How to Plan for Long Distance Moving

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When it’s time to relocate for a job or business opportunity, or when a household needs a change of scenery, they may be dealing with the process of long distance moving. This kind of event takes a lot of planning. Here are a few of the major things that families undertaking long distance moving may focus on, though perhaps not specifically in this order.

Find Housing At Your Destination

If the family who is moving is currently renting, and will rent in their destination, setting up quality housing before the move is key. This includes looking at local apartments, getting a rental agreement, and eventually signing a lease. After all, you can’t move if you have nowhere to move to. The actual deal can get done later in the process, but it’s almost always necessary to have some housing plan before starting on the other aspects of your move.

Prepare Everything To Go

Some people call this “de-cluttering” a house for moving. Whatever you call it, it means that, as in a commercial liquidation, everything must go. Tenants should keep in mind that anything left behind might actually count against their security deposit if the landlord has to move it. A long distance move is a good opportunity to go through everything you own and prepare it for moving, disposal or storage.

Say Your Goodbyes

It may not seem like a critical component of the move, but preparing your community for your departure is often a major part of moving long distance. The people around you want to know about your plans, and being good at saying goodbye is also part of keeping in touch long term. You’ll also need to set up more formal “goodbyes” including address changes with the post office.

Plan To Go When Your Stuff Does

Another part of planning to move is in preparing to get everything installed in your new home. For this, it’s a good idea to plan your move strategically, so that you end up being present when your items are off-loaded at your destination.

Plan For Moving Other Vehicles

You may be able to just hop in your car and meet commercial movers in your destination city, but if there is only one of you, and two cars, that could be a problem. Some families who are doing long distance moving with multiple vehicles will arrange for car moving services, where the extra vehicles arrive separately. You’ll also have to look at any other larger assets you have that may not fit in a moving truck, and plan for them to be shipped separately.

For most families, it’s important not to incur too most cost from shipping the various stuff that you need to move. If the costs of shipping a certain thing seem too high, you can always make another trip yourself, renting a truck or other specialized vehicle for getting your stuff from point A to point B.

All of the above typically goes into a long distance move. After all of this is provided for, the family can get focused on unpacking all of the stuff that they have carefully prepared for transit, and settling into a new life in a new environment.

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