How to Maximize Your Garden Design Layout

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garden design layout is a plan that can be adapted to a backyard or an apartment to create a beautiful garden and landscape. Garden design may be done by the owner of the property or a professional hired for the job. A good layout can increase the beauty of the garden while maximizing its available space. Such a design requires the proper selection of plants in addition to ensuring that they all receive sufficient amounts of sunlight and nutrition. A well laid out garden is one that requires minimum maintenance and labor.

Maximizing the Garden Design Layout

One way of maximizing the productivity of a vegetable garden is by adopting a system known as successive planting. Successive planting involves planting of warm season crops in the same place where cold season crops have just been harvested. Another way of increasing productivity is to plant crops that mature fast around slow maturing crops. In this system, crops that mature fast can be harvested before slow maturing plants. Growing different varieties of the same vegetable can extend the harvest season and maximize the utility of available space in your garden.

Important Considerations

Raised beds can help you grow more types and varieties of vegetables in small spaces. The vegetables you choose must have a high yield, as this helps to increase the productivity of your garden. Upright growing vegetables should be preferred over ones such as pumpkins that tend to spread out and use more space. Trellises can be used to support vegetables that grow vertically. You can also pair vegetables with different root structures to avoid overcrowding.

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