a problem with honey bees inside my bedroom. I reported it and told the office and maintenance crew I was getting bee's inside my bed room. They just blew my off about that. I found out the bee's have a hive out on an exterior light that goes inside the wall. They are getting into my bedroom. I have been in notice since July I was moving out at the end of my lease. And now this new property manager is refusing to accept my documentation on my car and wants me to pay a pet deposit. For the last days here. I already have a new apartment and am just waiting to get keys in move in. In short the Brighton apartments run by the bus boom group here in Dallas Texas will rape your wallet and nickel and dime you at every turn. This simply is the worst place to live. They take advantage of tenets. And claim "they care" when really they only care about getting every nickel dime and penny from you.


  49. November 10, 2016 at 1:57 pm, p.d. said:

    Thank you all for your complaints its helped me so very much and i believe give more then you take and give back and really help your fellow man. So here for what it is worth my two cents/20 and complaints.

    I moved out of this place another apartment place back in Feb 2015. I had a years lease with them and it was a nightmare. They rented to me a broken down apartment that was actually design for a handicapped person. It was a one bedroom and here is some of the problems with it.

    Toilet would keep stopping up, the heater part of the a/c unit didn't work (i had to buy a floor heater and i told them all about these issues the day or two after moving in and it was in the spring time when i moved in, the heater was still not working all threw the time of my lease and they did nothing at all about the other problems, hell they wouldn't even show for scheduled maintenance times i had schedule with office, this in crappy, corrupt tucson, az.). the frig worked but it had loud noise coming from it. I had a hard time opening the windows and the shades or blinds were extremely damaged and there was a extremely rude, loud neighbor that looking into my windows and acting like he own the whole space where his and mine and another neighbor apartment was and spraying water everywhere including on my windows, door and any where he could and always loud music and TV when ever he want too ect.

    Scum lord and scum management took it out on me and wouldn't listen. They refuse to spray for bugs so there was bad a bug and roach infestation. They were extremely abusive and turned always on me and blame for things i never even said nor did. They later told me i am NOT allowed in the office saying i was being rude, abusive and even threatening to their staff.

    I never would do that and i am extremely poor i wouldn't do anything to get kicked out. They allowed cops to come to my door one day harassing me about that rude next door neighbor. I found out that alot of neighbors there was having alot of problems with the manager and management and people was leaving left and upstairs from me.

    And yet they claim that wasn't true and that they were filled and had alot of people who have been there for years and loved it which wasn't totally true. There were people not picking up after their pets and refuse to put their pets on leash and left them running around. The management even put on my door a legal thing that said if i walked in the office i would be breaching the lease contract even thow there was nothing in the lease that said that nor in the land lord and tenanted acted.

    I asked them to prove it they of course wouldn't. I did find that the landlord/ tenanted act did say they are obligated to keep up the maintenance of the apartment and grounds which i sent them a copy. I also kept calling management on the slumlords but they took their side which is typical.

    And i moved out in Feb this year. And now they are giving apartments i have applied to a bad reference on me that is preventing me from moving in and now imhave to live on the streets because of them and i don't make much income but i have and still do qualify but because of that bad reference and only that (i just found out today this) these places refuse to call me back and rent to me.

    My application is find i am told and looks find but then they won't call back all of a sudden and that happen with now 3 apartments i put in an application with. I even got a call finally from a management co. with one of the ones i put in an application with that refuse to call me back and was extremely rude when i tried to find their apartment place by bus and put in an application.

    They told me my application was rejected just because of that reference nothing else. Isn't that nice to know and i am assuming the same goes for the other two applications i put with other places are the same. They too refuse to contact me all of a sudden. And the last one was so desperate to get that contact info they lied to and said they tried to contact them but couldn't.

    Even thow i gave them the name of the last place i lived at but at the time didn't know the # and told them maybe they can Google it or something to ge the # or what ever they were trying to get from them and she never answered any of my questions and didn't even show me an apartment either now refuse to call me back.

    There is more but i think this is more then enuff and it is all true. Plus they ouke to nickel and dime ya. Its sooo expensive to get one now. 4,5 or more times higher then it use too be and there out rarely prices even the ones who can afford can't afford it and is complaining about it how much worse ids it for the poor people like me.

    So because of that one bad reference i will and can't now get a place to live and now living on the streets. And you thinkg you have problems. We need to band together and stop the corruption. So you aren't alone. Complaining is ok but won't stop them from attacking and abusing their authority and people especially the poor whom everyone abuses.

    They have gotton away with this for far too long and why does it have to happen to some one before something is done. And people are bias, prejudice, discrimination and abusive against the homeless and it NOT just family and homeless vets out there ya know.

    And not all want to be on the streets and want to stay there and there are really, legitimate, honest reasons why people are living on the streets. Question are any one of you who complain here any different then the ones you are complaining about.

    No one points the finger to themselves just to others. Think about that before complaining. Just a suggestion and a thought. Like i said i am putting my two cents in for what its worth and complaints. And there is no places to turn too nor no one too turn too. That's why we need to band together instead of just complaint. Change doesn't happen by itself nada don't leave it up to others. United we stand divided we fall i also believe in and live by and act on and stand for. Do you??


    • November 10, 2016 at 2:34 pm, p.d. said:

      > oh i forgot too add the apartment place name etc. that i was complaining about. They are call Verrano park apartments , at 6850 e. golf links tucson, az 85730.

      Please, please don't rent from them they are extremely abusive and corrupted. They extremely especially abusive too their poor renters and because of them i can't get off the streets and get another apartment. Apartment places do checks and past apartment reference checks which i didn't know until now. And i am being rejected by theses places because of them. They have no just done i too me either. Protect your self there are others not just them that does this out here. It is common practice. Stores do it too and companies etc. too.

      This is the first time i have ever been turned down and its only because of the bad reference. And i can die out there on the streets thanks too them and its winter out there now. Extremely cold and i am staving all because of them and living on a fixed income. Very little money i have. And now i could lose my life out there because of them and my mind. Its NOT a game its real.

      But i have some to get a place if i don't eat nor rent hotels/motel room. Hense why i am living on the streets and i guess will now never will be able to get off the streets . Just wanted to add this. Please don't rent from them and protect your self.


  50. November 16, 2016 at 7:38 am, anonymous said:



  51. December 07, 2016 at 12:50 am, ariel diaz said:

    alex parra, manager at north orchard place in Chicago practices favoritism just allowed a person with two children and two dogs live at a tenant's apt illegally. For about six months in this current year (2016) the toilet in the unit I rent does not have proper (I have to flush it three times after using it maintenance man told me four months ago I needed a new toilet they have neglected to install a new toilet.


  52. December 09, 2016 at 3:11 pm, G. Sand said:

    i'm a single mom renting a room from a single dad who's has a teenage daughter comes and goes. A couple packages were missing, I asked landlord to ask the neighbor and they don't know about it. One day her room was open and I saw empty package on the floor so I went to check and found some of my lost packages, I took a couple picture of my stuff and ask my landlord if he could ask his daughter about my missing package and told him that I saw it on the floor in her bedroom. He'd replied that those packages belong to her. Sadly the pictures I took not clear of who's name was on.
    I can't afford to move out and I can't tell him that I went into her room without permission. Times to times she still steal little thing like my kids lunchable, bathroom stuff. What can I do. Can I still go to the police?


  53. December 14, 2016 at 9:21 pm, Courtney said:

    Honey Real Estate Properties LLC
    Fraud!Fraud! The so called owner Luciana Queiroz doesn't exist! Illegal evictions by a bunch of goons! Stay away! Especially Jose Da Silva who claims to end a real estate agent me property manager


  54. December 20, 2016 at 12:12 pm, Rita Lutrzykowski said:

    Apparently, it's ok to smoke up weed, pop pills, abuse your girlfriend & piss off law abiding, quiet & respectful tenants at 65 Main Street in Hudson Massachusetts. I can't recall how many times I've called Police to help his crying, screaming & pleading girlfriend(s)…

    After reporting it to the landlord/Building owner via email, he assured me that the unruly tenant next door had his 'last warning' but asked me to keep him updated. I did. So much infact that I was told to stop. But was invited to move to another studio in the building.

    These people raise our rent every year, with no reason except "We raise everyone else's rent"

    Uhmm..what? Are we kidding?


  55. January 02, 2017 at 10:47 am, Hotmess said:

    Bogus landlord at 14715 state dolton IL don't ever buy or rent this property big plumbing problem


  56. January 09, 2017 at 10:10 am, J said:

    Beal Properties in Chicago- Bed Bugs, pesticides that cause sickness to tenants, no trash disposal, no animal waste disposal, no heat in building, constant ongoing repairs, no reimbursement for loss of food with broken refrigerator, fired the sweet man who took care of this building day and night to hire a young guy cheap who is never on site. You will find yourself in a weird apartment hell if you dign with Beal.


  57. January 13, 2017 at 9:26 pm, sam said:

    Diane Forester – Waverly drive apartments, Los Angeles, CA SLUMLORD from hell. Do not rent from these people. Part of JP Cohen Management. They will also try to pocket your deposit. Waste of space!


  58. January 18, 2017 at 1:32 pm, Dyshira card said:

    I am currently not in a lease and attempting to move out of my apartment UNIVERSITY WOODS In Fairborn, oh. Angel and Katherine are the most unprofessional landlords to do business with. They were supposed to find me a two bedroom apartment and they failed to do so, they never returned phone calls, never gave pricing or anything. When I contacted them to tell them I will be moving they put an eviction on my record without providing the paperwork to me or anything and now they won't even look into my information. They are trying everything to make it difficult to move… I advise anyone in the Fairborn area NEVER MOVE THERE OR DEAL WITH ANGEL OR KATHERINE AT UNIVERSITY WOODS


  59. January 20, 2017 at 4:40 pm, Connie Cagle said:

    Moved in to a duplex, landlord Jessic Schroder. Plumbing problems… Have had to urinat in bath tub because toilet won't flush. I have been locked in the bathroom and out of my bedroom hand to crawl in and out of windows to get back in house, smoke and weed coming from other duplex, landlord will not do anything.


  60. January 23, 2017 at 10:33 am, Clark said:

    Advanced Realty Management in Columbus, Ohio will certainly come by your residence unannounced!
    This entity sent a person that looked similar to a creature out of a horror movie or street walker/transient to bang on my door. I was scared looking out the peep hole, I thought the end of the world had arrived. I said "who is it" and he said "maintenance". Uh, what? Did you call? Did you notify you were coming to FINALLY address the repairs? NO, you did not. It is inappropriate to arrive un-announced on a person's place of residence, who does that? Down right rude and ignorant. This business has no clue how to appropriate operate, obviously


  61. February 01, 2017 at 5:57 am, Tabitha Atkinson said:

    Juilanna smoak rents mobile home in corneila ga on frank arrowood road and she is a slum lord. Her propertys are infested with black mold. Many code violations From unsafe conditions. DO NOT RENT FROM HER her help that lives on site do not help they request their brother to do everything himself. He is not license. He handles everything from plumbing to electric flooring. They had put down new carpet down over old carpet infested with black mold in my sons room and allowed us to move in until we had seen they didnt even secure the new carpet to the floor with staples or glue just laid it on top of it where to coulf just move it.


  62. February 04, 2017 at 7:19 pm, Anonymous said:

    The first time we came to Berkeley my husband and I, we lived at Maria Eder de Colombia's place. Her address is: 1730 Ward St, Berkeley, CA 94703. She's really crazy … .It was a torture to live there. She rented us a garage, raised prices as she wanted, asked for money for anything and everything, opened the door of our house and entered when we were not there, without our consent, opened our mail ( She even opened the letter containing my credit card the b**ch, so I had to block my credit card, ask for another one and wait another week), she was always asking (harassing) me that I clean her dirt and the dirt of the other roommates in the Kitchen and the bathroom, thinking that because I did not work, I had to make the maid at her home, and even once, on returning home, we found the door and the windows wide open (everything is accessible from the street) …
    Yes, she was a real crazy one


  63. February 06, 2017 at 10:35 am, Patrick said:

    Stay away from the Lakeland village apartments in Fairdealing (Benton, KY) area… They won't fix things upon request and I asked for repairs 3 times within a month and a half and things never got fixed… And they have roaches and druggies and it's for people 65+ & disabled people. And since they didn't fix anything, I moved out and didn't give notice based from principle and still billed me $819. I'm not paying it. I will wait out the 7 to 10 waiting period… Let's see who can wait longer… lol


  64. February 09, 2017 at 10:45 am, Cherry said:

    Wanda and Henry Johnson in Parksley,Virginia. Moved in my place not even a month after moving in my kitchen caught on fire. I had just went through a house fire six months prior cause of electrical wiring. She promised to fix never did. I'm a single mother of three with health issues as well as my kids and the place is falling apart. Floor feel I'm in my bedroom, the wiring so old that you can only plug in one thing at a time and now the electrical box outside is smoking, in my living room the floor is coming apart from the wall and my daughter has mold in her room. Went to court and later found out the reason why he wouldn't listen to anything I had to say was cause she paid him. The housing district, health department, fire department etc have also tried to take her to court cause all her teanents have had the same problem but her money talks and out problems walk. Wouldn't want anyone to go through what we are going through. So once again trying to relocate me and my kids before worse comes to us. Please beware I here they have property in other states too.


  65. February 10, 2017 at 6:00 am, Marisa said:

    Timea Paul Flak
    Dishonest landlords They steal and do not take care of their houses
    I would not rent from them
    Spring Hill Florida


    • February 11, 2017 at 5:04 pm, Kakoi said:

      Wow that's scary
      Thank you for the tip!>


  66. February 21, 2017 at 5:20 pm, UNK said:



  67. April 25, 2017 at 7:07 pm, Never again said:

    Don't rent from Devon and Sasha Charles In Rosedale ny. Clueless people. Mice infested. They. Did not want to pay for exterminator. Told me I could have a cat. Boiler broke. No water. They left and went to work. Did not call plumber to fix. I Called HPD. Now they are stealing my mail as retaliation.


  68. February 10, 2020 at 10:23 pm, Arthur said:

    Please do not rent from Jesco company which has low income housings n California they never fix anything right ,poor people are being criminalise for standing for their rights. They sent maintenance man that is creepy and does not like any one accept few ones. We say Jesco company we will bring mass law suit against your company nationwide.


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