How to Negotiate the Best Price for a Moving Service

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A moving service is often a necessity whether moving across town or across the country. When moving to a new locale, however, it’s important to watch for unnecessary spending. Expenses add up really fast. One way to keep the cost of a moving service to a minimum is to go into your first meeting with a mover prepared and ready for some serious negotiation.

Rate Comparisons

Before approaching the mover that you want to hire, get rates from all of its competitors. Speak to the moving companies over the phone after receiving a rate on their websites to make sure that you get the lowest one possible. Keep notes on whom you spoke with and the date of the conversation. You can later use these confirmed competitor rates to get the chosen moving company to bring down his price so that you don’t turn to his more economical competitors.

Company Fact Checking

Look up the moving company that you are considering on the Better Business Bureau’s website. By reading any negative reviews on it, you’ll know whether it’s worth pursuing for negotiation. Also, it gives you leverage to use during the price haggling. You can mention that you are considering going elsewhere as you know about a certain review (name it specifically) that gives you pause with the Better Business Bureau or that you are not completely confidence in the service. Speak sincerely. You don’t want to lie in the negotiations, but you do want to address the issues that give you the advantage as the consumer.

Many consumers don’t bother going all the way to the Better Business Bureau so be sure to check other reviews, such as those on Google or moving websites. If a company has a lot of negative reviews, steer clear of them. Reviews may also later play a role in the negotiation process so take notes on any reviews that you think will be relevant to the company you’re negotiating with.

At the Negotiation Table

Get prepared. You must come to the negotiating meeting with all of the knowledge you need. Know a lot about the company. Make sure you know how long it’s been in business and what its success rate is with customers. Contact previous customers if possible to get more of an insider view on how the company itself works. Keep all the information gained earlier in the article close at hand as well.

Be polite and kind. A nasty customer is not going to inspire a mover to cut you a break or give you a deal. He may not even bother because working with a difficult customer isn’t worth it to some places when they have others waiting for moves. Although you want to be firm and speak from a place of authority, there’s a fine line between standing up for the best service at the best price and simply being rude.

Know how much you are actually willing to pay for moving services. Trim that down by at least a hundred dollars to give you some wiggle room during the negotiating process. Make sure that you never go higher than your set amount of how much you’re willing to pay. Simply move on to the next company if the movers aren’t willing to work with you on the matter.

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