How to Pack Breakable and Valuable Items for a Move

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Packing for a move is the most time-consuming task you might have to tackle during the relocation process. Sure, professional movers offer packing service, but sometimes requiring packing services might increase your moving expenses significantly. Since you likely want to save money on your upcoming relocation and arrange a safe transportation for your valuable items, here are some tips that will help you to pack breakable items.

To save money on your move, look for free boxes in the local vendors. Take only sturdy and clean boxes, ones that will endure the move. Supply yourself with all the needed protective packing materials: roll of bubble wrap, peanuts, cushion foam, corrugated packing paper (not printed), shipping tape, markers and scissors.

How to pack glassware

Let’s start with the most fragile items, your dishes and glasses. Use a mid-sized, sturdy box. Put a thick layer of the packing paper on the bottom of the box for cushioning. That will prevent from damages in case of a collision.

Pack with a bubble wrap each dish individually. Put a dish in the middle of two sheets of bubble wrap and then fold each corner of the sheets to the center of the dish and tape it. Put packed dishes vertically in the box, and put a sheet of corrugated paper between dishes. After you put all of the dishes in the box, make sure there is no empty space in the box. Fill empty space with peanuts or crumpled paper.

When you pack glasses, it is advisable to use cardboard dividers to secure the transportation. Pack each glass separately and put it vertically in the box. Use a couple of sheets bubble wrap for each glass. Fill empty spaces with peanuts to prevent damages.

How to pack home electronics

Moving with home electronics can be hectic. Here are some tips to take into consideration when packing your valuable electronics like TV and personal computer.

TVs are delicate and their screens can be easily scratched and damaged. If you don’t keep the original box, you can buy a special TV box. Disconnect all cables, tie them with a cord and put them in a plastic bag. When packing your TV for the move, enwrap it in two layers of foam to protect the screen from damage. You can use a bubble wrap for the remote control. Put the cables and the remote control in the TV box and fill the empty space with peanuts.

When packing a personal computer, it is recommended to use the original box. If you don’t keep it, use a larger box so you can use a lot of packing materials, especially on the sides. Pack your monitor, case, keyboard and mouse with bubble wrap individually. Then you can put them in the box. Put a layer of crumpled paper on the bottom of the box. Place each piece vertically. Put a layer of crumpled paper between each part. Do not forget to put all of the cables in plastic bags and then in the box with the PC. You can take a photo of the wiring configuration to help you connect your system at your new home, or you can label each cable according to its corresponding piece of hardware.

How to pack arts and wine collection

Packing arts like paintings and sculptures, or a wine collection is tricky. At the very least, you need to buy special boxes for your valuable paintings. You will have to enwrap them in packing paper, use a couple of layers of packing paper. And do not forget to layer the bottom of the box with crumpled paper and fill the empty space with paper or peanuts. For your wine collection, you should use wooden boxes. Moreover, you should discuss the transportation of antiques and artwork with your mover. Moving such items requires climate-controlled vans. Your mover might provide special custom-made crates for your sculptures.

After taping each box, do not forget to label it “fragile” and “this side up”. Mind that your items should be packed and loaded properly in the moving truck. Light items go over the heavier ones. Write descriptive labels on boxes to facilitate the unpacking process.

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