How to Get Rid of Annoying Neighbors

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Annoying neighbors can make an otherwise lovely living situation seem unbearable. Your home ought to be your sanctuary. Take the power back from those who try to mess with it. Whether it’s unwelcome visits or loud music at inappropriate times to the millions of other things neighbors can do to make things difficult, there may be legal action that you can take to get them out of your hair.

The First Step

Gather all the diplomacy you can muster. Your first step will be addressing your neighbor directly. Try reasoning with your neighbor by explaining your side of the situation. If reasoning and requests don’t work, it’s time to try another approach.

Landlord Power

Speak to your landlord as the next necessary step. Before going to your landlord, write down your grievances. Make sure that you keep records of problems as they occur, and make notes of anything that your neighbor does that could be in violations of his lease or the law. A tenant can be evicted for breaking the terms of the lease. While you may not be privy to the private lease, your landlord can keep a look out for anything if you tell him your observances.

Approach your landlord as though you are simply giving him information. If you plan on leaving at the term of your lease because of your neighbor-and you are a good tenant yourself-the landlord will likely want to do what he can to keep you residing where you are.


If you are having problems with your neighbors, it’s likely that other tenants are having problems as well. Speak to the other tenants in the building. Voice your concerns, and start a petition. You’ll need to state the specific grievance and the specific result that the residents are requesting from the landlord. Have it signed by as many residents as possible. Present the petition to the landlord. If it’s a legitimate complaint, you’re likely to then get rid of your neighbors.

For Home Renters

If you own your own property or rent a house, getting rid of bad neighbors can be even trickier. If your neighbors also own their property, they’re far less likely to be moving on any time soon. One can’t be evicted from his own property. If your neighbors are invading your rights and property, however, you can take measures to protect yourself. Put up a fence between your property and the neighbors’ if one isn’t already in place. If only for the symbolic display of personal power, your neighbors are likely to get the point.

If illegal activities are going on that puzzle you about your neighbors, make sure to go to the police. Only do so if you’re certain and if you have a sort of written record observation of what exactly has occured.

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  1. December 23, 2009 at 10:00 pm, Art of Noise said:

    “Unwelcome visits”? You would suggest getting a neighbor removed from the building for daring to visit you? That is not very neighborly.


  2. January 07, 2010 at 11:04 am, This article is nonsense. said:

    This article is nonsense.

    1: If most neighbors are unwilling to simply call the manager against a noisy neighbor, they’re just as unlikely to sign a petition.

    2: This article does not take into account the different time schedules that the neighbors may be on. If a neighbor or neighbors are never home to hear the noise in question when you hear it then how can they possibly complain about it?

    3: Easier said than done. Getting a noisy neighbor out of a apartment complex is much harder than this article makes it out to be. Managment would much rather work with a tenant, or in some cases, even move the person being disturbed to a different complex than start an eviction process which is much more costly.


  3. February 15, 2011 at 12:33 am, Google Hits said:

    I’m so tired of searching and thinking I found some valuable advice to help me with this situation I am having with my neighbors (and my landlord, obviously). This article is just fluff and meta tags to get hits for their ads. This is all common sense stuff. Give me something I can actually use! What a waste of 20 minutes of my life!


  4. February 04, 2012 at 2:15 pm, E Gad said:

    I had a problem neighbor. Noise all the time, parties, bringing home drunks and druggies all the time. The last straw was a fist fight that spilled over onto my yard. I called the police. Funny thing, they knew immediately who I was calling about. Then another neighbor came over and asked me to go with her to property management and tell them about the problems with this person. Come to find out this renter was a section 8 person so, one they needed a paper trail of police reports, which means that the police must contact the person and make a report; two, my neighbor and I needed to submit a written complaint against this person to property management that explained exactly what was happening, which we did. End of the problem not quite, but she is being quiet and not bringing home half the bar every night. You see a section 8 or HUD reduced rent is only given for the person(s) who are listed as allowed residents at an address. Also no illegal activities can go on at a section 8 address and if you report it to property management or the landlord and they don’t rectify the situation, they can be made to pay back the rents that they received from HUD. You would have report the problem to the HUD office if the Land Lord is unresponsive, but most property managers know that if they want to continue getting other HUD money they need to respond to such complaints. I am too old to be confronting people that are possibly drunk or using or selling drugs, I call my Land Lord, and I call the police. I have a right to live quietly and to feel safe in my home and so do you. Good Luck to you!


  5. April 01, 2012 at 8:00 am, Becky Jakeway said:

    My upstairs neighbors keep having sex what should i do?


    • September 30, 2016 at 11:46 am, Ryan said:

      > God forbid people have sex in their bedroom. With complaints like that, it is really shocking you're not having sex yourself.


  6. June 11, 2012 at 12:06 pm, Shananana said:

    I’ve had problems with my new neighbors for 3 weeks now. And the problem mostly is they’ve only lived here for 3 weeks! They’ve made my life a living hell so far. The son is 37 and he is so mentally messed up. I’m 21 and I am great with kids. He has a 11 yr old niece, so I’m nice to her and I play with her to keep the poor kid amused now that school is out. Well Friday night, he got so mad at me when I gave her a hug, he literally threw me into the porch and choked me. I couldn’t breathe at all, my other neighbor jumped up and pulled him off. When I got free, I was coughing up blood. And just before this happened, he kicked my dog and tried to break his spine. These people need to get out of our neighborhood. They’ve brought nothing but bad habits and hell to us these past 3 weeks. Not to mention the drug traffic is now times 10 in our block. I’m just so upset, I need these people gone and fast. By the way, they’re only renting their home. Would it be easy to remove them from our block with a petition?


  7. July 08, 2012 at 11:16 pm, lisa said:

    @shananana : umm why are u even wasting ur time writing a post about that? If that genuinely did happen, then u would have called 911 and not wasted time writing about it online


  8. September 17, 2012 at 5:06 pm, ha ha ha said:

    Usually steps like these only bring more trouble and get YOU evicted. Addressing the trouble makers directly may lead them to say “We’re sorry, we’ll stop” but then they get worse to retaliate. Constantly complaining to the landlord they don’t like that because all they care about is getting their rent money every month. If you annoy them they will find a way of getting rid of you. Sad truth is you need to move away yourself and find a better part of town. Most likely annoying people live in one of two areas 1. It’s an obnoxious college student area or 2. It’s the Crack Whore area of town. Both are basically the same.


  9. September 25, 2012 at 9:14 am, Anonymous said:



    • October 11, 2016 at 7:39 pm, MIKE a said:

      > go to the home owners association mertings. An owner can be forced to sell if they do not comply with the law and noise disturbence.


  10. December 06, 2012 at 11:29 am, Karen M said:

    I own a house on a quiet street 1 block from Main St. The house next door has 5 apartments and is owned by a wonderful elderly lady in her 90s. Her son Harry is an attorney who owns many properties in town and he rents to low-lifes that are always in trouble with the police. He has now taken over the management of his mother’s apt house. The drug dealers who spit out the window onto my patio and umbrella and my car are now gone but he has opted to rent to other people who have had problems – I am not sure if they are mentally challenged or drug problems, but I am constantly greeted with 4 letter words when I exit my car and or piles of cigarette butts thrown in my driveway from their smoking sessions on their porch. I do have a tall fence but their porch is elevated and it seems to me they can’t smoke in their apts so they toss the butts into my property. Disgusting. The landlord won’t clean up his yard – the weeds in the front of the house are 4 ft tall. How can I stop from being harassed while I am on my own property. I told Harry that every time I am harassed, I will call him and the police. He told me to stop calling him. He is ruining the neighbor and bringing down the value of my house. I’ve explained this to him and suggested that he join the state property owners assn so he could have access to better screening methods but he doesn’t care. He gets money from state agencies to house these people and doesn’t care because he doesn’t have to live next to them. Is there anything I can do?


  11. February 15, 2013 at 9:36 pm, So Frustrated with RUDE People! said:

    I agree with “Hahaha”. Be vary careful talking to the neighbors or management. They will be angry if you ask them to be quiet or to do their job. I went out to one neighbor and asked if they’d quiet their music and they yelled at me saying, “IT’S NOT LOUD! IF you don’t like it you can MOVE!” Well, thankfully others complained too, but it is hard to be attacked like that. And the retaliation has been horrible! Banging on my bedroom floor at different times of the night etc. So be ready if you talk to them face to face. They can be vicious. Maybe it is bad, but I think an unfeeling note is safer “Please read your lease, quiet time is from 10 to 7” or whatever it says, but be ready for it to get worse no matter what. So I do not recommend talking with them AT ALL as this article states. If they are inconsiderate enough to play loud music after 10:00 then they don’t give a crap about anyone.

    After a asked them to be quiet, the neighbor turned on ME and started talking about me to other neighbors and the manager. Now I am possibly facing eviction and was accused of slander by the manager because several people said they heard me say that I was trying to get them kicked out. This person went to the management and others and told them the lie and then they went to the manager. I felt devastated.
    My advice, DON’T be the complainer! Managers hate to do their jobs and if you complain they have more paperwork and it will make you look bad as it has me. Nasty people have an easy time telling lies and getting other bad people to back them up if they want to continue with their bad behaviors.
    Living in an apartment is nice if the neighbors are thoughtful, but one bad one, one manager who doesn’t know how to do her job or doesn’t CARE about doing a good job can ruin it for good people.
    I suggest if you don’t like it, keep a log, and when ready, then complain and get ready to move if you have the money, or pray the neighbors hate it there and they move first, or let other do the complaining.
    I had one woman come to me and ask if the neighbors were bothering me and I said yes. Then she turned around and stabbed me in the back with the others. I suggest you shut up and stay out of trouble. I am afraid of neighbor now. I trust NO ONE!
    I am starting to think homelessness is looking good. I can see myself living in a van. Apartment life is scary.


  12. March 22, 2013 at 8:32 pm, help said:

    Need ur help plz my neighbor threatened to kill me police won’t do nothing they own the house what should I do


  13. May 21, 2013 at 8:06 pm, Anonymous said:

    i wonder which son-in-law visits his mother-in-law(obvi h pase wale) @ 2.30 am just to bang his car with neighbor’s car just bcz 1 f his brothr-in-law was requested to remove their car from owner’s plc..
    other activities performed by them regarding the same request were
    — disconnected electricity thrice in different ways that even electricity board was shocked..who d hell is ds bastard is
    — harming vehicles

    we requested them to remove there crab from our entrance initially they argued , after association ppl came into scene they removed..but after that they disconnected our electricity (as we dont have proof we cnt even complain , as they do all such stuff arnd 2-3 am)
    ps: a very rich (god knows from where she is rich from..s by her dressing sense i found my maid much better ) newaz has 6 son-in-law who lives at her place..& their fav pass time is to irritate whol block.. spcly us.. s unfortunately we live next to them

    & we are toler8ing them(typical bhaiya & behnji’s types) from last 2 years.. d moment we argue they do 1 of the above mentioned, i.e. banging car/activa/bike or try to harm electricity box( on which we have almost spended 5k-10k with these 2 years)

    & they have a past record which also makes difficult for us to tackel with them i.e. there old neighbors warned us 2 beaware of them as they use to live on a rented floor which they sold off..cheating the owner, & after knowing this we prefer maintaining distance with them but they look for 1 or another way to fight or irritate us,
    7 females + 6 males + 12 kids manage to live in a 2 bhk tht to 24*7.. & make our normal living hell..
    we never faced such an issue for 19 years, till these mad ppl start living next to us. i.e from last 2 years.

    how to deal with such people?


  14. May 30, 2013 at 5:01 pm, Anonymous said:

    I live an upstairs apartment and my neighbor below me is always playing loud bass. So much so that it shakes the floor in my apartment. There are constantly people going in and out. I’m pretty sure they guy sells drugs. I’ve seen exchanges of money in the parking lot. I’m not anyone else complains because they are all screwed in the head. No one else in the entire building works. This person is in his 40’s and has teenagers coming over, 10-15 at a time. I’ve complained before but nothing seems to work.


  15. August 25, 2013 at 4:31 pm, Jamie Reynolds said:

    Call the Police each and every time there is an occurrence. The Judge will need all this documentation when you take your despicable neighbors to Court for a Restraining Order! I did this and it worked.
    Also, if you live in a rental apartment you can have the horrible neighbor evicted if you know a good lawyer and intend to stay in that apartment.


  16. February 07, 2014 at 8:19 pm, Anabelle Regan said:

    Re: Neighbor Complaints. I have been through many as the “Winning Party”. If you live in a Condo and the person above you is in clear violation of condo rules and annoying you by throwing objects and water off his balcony and it is hitting your windows, etc. you first speak to the Neighbor about it.
    After that….when they do not resolve the issue and continue their violation, you file a formal complaint with the Condo Board and the Board sends them a Violation Letter warning them they will need to pay $1,000.00 a day for example if they don’t stop.
    I once had a situation in an Apartment House where the people upstairs from me where in a Rock Band, practicing musical instruments at 3:00 AM.
    After many months of no sleep and frustrating situation I took them to Court.
    The Judge had them Evicted and gave them one week to clear out.
    Never be afraid to file a Complaint against a neighbor if it has clear validity.
    Be Smart !


  17. October 16, 2016 at 2:06 pm, Richie said:

    My neighbor keeps blasting his radio off and on all the time during the day and sometimes at night. He's just mooching off of his grandparents who pay the rent there. All he does is get high and drinks. The property management and owner doesn't do nothing. They don't come down to the property to see how these tenants behave. The property management just tells me to call the police which I do. If I file a complaint with the police will that get them evicted? Or wake the property management up and deal with this person? The problem is that main guy.


  18. January 02, 2017 at 10:28 am, Chris said:

    Hi everyone, im having such an issue in my small apartment block (only 12 flats) with one tenant, its an elderly lady who lives with her mother, she is on some medication for her mental illness which she forgets to take, when she doesnt she goes absolutely wild, shouting, screaming and banging against all the walls, everyone in our block have approached here asking her nicely to try keep quiet, to no avail, the response is always threatening with swear words i would rather not repeat, before i seek legal counsel on the matter i thought i would post here. All the other tenants are willing to sign a petition to present to body corporate to try get them out (which we would rather not do), or at least a warning,is there any kind of petition in a format i can get everyone to sign and send to the body corporate?


  19. January 05, 2017 at 11:32 am, Doris Jackson said:

    I have a racist neighbor,from day one when she moved in three months ago, she call us the N word ever change she gets. The landlord tell us not to fight her and that her can't evict her because of that,but we can move you to another property no you can move her she's causing the problem. So what can I do to get rid of her without me going to jail and losing my place. I been complaining for months,the other tenants moved out , because of her,but I love my apartment and Dont want to move


  20. January 24, 2017 at 12:04 am, Eloise Snerd said:

    Made my upstairs neighbors' life miserable by calling various city, state and county officials. (1) Garbage cans cannot be left on street more than 72 hours after pick up. Theirs was left 73– call the sanitation department (2) their duplex unit had only one exit– call to fire department (3) cars parked in their space had expired tags — call to state DMV (4) parked too far from the curb — call to parking enforcement (5) loud parties — call to police (6) fixing car in driveway and spilling oil– call to code enforcement (7) children truant during school hours for three days in a row — call to school district (8) too many people living in house — call to code enforcement (9) BBQ fire too high — call to fire department. YOU GET THE POINT


  21. February 02, 2017 at 4:21 pm, FlipFlop said:

    How about if you're renting a room in the same house as someone who doesn't care about anyone else? Despite multiple fights, he just doesn't get it. He rearranges stuff and had the place in a state of chaos in just a few weeks. Yet he bitches about every little thing that's not clean or anything out of place. He seems to have that gangsta attitude and acts like he owns the place (which he does not). Any passive aggressive stuff I could do without starting a war?


    • February 06, 2017 at 1:21 am, Mrs Borrl said:

      Please let me know once you find your answer, I have a similar issue>


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