How to Make a Small Hallway Look Bigger

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A small hallway can really make an entire apartment feel cramped and stuffy. Walking down a dark narrow hall can create the feeling of being in a dark cave which is not a great atmosphere to have in a home. Some tips and tricks to open up the hallway and make it appear more airy and open can really make a big difference in making a hallway both you and your visitors will feel more welcome in.

Paint Color Is Very Important

Many people do not give much thought to the paint color in a hallway but if your hallway is small or narrow, paint can be very important. Choose colors that are light with a bit of a shine that will allow light to bounce off the walls. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from, don’t feel the need to go with the basic white.

If the living room or other main room in the home connect to the hallway, use the same colors used in that room but in a lighter shade. A great trick to use in a small hall is to use vertical stripes which can trick the eye in to making the hall look bigger. Painting trim the same color as the walls can also extend the eye and trick the eye. Keep ceilings painted white if possible. Painting doors that are in the hallways a white color if they are darker wood can make the hall feel more open as well.

Lots of Light

Hallways are frequently dark and this may not be an easy thing to solve. If there is any natural source of light at either end of the hall, find a way to allow more of it in to assist in lighting up that dark hallway. If that is not possible then the next best solution is to install more overhead lighting. This is a do-it-yourself project that may be too much to handle for some. Floor lighting is usually not an option in a hallway which leaves wall sconces as a last option. Wall sconces can be wired in to the electrical system but there are also some that can be plugged in and the cords attached to the wall.

Decorating a Hallway

Many families like to use the hall to display many years worth of family photos. Cluttering the walls with many photos or art can make the hall feel more cramped. Try to pick only a few larger focal pieces along the walls in matching frames that will give the hallway a uniform, clean streamlined look. Halls with a wall at the end of them can use a mirror to reflect light and to add depth to the small space. Avoid placing furniture or decorative items in a small hallway. Wainscoting is often painted white and can be used as a great touch to many rooms but should not be used as decor down a small hallway because it tends to cut the walls in half to the eye and make it appear smaller.

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