How to Incorporate Your Personal Style into Your Living Space

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When furnishing your apartment, there is nothing more important than incorporating your personal style. Without infusing yourself into your living space, your apartment will never truly be considered your home.

Figure Out Your Style

While some people will think this first step is silly, many people do not fully understand what their personal style really is. Put succinctly, whatever it is that you like to do, be, wear, or have is your personal style. If you like the color orange enough to own multiple orange shirts, or maybe if you specifically painted your car orange just because you liked it best, then that is part of your personal style.

Implement Your Style

Once you know what you like, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with putting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurines on the windowsill if that’s what you honestly like. By far the most difficult part of infusing your personal style into your apartment is getting over the fact that others may not like the same things as you. Do not make the mistake of making your living space a place to impress others. While it is necessary to put on a fake exterior in some circumstances in order to succeed at work or in other public places, doing so in your own home will make it impossible for you to ever truly be yourself, even in private. There is nothing like the feeling of making your home feel like home.

Be Daring

While it is important to be reserved in your style in certain situations (such as covering tattoos when working in a formal office environment), doing so in your home is unnecessary and sometimes unhealthy. If you have a decidedly gothic personal style, don’t just use black sparingly in your home; go all out with your decorations! The worst thing that can happen is you end up feeling it is too much, and some it will get pruned back. But if you don’t try it in the first place, how can you ever know if you’ll really like it? Plus, whenever someone sees your home, you can rest assured that they’ll never forget it if you truly are daring with implementing your personal style.

A Few Considerations

While all of the above remains true for anyone’s personal style, there are some situations in which it would be prudent to hold back. Obviously, if you aren’t the only person in your apartment, you will need to coordinate your style with those you are sharing it with. And if you work out of your home in a way that requires customers or other associates to enter your living space, then you need to remain mindful of how eccentric styles can affect your income.

However, do not make the mistake of thinking that you must impress friends or family by damping your style. Any friends that would like you less upon learning your true personal style are not true friends in the first place. It is only when you are true to yourself in how you decorate your home that you will fully feel comfortable in a place that truly is you.

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