How to Plan a Romantic Picnic in Your Apartment

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A romantic picnic in your apartment can be more private, less irritating (because there are no bugs to deal with) and less prone to weather-related cancellation than a picnic in a public area outdoors. However, when planning the date, you want to make sure the indoors picnic goes right, as it’s a fine line between a romantic memory and an awkward date.

Make Space and Clean the Apartment

The first part of planning your romantic picnic should be to make the space and otherwise clean your apartment. Even if your date has seen your apartment before, going to the extra effort of making the place attractive and orderly will demonstrate the level of thought you’ve put into the date. You’ll have to clear some floor space to spread out your picnic and food. A living room or a dining room with furniture moved out of the way can make a great spot. If you have pets, try to keep them behind a gate during the date so they won’t be able to reach the food you’re putting out on the ground.

Setting Up the Area

Simply cleaning, making space and throwing down an old blanket may not be enough to impress your date. For a truly romantic picnic, try using a clean, attractive blanket or tablecloth that you won’t mind getting dirty, but one that doesn’t show signs of being ratty or stained. Purchase a couple of roses and spread the rose petals around the border of your blanket and between the blanket and the door if you have enough.

Purchase a dimmer switch for a lamp that’s lighting the picnic area or use candles to create a soft light. (If you’re going with candles, have the candles perched safely above the ground and to the side of your dining area on a hard surface.) Play soft, classical or jazz music the moment your date arrives.

What to Serve

Once you’ve created the ideal mood for your romantic picnic, you’ll want to impress your date with what you serve. The perfect foods for your picnic together will differ depending on the tastes of both you and your date, but there are two tips that can help you choose what to make:

  • Cater to Your Date’s Tastes: Above all, this picnic is about impressing your date, so you should find out what your date likes to eat. You may want to make a few dishes your date has never before tried if your date’s adventurous, but making sure that your date has plenty to eat that he or she likes is essential to the success of the date.
  • Remember the Picnic Theme: Since you’ll be indoors, it can be easy to forget that you’re trying to capture the picnic experience. Choosing foods that are easy to eat on the floor is your goal, both for ambiance and practical reasons. That typically means foods you can eat with your hands or that aren’t otherwise overly messy and complicated. (No spaghetti, for example.)

A romantic picnic in your apartment is a great idea for turning just another date into a special occasion. Best of all, you can plan one no matter the temperature or weather and even if you or your date has allergies.

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