How to Move Efficiently

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Unpakt, a comparison pricing website and online booking tool for consumers searching for a moving company, allows consumers to plan and book a move in a matter of minutes.  Create a home inventory, compare local moving companies, find the best deal and lock in a set price that will not change on moving day… It’s that easy. Here, the experts at unpack provide the following moving tips. For additional tips, check out Unpakt’s blog.

Timing Your Move

Spring or late Fall are the best times to move;

Avoid the first, last and middle of the month if possible;

If you are booking a Summer move, book at least a month in advance, for Spring, Fall and Winter, book two weeks in advance;

Consider the weather for your area!

Organizing Your Move

Color coordinate with a designated colored sticker for each box based on the room it should land. The movers will know where to put everything when you arrive, so you don’t need to direct traffic. Alternatively, try giving each family member a color to keep belongings organized;

Pack a box of “must-haves” separate with a change of clothes, toothbrush and basic toiletries. This way, you won’t be forced to search through boxes after a long day of moving;

Keep like items together to alleviate time when unpacking.

Keep important documents with you during the move to ensure their safety.

Saving Money on Your Move

Declutter your home before you move to help eliminate moving unnecessary items;

Read reviews – bad movers can cost more in the long run;

Consider purchasing insurance to protect valuables you can’t afford to replace;

Prepare a budget so you know what you’re willing to spend;

Consider recycled boxes or rent plastic bins instead of purchasing new, cardboard boxes;

Tax breaks – if your move is job-related, you may be able to deduct moving expenses depending on how you itemize your deductions;

Measure twice, move once! If you can’t fit your couch, don’t spend money on moving it;

Use as much luggage as you can – you can quickly fill duffle bags and suitcases with “don’t forget” items that could get lost in a box for days.

Moving With Children

Pack up your child’s favorite belongings in one box

Pick up some fun stickers and let the kids label their boxes

Pack with your child in mind (pack necessary items you will need for your children in a separate box)

Keep the kids away from the moving site (set up a play date/ask a family member or close friend to take your children to their favorite places)

Unpack your child’s room first

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